Jaat Ki Jugni 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pratap’s wife Simran insists him to tell truth to Munni. Pratap warns her to shut her mouth and they cannot tell anything to Munni. Simran drops lassi glass seeing Munni in front of them. Munni asks if they are fighting. Simran relaxes that Munni did not hear anything and says Pratap is scolding her for breaking lassi glass and asks her and Pratap to go aside, she will clean glass pieces. Pratap takes Munni aside and asks her to relax, everything is fine.

Bittoo is busy dancing and enjoying with his villagers on baisakhi function. Villagers see grocery room burning and shout. They see some goons burning it and running. Bittoo runs behind them. Masterji asks Phool Kumari to stop him. Phool Kumari says Bittoo is a storm and nobody can stop him. Bittoo runs behind goons and catches

one, but they escape via fencing and pull goon away. Bittoo shouts cowards and returns. Villagers cry that Chaudry’s enemity proved them hostile and they lost all their groceries, what will they feed their children now. Masterji says all this happened because of Bittoo and warns Phool Kumari between him and her son, Bittoo has to leave village, else he will leave this world.

Savita sees Munni walking tensely and asks what happened to her. Munni tells she thinks Simran and Pratap are fighting. Savita asks her to relax and and Sunaina tells husband and wife are like striking utensils, they fight, but in room, they love each other. They both then go to Simran and say she does not seem to be happy after marrying Pratap. Simran says she was forcefully married. Savita suggests her to go to her parent’s house then and live there peacefully and stop threatening to tell truth to Munni. If that happens, Chaudry will not spare anyone. Sunaina says she is so angry on Pratap that she did not bear any child till now. Once they both leave, Simran throws broom angrily.

Masterji asks Phool Kumari if she is on his side or his son’s. She stands silently. He says that means she needs son more than husband and tries to jump into well when Bittoo holds him and says he always asks whom he loves most, truth is he loves him most as he is the reason for him to be on this earth. If he goes, who will scold and correct him. He is ready to go out of village. Phool Kumari cries and says she will not let him go. He gives his promise and leaves village. Bitto’s friend see him walking out of village and smirk that they took revenge as Bittoo made Munni’s brothers trash them and him scolded them a lot. Now Bittoo thinks Chaudry’s men burnt grocery and will confront Chaudry, Chaudry will kill Bittoo.

Precap: Bittoo calls Munni and says if his brothers wanted to take revenge with him, why did they burn his villagers’ groceries. Munni asks him to bring earlier proof first, else be ready to ride a donkey with black face. Bittoo trashes Chaudry’s goons. Chaudry reaches and shouts what is happening.

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