Jaat Ki Jugni 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bittu tells Munni that she cannot stop him from loving her, he will love her whole life, whether she accepts or not. She turns hearing sound and sees Bauji’s goons hitting Bittu and Bittu collapsing. At Bittu’s house, Dadaji calls Phool Kumari and asks to come down soon, they are going for her son’s alliance and not her. She comes down. Vikram’s phone rings. Dadaji says it must be Jyoti’s call and asks him not to pick and wait for 2 days until their marriage. Vikram says it must be important call and picks it. Jyoti tells him that Bauji is going to kill Munni and Bittu. He widens his eyes in shock.

Pratap stops Gajendra Bhaisaheb and asks if he will kill whole family like he killed Tauji. Jyoti hears that and is shocked hearing that and confronts Bauji that she considered

him father, but he killed her real father, why is he so coward and afraid of love. He yells to take her away, else he will kill even her. She says he may kill her, but not separate Bittu and Munni, Bittu will protect Munni. Bheem’s wife drags her in.

Bauji’s goon beat Bitttu to pull and walk away thinking he is dead. Munni cries, shakes Bittu and asks him to wake up. On the other side, Phool Kumar calls Savita and asks if her husband went to temple to kill Bittu and Munni. Savita says yes. Phool Kumari says she betrayed her and used Bittu to take revenge from Munni. Savita says she did not want to involve Bittu, but even bran grinds with wheat. Phool Kumari cries that she did a big mistake and risked her own son. She informs family whole story. Masterji scolds that he never taught she would push her own son into this situation. Dadaji says astrologer told 24th year is risky for Bittu, but he did not know Bitu’s own mother would be responsible for his risk. Phool Kumari continues crying and apologizing.

Munni continues trying to wake up Bittu. Bauji reaches there and Munni confronts him that history is repeating, he killed Munni bua earlier and now should kill even her. He asks her to accept that she does not love Bittu. She says she will tell 1000 times that she loves Bittu. He points gun at her. Munnni pleads Bittu to wake up and save her. Bittu gets up and snatches gun from Baui and warns if he had harmed him more, he would not have bothered, but he pointed gun at his love Munni, he will not tolerate that.

Precap: Jyoti asks inspector to arrest Gajendra for killing her father. Bheem asks what proof she has. Phool Kumari requests Munni to tell truth for her love. Munni says it is true that Bauji killed Tauji.

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