Jaat Ki Jugni 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bauji with his goons pushes Phool Kumari, Dadaji and Masterji in a room and locks them. Phool Kumari says he is not doing right. Bauji says he is doing right and her son will not be spared today once Munni is found. Phool Kumari warns him dare not to touch her son.

Bittu and Munni sees movement behind tree and thinks it is an animal. Jyoti and doctor think same and doctor throws stone which hits Bittu. Munni shouts Bittu. Doctor and Jyoti come out. Bittu’s forehead bleeds. Jyoti apologizes Munni and Munni hugs her emotionally. Bittu lifts Munni again and walks. Munni says his emotional dialogues were good. He says she thought he was telling truth, but he was just joking. She shows fake anger. They reach main road in the morning and sees Bauji, Bheem, Pratap with their goons. Bittu

comments villains are already here. Bauji delivers heavy dialogues and takes Munni home asking Bheem and Pratap to send Bittu and others home. Bheem orders goons to kill Bittu and others. Pratap says it is wrong. Bheem says it is Bauji’s order.

Bauji reaches home with Munni. Phool Kumari asks where is his son. Bauji shouts enough of her and her son’s drama, he has ordered his goons to kill her son. Phool Kumari warns dare not to touch her son, else she will burn his house. He shouts to shut her mouth. Munni stands in a shock seeing all this. Bauji asks Savita to take Munni in as she is injured.

Bittu warns goons if they want to break their bones, they can try. He overpowers and trashes them. Bheem warns him to stop, else his family is confined and will be killed. Bittu stops and goons trash him. They try to hit Jyoti and doctor, but Bittu warns not to touch them. They continue trashing Bittu.

Munni walks with Savita and others and reminisces Bittu pleading her to help him unite doctor and Jyoti and his honesty. She breaks vase and runs on it injuring her legs. She reaches out picking knife and warns driver to take her back to jungle, else she will slit her throat. Driver takes her in car. Bauji runs out shouting, slaps guard for letting Munni go and orders to get car. Goons continue trashing Bittu. Munni runs into jungle towards him with her injured bare feet.

Precap: Bheem shoots Bittu and Munni pushes him and bears bullet. She collapses.

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    I like bittu’s haryanvi accent . It’s too good .

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