Jaat Ki Jugni 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bittu goes to Munni’s room and asks if she is fine, what did her brothers say. Bittu says they made a big mistake. Their family pandit was right, her family will suffer if she marries and leaves this house, so she has to stay in this house. Sunaina on the other side tells Savita that her plan is too good, Munni will not go with Bittu. Bittu tells Munni that his family pandit is wrong. She says she felt really good spending a day with him and can spend whole life remembering that day, she requests him to let her stay here. He says he loves her more than his life and can do anything for her, she can stay here. He goes out. Sunaina yells what is he doing here. He tells Bauji that Munni sacrificed her marriage for them and has decided to stay here. He asks Bauji to take care of his life

Munni and walks away.

Bittu reaches home. Phool Kumari loudly says Bittu came back with bahu. Bittu says he came along and describes what Munni told. Masterji says who believes in kundali. Dadaji says how can they stop our bahu there, it is all their drama. Jyoti says she knows those people and they are very superstitious, she will speak to Munni. Bittu goes to his room and angrily breaks things. Phool Kumari comes there and after a bit of discussion suggests him to go and stay at Bauji’s haveli till Munni is convinced and then bring her home. Bittu leaves.

Savita tries to provoke Bauji against Munni and says she left them for her few days’ love and now came back home acting, he should not fall for her fake drama. Bauji shouts he will not.

Bittu comes and calls everyone. He says since his wife does not want to come with him leaving them all, he will stay here for his love. Bauji shouts he does not need their favor and they go right now. Bittu walks with Munni to her room and says they both know that kundali thing and family pandit’s words are not real, they will stay together wherever they are. Savita walks in with Muskan and fumes that she wanted to separate Munni and Bittu, but they are back together, she will not le thtme stay together.

Precap: Savita orders her aide to kill break Bittu’s extremities, but not kill him. Bittu hears her conversation. He walks on road speaking on mobile and speeding truck dashes him and speeds away. His head falls on a rock and he collapses.

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