Jaat Ki Jugni 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chaudry with his brothers and goons barges into Bittoo’s house and threatens his family to inform where Bittoo is. Bheem threatens dadaji. Dadaji warns that he kicked many jokers like him in wrestling ground. Bheem pushes him. Bittoo’s mother rushes out of kitchen and holds him. She gets very angry and shouts how dare they are to push her FIL. Bittoo’s father masterji asks her to go in. She obeys him and goes to kitchen. He tells Chaudhry that he does not know where Bittoo is. Mother from kitchen says she knows though, where Bittoo is, what is his plan, everything. Bheem walks towards kitchen and warns her to come out, else he will drag her out. He is about to kick door when she throws kerosene on him. He says he feels pleasant kerosene smell.

Bittoo tells Munni that she is

a big panauti/inauspicious and he will show her brothers how it is to lose one’s dignity. He walks towards her. She warns to stay away. He snatches her dupatta and throws it. She shouts noooo.. He gives her burqa and asks to wear it.

Bittoo’s mother grips Bheem’s collar and fumes that he misbehaved with her husband and FIL and she tolerated it, but he did wrong by pushing her FIL. Their sister is a big panauti and is troubling whole village, so Bittoo did right by kidnapping her. Her husband asks her to keep calm and requests Chaudhry to forgive Bittoo. Chaudhry says there is no forgiveness and only death now and pushes him. Mother fumes and burns Bheem and threatens Chaudry and his men.

Munni comes out wearing burqa. Bittoo fixes her veil and takes her to city. He asks autodriver if he will go to some place. Autodriver says he will take him even to Delhi as Bade bhaisaheb’s sister Munni panauti is being kidnapped and whole autowalas are relieved. He continues pouring his heart out how Chaudhry shuts all shops when Munni goes out of house and continues. He calls other autowalas and they all pray Munni gets killed by that boy. Munni removes her veil. Autodriver collapses in a shock. Bittoo takes Munni from there and they hear villagers talking that because of Munni panauti Chaudhry ordered to shut shops and they have to sleep empty stomach today. Others talk they will fight boy’s case if he kills Munni panauti.

Chaudry with his men rescues Bheem, catches Bittoo’s mother, and points gun at dadaji and shouts they will all die. Dadaji laughs that they all will burn.

Precap: Munni tells Bittoo that she hates him a lot and does not want to see his face again in life. He says she should promise to stop her brothers from troubling people, he will never come in front of her again.

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