Jaat Ki Jugni 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bauji sits looking at bullet. His wife enters with tea and asks if he really wants to get Munni married. He says yes. Sunaina says he knows the consequences. Bauji says they all know that he takes decisions in this house and is always right, they should trust him.

Bittu tells Jyoti, Vikram and Munni that Bauji is planning something big and will not let Jyoti and Vikram married or Munni married. Munni confronts him and says she made mistake by believing him against Bauji, she will not trust him now, her brother are very good and he should be ready to ride donkey with black face. They both walk out fighting. Vikram asks Jyoti if Bittu will get them married for sure. Jyoti says yes.

Bittu goes to his room and fumes. Munni comes and argues. He asks her to go out. Vikram comes and

asks whom he is talking to. Bittu asks him to tell her to go out. Vikram asks who is there. Bittu realizes it is his imagination. Vikram asks who is his dream girl. Bittu asks not to joke. Vikram says life is joking with him and requests to get him married to Jyoti soon and leaves. Phool Kumari calls Bittu and he describes her whole incident. She gets tensed. Masterji asks what happened. She says Bittu’s marriage arrangements are made. He says Bittu brought up tension on himself, Bauji and his goons are ruthless and will kill him.

Jyoti goes to Munni and says she needs to marry Vikram at any cost, else she will die (indicating she must be pregnant). Munni asks her not tell this secret to anyone, else their family’s name will be spolt, she should ask Bittu to find solution.

Doctor walks to Bittu and asks what is his plan. He says they need to find out Bauji’s plan first. They both walk down and see Bauji talking to someone over phone. Bittu asks Bauji to tell openly what is his plan, how did he agree for marriage. Bauji says he was, but not now. He calls whole family and says panditji is coming to find out Viru and Jyoti’s marriage date and on same day Munni will be married. Pandit comes and Bauji asks to find out 2 marriage muhuraths. Pandit says it is difficult to find out 2 muhuraths and says looking into book says he can get one muhurath. Bauji says he needs to search girl for Munni first, he will get Veeru and Jyoti married first in 1 week and get engaged torrow.

Vikram, Munni, and Jyoti ask him to find out solution. Bittu jokes. Vikram asks if he is out of his mind. Bittu asks what else he can do, tomorrow his engagement and marriage in 1 week, even they should find out some solution.

Precap: Munni goes to wake up Bittuu and falls on him. Their eyes lock. Romantic song plays in the background.

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