Jaat Ki Jugni 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Savita confesses god how much she hates Munni as she could not become mother because of her. Bade Chaudhry married her and took promise to consider Munni as her daughter and not expect child. She wants to harm Munni. She lights lamp and says she wanted to make Chaudhry brothers fight and get them away from Munni. Match stick burns her hand. She asks god what he is indicating. Chaudhry/Bauji enters and asks if she burnt her hand and pampers her fingers. Bittu calls Chaudhry. Savita reminisces asking Munni to ask Bittu to run away with Jyoti and doctor and Munni saying he will not back off.

Bittu calls Chaudhry and his family down. Munni says she will stay on his side even if whole world goes against her and will help his truth. Bheem comes shouting why damadji is calling. Bittu asks

him to wait. Bauji with others come down and asks why Viru is shouting. Viru says he is not Viru, he is Bittu who kidnapped Munni and challenged him. He shows Phool Kumari’s face and says she is his real mother. Bauji reminisces whole incident. Bittu further reveals he is not Jyoti’s boyfriend and doctor is instead, he came here to unite doctor and Jyoti. Bheem shouts. Bittu says because of his violent behavior they all had to lie. Drama continues. Bauji asks who are all involved. Savita and Munni bend their head. Bauji says family itself is betraying him. Munni apologizes Bauji and requests to forgive him. Bauji rushes to his room to bring gun.

Dadaji gathers villagers and asks them to bring weapons. Masterji says it is against his principles, but he will accompany them. They all get into tractors and leave. Inspector stops them and asks where they are going. Dadaji says to play blood holi. Inpsector pulls gun and warns to get down. They kidnap inspector and his team and take them along toward Chaudhry’s house.

Chaudhry picks his gun. Savita silently locks him in a room. Phool Kumari snatches gun from goon and warns everyone dare not to touch Bittu. Sunaina boasts that her husband will not spare her now. Phool Kumari asks Bheem to tell his wife how she burnt his bum. Bittu consoles Phool Kumari to calm down, they came here to for Jyoti and doctor. Savita asks Munni and Bittu that she locked Chaudhry in his room and asks to run away with doctor and Jyoti before he comes out. Chaudhry calls Bheem and Pratap to open door. Bheem says family itself betrayed, asks Pratap to open bhaisab’s room door. Jyoti points knife at Munni and wanrs not to move. She with doctor kidnaps Munni and speeds in car.

Precap: Jyoti kidnaps Munni and takes her in car. Munni says she was always on her side. Jyoti throws her out of car and she falls from cliff. Bittu jumps from bike trying to hold her. They both hang on a tree. Bittu says brain says he will not be saved, but love says he wil and jumps into water. Munni shouts Bittu.

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