Jaat Ki Jugni 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bittu sadly tells Tauji’s dead body that he will settle Jyoti’s life, he need not worry. He dorns white cloth back on Tauji’s face and leaves on bike with Monty. Phool Kumari calls him and asks where is he. He says he had some work. She asks his love Munni is here and he is still coming. She then looks at Munni and thinks good he is away till Munni is here. She then scolds servant to serve juice to ladies. Savita comments she is serving everyone and is not taking care of herself. Phool Kumari says they serve guests and this is her house, Savita is a guest. Savita says she made her stranger from family. Phool Kumari says she did not consider her family member. Savita says it does not take much time. Phool Kumari runs and hides herself in a room. Savita follows her calling didi and

knocks door.

Munni tells Jyoti that her life is settled now because of Bittu and she is marrying her love Vikram. Door opens Munni says Bittu came. Bittu enters sadly. Bauji asks where is Tauji, why is he looking tensed. Bittu says Tauji did not want to come.

Savita forcefully opens door and asks Phool Kumari why she is running away, they are relatives now. Phool Kumari says their bitterness will not go away, she slapped Bauji and burnt Bheem’s back, Bittu trashed Bauji’s goon, so Bauji agreed to Jyoti and Doctor’s marriage. Savita continues and Phool Kumari asks not to be friendly.

Bittu tells Bauji that Tauji was getting into Mumbai’s train and did not want to come even after a lot request, he is feeling guilty for opposing marriage and will come only after marriage finishes peacefully.

Savita closes door and claps on Phool Kumari that she read her face. Phool Kumari asks to come to the point. Savita says Bittu loves Munni and has proposed openly. Munni is innocent and thought it as a joke, but she is intelligent and realized Phool Kumari wants their love story end, but she wants their love story to continue. Phool Kumari holds her neck.

Bheem asks Bittu that Tauji is their relative, but is getting friendly with Bittu instead. Bittu says Tauji was feeling guilty, so he met only him, he even left a letter with him. He reads Tauji’s message that he is going to Mumbai for some days as he cannot face villagers for breaking his rules for his daughter’s happiness. Bauji stops him, but he leaves to show message to Jyoti.

Phool Kumari leaves Savita’s neck. Savita says Phool Kumari is having problem in Bittu and Munni’s love story as Munni is her enemy, she wants their love story to continue as Munni is even her enemy. If they unite, they can take revenge from Munni. Phool Kumari says Munni is her like her daughter, then why she hates Munni. Savita say she just wants to destroy Munni’s life. Phool Kumari laughs on Savita and asks to tell whole story.

Jyoti reads message and thanks Bittu for making her father agree to her marriage. Monty calls Bittu and informs that he arranged Tauji’s last rights. Bittu says he is coming. Jyoti prays god to fullfil Bittu’s dreams. Bittu asks Jyoti if she wants to tell anything to Tauji. She says later. Bittu says she may get late, so she can tell her message to Tauji. Jyoti asks to tell that she loves her father a lot.

Munni stops Bittu and asks to tell whole story. He says nothing is wrong. Bittu says he got late. Munni asks why he is crying and tensed. Bittu says he remembered the recent incidents and says he has some work. Munni asks what about rituals. Bittu says rituals will happen on their own, he will come later. Munni asks if he is hiding anything.

Precap: Bittu does Tauji’s last right and apologizes him for hiding his death with everyone. Munni reaches there and shouts at Bittu that he is a lier, he killed Tauji.

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