Jaat Ki Jugni 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Phool Kumari prays god that her Bittu’s life is in her hands, protect him. Masterji says she sent Bitttu as ghar jamai and now is worried for his safety. Phool Kumari says earlier she made a mistake by trying to separate Bittu and Munni, but not anymore, she just needs her son’s happiness. She prays matarani to send back her son and daughter-in-law soon.

Bittu passes by Savita’s room and hears her speaking to her aide and ordering to kill Bittu. He walks back. Sunaina is shocked seeing Savita’s new face. Savita says if Bittu dies, Munni will be in a big shock and it is a revenge for her. Bittu takes Munni and asks her to listen what her bhabhi is planning. Savita sees shadow and changes tone acting as speaking to pandit and telling both Munni and her husband have come, she just

needs safety of their house and even their safety. Munni walks away. Bittu holds her hand and says Savita is behind attacks on Bauji. Munni says bhabhi will never try to harm her husband, he should respect her decision and not conspire anything. Bittu thinks how to show her Savita’ true face. Sunaina praises Savita for her change in tone. Savita says she saw Bittu hearing their conversation, so changed her tone, but Bittu will die today for sure.

After sometime, Bittu sees Savita doing something near his room door and records video hiding. He realizes that she wants to electrocute and kill him. He informs Munni who yells that this is his most heinous allegation against Bhabhi and shouts. Savita tells Sunaina let us see their drama now. Whole family gathers. Bheem asks what is happening. Munni says Bittu is having doubt against bhabi and forcefully opens door. Bittu is shocked to see everything normal and says he has even recorded video, but video does not play. Savita acts that she saw live wire near room door and got it out. Bauji asks Munni to ask her husband how much he will insult them. Munni yells at Bittu and says she made a mistake by letting him stay here and drags him towards door yelling to go away from her life. Pratap and Sunaina stop her, but she says she is doing right. She pushes Bittu out and locks door and cries.

Bittu walks on road sadly. Monty calls him and asks where is he, why is he sound so low Bittu explains him whole situation. A speeding truck hits him and speeds away. Bittu falls on stone and gets his forehead inured and collapses.

Precap: Munni asks Savita why did she kill Bittu, if he is not alive, even will not be alive and consumes poison. Bauji shouts Munni no…Savita says let her die and clear all their problems at once. Bauji angrily slaps her and snatches mangalsutra saying their relationship is over now.

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