Jaanu Ka Lucky – episode 6

He finally switched on speaker and asked us to come close to him
We all moved close to him
Rayan: please say it again
Girl: hi I am rachi I was randomly calling and I got connected to you I want to be friend
“What? Is something will happen like this”
All of us looked each other mouth opened
Rayan: you really don’t know about me?
Rachi: no
Parth kept the hand on phone
Parth: it’s fishy rayan
Kunal too nodded his head yes
Laksh: yes parth is true
Rayan thought for second
Rayan: hello Miss Rachi what is meant by friendship?
Rachi: friendship means friendship only
Rayan: ok then friends
All of looked confused at ourselves
Rayan cut the call
Rayan saw us and laughed
Rayan: can you believe a girl is back of me
Laksh: may be trapping you
He thought for a while
Rayan: face book we will look for her in that
He took his and we all also started searching ours
Most of them profile pictures were Katrina, priyanka, Kajol and Kareena
But at last I saw a girl with a beautiful smile on her face and very cute eyes
“Maybe she is the one our rayan’s friend”
Laksh: rayan come here
All ran towards me and looked into my phone immediately
Parth: rachitha srivastava
Kunal: she is good bro
Rayan was feeling too shy
Laksh: some one is blushing like a girl
Rayan blushed more and we all burst into laughter
All: cheers on name of Rachitha Srivastava
We were drinking diet coke and eating pizza
Rayan was most happy person today
Kunal: good evening ladies and gentlemen , we are here celebrating on our new friend …
All: Rachitha Srivastava
Kunal: yes Rachitha Srivastava ; I want our main reason rayan to speak few words
Rayan stood up with his coke tin
Rayan: I am very happy to get this prevlage of todays important reason for a friend and in this happy mood I will give a party in pub this Sunday
All: wow! Rayan
Rayan: thank you
All talking stuff dozed off into sleep
@ hostel
Rayan: ok rachi
We all were around rayan like flies around gagary
Rayan cut the phone and looked at us with a big smile on face
Rayan: bro she said she will meet me on this Monday
Kunal: and our party on
All: Sunday
Parth: only we four ok
“only four but jaanu, wait why jaanu will come to pub”
All: ok
I too nodded my head in agreement
@ hostel
We were busy in getting ready to pub and all were in front of mirrors
I wore a cream color t shirt with a torn jeans , I was hunting for my sent bottle
Rayan was wearing a white shirt looking handsome and kunal a blue t shirt whereas parth a black t shirt
@ pub
Finally we were in pub and were excited and we saw so many girls around us and I took kunal to dance floor and danced until we are exhausted.
Rayan was in atmost happy. I can see him enjoy because he got new girl friend
We went to bar section and already rayan and parth had few shots of votka
Rayan: lucky have these shots
He pushed them towards me
“I am going to drink for first time”
I took and drank it and I was not stopping myself from taking it for 10 times
I heard my phone beeping and I saw the name ladoo
“ladoo now? I can’t lie to her. I will cut the call”
I ended the call and started enjoying again,she again called me and this time I switched off the phone
We all enjoyed a lot
Rayan: bro cheers
All: cheers
@ Road
Rayan: lejalenge rayan ki dulhania
Laksh: stop it now we should go decently into rooms or warden would catch us
Parth: yes
Kunal: shhuu……
Kunal keeps his finger on lips and starts walking
We reached hostel
Parth: all should act good
All: ok
We were walking towards and I can see ragini along with sanskar
“Is it she or I drank more”
Going to close I can see ragini standing front of gate in her night dress and looking angry at us
At last we were front of them and she is look at us suspicious
Rayan: what are you doing here ragini?
She looked at rayan in anger
Ragini: from where are you coming?
This question made all of us shock
Ragini walked towards me
Ragini: I am asking from where are you coming?
“what should I do now? Shall I say we are from pub”
I looked at rayan and kunal who were looking at me
Rayan acted as praying folding his both hands
“what? I should say we are from temple. Will she believe”
Ragini (shouted): from where lucky?
Laksh: from tem…temple ladoo
I downed my head as I can’t see into her eyes while lying to her
Ragini looked at sanskar who was watching this full drama
Ragini: look at me lucky
I raised my head and looked at her
Ragini: why are your eyes red
Laksh: I am sleepy ladoo
Ragini: don’t lie to me lucky , your four are drunk am I right?
We four were silent and I shook my head as no
Ragini: your not drunk than?
I nodded my head as yes
Ragini: then blow air on my face
“ shit ! I can’t you will catch for sure”
Laksh: why ladoo
Ragini: I said to it
I slowly blow air on her face
She instantaneously turned her face because of drink smell
Ragini: you drank?


  1. Ammu

    It’s as usual outstanding episode dear. Loved it a lot but really missing Raglak scenes. Laksh, parth, Reyan and kunal’s scenes are superb. Last part is interesting and Poor Laksh. What happened next ???? Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP

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