Jaat Ki Jugni 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Munni dreams of Bauji shooting Bittu and wakes up worried. She peeps from window and sees Bittu sound asleep in his room. Bauji comes an asks what is she doing. Munnni says she felt warm and moved curtain, but then seeing sun moved it back. Bauji peeps from window and sees Bittu’s window, says she should not think so much about anything. Jyoti enters. Bauji asks Munni to start shopping for Jyoti’s marriage and soon even her marriage will be fixed as they are going to meet a boy.

Masterji wakes up Dadaji. Dadaji scolds why did he wake him up, he is a biggest terroris of his life. Masterji says Phool Kumari had called and informed she is staying at Chaudhry’s haveli. Dadaji asks so what. Masterji says Bittu and Phool Kumari’s lives are at risk. Dadaji says he

is worried for Chaudhry and his team and not Bittu and Phool Kumari.

Bauji with Bheem and Pratap travels in his car and meets pandit. He bribes pandit and asks him to tell that Munni and boy’s kundalis did not match and marriage cannot happen. Parag asks if Munni’s marriage will not happen. Bauji says never. Pratap asks what about Viru and Jyoti’s marriage. Bauji says Jyoti’s marriage will happen, but not with Viru. Bheem laughs and says bhai saheb is making world dance on his little finger.

Phool Kumari prays at home temple in the morning. Savita, Sunaina, and Surekha enter. Phool Kumari scolds they are late. Savita says because of her drama last night, they got late. Phool Kumari comments they cannot find excuse. Savita says today is Viru’s engaement. Phool Kumari says Viru will not get engaged today. Sunaina comments that mad woman is cmmeting. Phool Kumari angrily throws bowl on her and then runs with broom to hit her. Sunaina runs to escape. Doctor watches it and inform Bittu that his mother is running behind Sunaina to hit her. Bittu says it is women’s issue and let them sort out. Sunaina falls down and Phool Kumari is about to hit her with broom when Munni enters and holds her hand and says broom does not look good in her hand. Phool Kumari angrily drops it and leaves. Sunaina thanks her and asks Savita to request Bauji to increase her security.

Phool Kumari goes to Bittu’s room and fumes. Munni enters and asks Bittu to inform his mother not to trouble her family. Phool Kumari fumes that a small girl will teach her. Munni confronts and Phool Kumari fumes and continues yelling. Munni opens door and is shocked to see Savita standing near door and listening to their conversation. Savita says this boy is not Viru and is Bittu. Phool Kumari scolds Bittu how dare he is to scold her for Munni. He says how can he dare, he just wants to unite doctor and Jyoti and walks towards door and is shocked to see Savita. Savita hearing everyting leaves fuming. Bittu asks if she heard everything. Munni says yes. Bittu asks her to stop her, they will tell truth themselves.

Precap: Savita calls Bauji and asks to come home soon as she needs to inform something important. Once Bauji returns home, Savita says Jyoti’s engagement will not happen.

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