Jaanu Ka Lucky – episode 7

I remained silent
She hold my collar
Ragini: from when you started drinking lucky? And your lying to me?
I was looking into her eyes feeling guilty
Ragini: never expected this from you four
She felt my collar and started tearing and started shouting loud
Ragini: you are lying lucky to me
Sanskar came from back and catched ragini she immediately hugged him
Ragini: he broke my trust sanskar , now what should I tell to durga papa? That his son is spoiled and I was unable to stop him
Sanskar: stop crying ragini
“I want to console ragini but I was in guilt position”
She broke her hug
Ragini: you three also broke me , bhai you also
Parth downed his face in guilt
Ragini: don’t talk to me any of you , I am going
She started walking I hold her wrist , she turned back in anger and looked at me with her killing eyes
I collected all my strength and dared to talk to her
Laksh: don’t go alone I will drop you
Ragini: what you will drop me? In this condition you can’t drop yourself but your trying to drop me
She took her hand from my hold
She started walking again and sanskar runned to her
Sanskar: I will drop you
She nodded her head and they both started walking
I was just standing there looking them until they are out of site
Kunal came to me
Kunal: shall we go?
I looked at him and walked inside
@ Hostel
We all are silent sitting on our respective beds and I have full tears in my eyes its for first time happened something like this between us both
“sorry ladoo, I broke your trust by lying to you”
Kunal slowly walked towards me and sat beside me
Kunal: we will convince ragini don’t worry
I nodded my head
All slept but I was unable to but the drink forced me to have a sleep
@ College
Parth: ragini please
Yes as expected we were all begging ragini for forgiveness but my turn was last , first parth started it and was coming to final
Parth: ladoo excuse your bhai
At last ragini speaked out
Ragini: don’t do it again bhai
She smiled
Rayan: me too ragini please
Kunal: yes ragini please
Ragini: ok you two also
Ragini smiled looking at them
And it’s finally my time for make an apology
“come on lucky you can do it”
Laksh: ladoo
She showed her hand as stop and turned to me
Ragini: stop laksh I am not going to forgive you even if you do anything I am just hating you. I hate myself for selecting some one wrong as my best friend , if your talking to me I am hating my self so please
“what she said I am wrong for being her best friend, she is hating herself for talking to me? Look let it be I don’t want to interrupt in her life also after this”
I walked from there
Parth: lucky
I turned back
Laksh: I am fine parth
I walked out and directly I went to radhika and sat next to her in garden and said her everything
Radhika: hmm…so you drank?
I nodded my head as yes
Radhika: it’s ok lucky leave it she will be ok after sometime
Laksh: are you sure?
Radhika: yes
Laksh: thanks radhika
Radhika: she is just your friend?
Laksh: no my best friend
Radhika smiled at me and pulled my cheeks
Radhika: your so cute lucky
Laksh: thanks
Radhika: even kunal drank yesterday?
Forgot to tell I observed something going between radhika and kunal from few days
“ I will ask her now she will say?”
Laksh: radhika shall I ask you something?
Radhika: ask lucky
Laksh: you love kunal
She looked at me shocked and then felt shy
Radhika: yes ,but I am senior and he is my
Laksh: its not at all a problem
Radhika: really
I nodded my head yes
Radhika: then shall I say him but how should I express my feelings to him?
Laksh: I will help naa di
Radhika: me your di
Laksh: yes di
Radhika smiled
Radhika: ok bro
We both shook our hands and winked at each other
@ Hostel
for first time in our life we four are doing group studies as we have exams
Parth: now 5th lesson
We completed 5 lessons in 3 hours
Rayan: parth lets take break
Laksh: me too
Parth: ok for 10 minutes
Rayan: ok
All got up and my plan was to ask kunal about his opinion on my di
Laksh: kunal what you think about radhika?
Kunal smiled by name radhika and again it disappeared on his face
Kunal: why?
Laksh: just casually
Kunal: good girl and intelligent too
Laksh: oh
“I should control from teasing him but he is making me laugh bad but I should control”
Kunal: smart and beautiful also
I nodded my head
Parth: come lets start again
Rayan: 10 minutes are not completed yet parth
Kunal: yes parth
Laksh: ok lets start it
We all were again back to studies
@ College
Surbhi: lucky your very funny
Laksh: I know I am funny
Surbhi: if I know you will be this good then from first day I would be not leaving you
Laksh: I am telling now naa sur
Surbhi smiled and started talking to me
I was sitting beside surbhi from the day me and ragini had clash and now me and surbhi are good friends. We both are sitting front of ragini and sanskar . rayan always sits next to me and kunal next to rayan but parth sits along with ragini
Surbhi: lucky you know I am very happy to sit beside you
Laksh: me too
Surbhi: ok what about thermodynamics you got I have doubt in it
Laksh: yes I got it I read full chapter last night and I am perfect in it
Ragini was hearing us and I know that because even she says anything she can’t ignore me for sure
I saw back and found ragini looking at me and she immediately turned to sanskar when I turned back
Laksh: parth my thermodynamics notes
Parth: it’s with ladoo
“ ahaa so I should do a bit overaction now”
Laksh: who is ladoo?
By this word all looked at me widen their eyes
Laksh: who is she?
Parth: lucky
Laksh: I don’t now anyone by the name ladoo, say me who is she so that I can take my book
I looked at ragini who was looking angrily towards me
Rayan: now lucky is died
Kunal: yes see ladoo
Laksh: who is ladoo at least you say me kunal
“ I just want to make you burn so that you can became normal again”
I turned towards surbhi
Laksh: you now any ladoo sur?
Surbhi: no baby I don’t
By then I heard a loud voice
Its ragini’s
she stood up and beat on my neck with her pen
Ragini: you don’t know ladoo?
She threw another book on me
Ragini: now you will remember her wait
She is throwing what ever she is getting in her hands and rayan closed his ears with his fingers
Surbhi was trying to stop her but my jaanu is not that easy to stop
Now all are over on table and now ragini is controlled and looked at me and caught my collar
Ragini: now you remembered ladoo
Laksh: I was just reminding you ragini that you’re my ladoo
She was just looking into my eyes
Laksh: I now yours is wrong decision to select me as your friend , even I now you hate your self for talking to me but see ragini now I can’t live without being your best friend or without talking to you even you hate your self because I am used to eveything of your everything …
By now our eyes were full of tears
Ragini: but you
Laksh: yes I told lie to you and am ready to take punishment and I promise on my jaanu that I will not drink here by it’s a promise ragu
Ragini: promise naa
Laksh: promise
She hugged me and me to back all were happy
Ragini: I feel myself lucky to talk to you
I looked at her she smiled
Laksh: me too
Ragini: lucky
Laksh: Hmm…
Ragini: even explain me thermodynamics
We broke our hug
Laksh: it costs
She looked with a stern look
Ragini: how much?
Laksh: hmm…a smile
Ragini smiled which always makes me crazy
Laksh: OMG I want a sweet one but you gave the scary one
Ragini : I will not leave you lucky
She started running behind me and I run as fast as I can

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