Jaat Ki Jugni 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bauji asks Jyoti why doctor/Vikram is unconscious on floor. Jyoti says Bittu’s mother. Bheem asks what..She says she means Viru’s mother hit doctor’s head and he collapsed. Bittu says his mother is mad since 3 years. Phool Kumari fumes hearing this. Drama continues. Watchman wakes up and says someone tried to strangulate his neck and made him unconscious. Bittu says his mom must have hit watchman Ramlal. Ramlal says he was strangulated. Bheem asks to tell doc what had happened. Doc tries to collapse. Bheem asks someone to hold him and keep him away. Bittu says he will repeat answers and doc will nod yes or no. He says his mom strangulated Ramlal’s neck and made him unconscious and then hit Doctor’s head as she is mad. Phool Kumari fumes, but nods yes. Sunaina says her memory is sharp, though she is insane Phool Kumari says she eats almonds. Sunaina comes she ate more than required. Bittu says enough now, the story is his mom is insane and did all this. Bauji says let us go and sleep. They all walk. Munni walks holding Jyoti’s bag and thinks Bittu is not that bad, he is trying hard to unite 2 lovers.

Masterji gets worried for Phool Kumari. Daadaji says he need not worry as Phool Kumari is equal to 5 masters. Masterji asks what if Bauji and his goons harm Phool Kumari. Dadaji says they will go there with 100-200 people then.

Bittu takes Phool Kumari to his room. She twists his ear. He shouts it is hurting. She says he hurt her more by calling her foster mother. Their emotional drama continues.

Munni and Jyoti stand in balcony and chat. They hope Jyoti and doctor unite soon and their brothers are also not proved wrong. Munni subconsciously prays for Bittu.

Bittu is sound asleep in his room. Bauji with Pratap and Bheem enters holding gun and wakes up Bittu. Bittu in sleep asks why they are coming even in his dream. They shake him up and say this is reality and Bauji says they came to know his truth and shoots him.

Precap: Bauji tells Munni they are going to meet a boy for her marriage. He bribes pandit and orders him to tell family that kundalis are not matching. Pratap asks if he will get Munni married really. Bauji says never. Bheem smirks.

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  1. Krishnaa

    I missed a few eposodes. So from the precap does it mean that they dont want munni to get married because of her birth kundli? Even pratap’s wife was saying in an epi that he spoilt her life by marrying her but not to dobthat with his sister. So what is this mystery?

  2. it true, pls why don’t dey want Munni 2 get married n what is d mystery behind her birth kundi

  3. I think there is a Telugu movie similar to this. in the movie, the priest says that the daughter should not fall in love or else the brothers would face bad luck.

  4. I think there is a Telugu movie similar to this serial, in the movie, the priest says that the daughter should not fall in love or else the brothers would face bad luck and the guy who is in love with the daughter should prove that he is one and solve the bad luck.


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