Jaat Ki Jugni 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


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Vikram and Jyoti’s engagement party continues. Bittu insists Pratap to have special juice. Pratap says he will have it later, but agrees. Munni on the other side insists Muskan to have juice. Phool Kumari address guests and says it is her foster son Vikram and beautiul would be bahu Jyoti’s engagement. Tauji praises her style and blesses her. Bheem fumes and tells Bauji if they had killed Bittu’s family beforehand, they would have to hear Phool Kumari’s nonsense. Bauji asks him to calm down, they need to be bear them for sometime now. Phool Kumari introduces her good friend Sarla’s daughter Suman and her dance with Bittu. Bittu and Suman dance together with great chemistry on Cutie pie…song.. Munni gets jealous seeing them. Muskan asks where is juice. Munni says let us watch

Bittu and Suman’s dance irst, she will serve juice later. Herbal tonic bottle falls from Bittu’s pocket while dancing. Monty picks it and thinks chef must have dropped it. He mixes whole bottle in juice.

After dance, everyone clap for Bittu and Suman. Suman says their Jodi is awesome. Bittu says not to dream high, she cannot lure him. Munni scolds Bittu to go and dance with Suman and stop coming in front of her. He says Bittu’s dance is very famous in Haryana. She asks if he did his work. He says no. She asks to give bottle, she will do her job. He searches bottle and says it is missing. She scolds him and they both start searching.

Suman asks Phool Kumari how was her dance. Phool Kumari praises her chemistry with Bittu and says he used to walk holding her pallu and running behind Suman. She takes out money to give shagun. Suman snatches all notes greedily saying there was no need for it. She says Bittu and Munni seem to love each other, then why she should become kabab me haddi. Phool Kumari fumes to do as she says and continue luring Bittu. Savita asks Phool Kumari what is happening, if she is trying to break Munni and Bittu’s bond. Phool Kumari says she knows what she is up to.

Bittu and Munni continue searching bottle. Monty shows bottle and says he found this bottle and mixed it in juice and made it more tasty. Munni is shocked. She informs Bittu. They see everyone sipping juice. Munni asks if he can stop them somehow. Bittu says they already are sipping juice, what can he do. He calls vaidya and asks antedote for his herb. Vaidya says he cannot do anything and its effect will be there for 10 minutes. He informs Munni and tells they have to stop everyone from making any blunder for 10 minutes.

Precap: Tauji misbehaves with Dadaji. Dadaji slaps him. Bheem points gun at Dadaji. Bittu shouts what is he doing. Savita opens her heart that Phool Kumari taunts her that she did not bear child, it s all because of Munni, she hates munni a lot. Munni hears that and cries.

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