Jaat Ki Jugni 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Munni drinks Bittu’s sent lassi and says it is not good. Bittu says then why her face is glowing, she is looking pretty after drinking it. She walks in and laughs seeing a milk moustache on her lip. Bittu says she is laughing after drinking milk. She says he is not. He says she is, she should drink lassi regularly to keep her mind calm. She says she will speak to Bauji about bracelet. He says really, lassi is working.

Munni goes to Bauji and serves him tea. He asks how is she now. She says fine and asks where is his bracelet. He nervously calls Savita and asks her to get bracelet from cupboard. Savita returns and says she did not find bracelet. Bauji gets tensed and says he is getting old and forgot that he gave bracelet for repair, asks why she is asking. She says dadaji gave

this bracelet to him with love and he used to keep it with him always, so asked. She leaves. He calls Bheem and Pratap and asks to call inspector and find out if he found bracelet in Tauji’s hand, else ask family jeweler to prepare similar one. Bheem asks what is the issue. Bauji says Munni is doubting them.

Munni calls Bittu and cries that he was right, Bauji was not having bracelet and lied that he gave it to repair. Bittu consoles him and says he cannot see her crying and consoles her. Phool Kumari hears his conversation, calls Savita and asks what is going in her home, why Munni called Bittu. Savita says she will find out.

Muskan takes tea for Bauji, Pratap, and Bheem. Guard stops her and says Bauji asked not to let anyone inside. Savita asks her to go and prepare food and asks where is Munni. She says must be in her room. Munni stands near door and hears Bauji’s conversation. Bauji tells Pratap and Bheem that according to his experience, his enemy is having some evidence against them and they need to find out. He sees someone near window and changes tone that they should arrange Jyoti’s marriage well and invite whole village. He opens door and sees Muskan standing. He scolds Pratap that his wife is spying on them. Pratap drags Muskan to room. Muskan sees Munni near door. Bauji then calls whole family and warns Pratap to control his wife or send her to her parent’s house. Pratap says she is concerned about family, so she did mistake and will not repeat it. He says they are 6 people in family who know their secret and if 7th person will know, one who says will die. Bheem asks Sunaina to explain Muskan to be in her limits.

Muskan goes to Munni’s room and asks what she was doing near window, she saved her on time and reminisces pushing Munni on time and saving her. She asks what was she doing. Munni shows Bauji’s bracelet and says it was found in Tauji’s hand and Tauji is dead, she wants to know what is the secret. Muskan says she cannot say anything. Munni insists.

Precap: Munni tells Muskan that Bauji has something to do with Tauji and she should inform what it is. Muskan asks her to go to Amritkhet and find out herself.

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