Jaanu Ka Lucky – episode 5

@ Class
Ragini: please surbhi please
We were back in class and ragini is busy requesting surbhi to look for other seat so that ragini can sit beside me and at last she succeed
Surbhi: ok
Ragini: thanks
She came and sat beside me and looked at me and smiled
Ragini: smile naa lucky
Actually I didn’t smile when she smiled and she is asking me to smile
Ragini: you look good when you smile
I was still not smiling
Ragini: lucky for me once
I nodded my head as no
She tried a lot but she was not successful and she finally started tickling me and this made me laugh loud
@ Hostel
I was talking to maa in phone
AP: how are you? Ate food?
Laksh: yes mama, missing you a lot
AP: I too missing you, guess where I am now
Laksh: of course in my room mama
AP: your right I am in your room and missing you very badly
Laksh: how is papa?
AP: he is fine he is also missing you more than me
Laksh: really
AP: yes beta how is ragini?
Laksh: she is fine mama
AP: take care of her and you
Laksh: yes mom bye
“My mom is most attached to me and even papa scolds me but loves me more I can understand in his voice when he called yesterday. Getting Maa, papa, ragini, shekhar papa, janaki maa is great, I should always pray for god”
@ Class
I and ragini were talking some stuff and she was laughing too cute
Suddenly we were disturbed by a voice and it is none other than sanskar
Sanskar: hello ragini
Ragini looked at me
Ragini: hi sanskar
Sanskar: how are you?
Ragini: I am fine sanskar
Sanskar: I asked you to call me sanky
“Sanky… this guy is really making me irritate”
Ragini: ok sanky
Sanskar sat beside ragini
Sanskar: from today I am sitting here only
Ragini: wow
“Why this ragini finds something wow in him”
Ragini pointed at me
Ragini: he is laksh my best friend forever
She smiled at me and I too smiled at her back
Sanskar: nice to meet you bro
He forwarded hand for a shake hand
“Come on lucky see him as your friend for ladoo”
I shook hand with him and within few days we from five became to six
Sorry seven even radhika for sure meet us in every break
I, kunal, rayan were in one team and ragini, parth and sanskar in our opposite team
Actually it was a leisure period and we were finally fixed to play damshras
Ragini: first your team lucky
Laksh: ok baby we will be first ok
Ragini smiled and pulled my cheeks
“Am I that cute? May be I am”
It was first Kunal’s turn to act
He was acting well but I think we can’t understand
Rayan: say properly kunal
He was showing heart which means dil
Laksh: dil
He nodded his head
Next he beat his heart
Rayan: arrey you will die
All burst into laughter
Rayan: dil dhadkne do
Kunal: right bro
Laksh: we have one point, credit goes to kunal
Ragini: I will come from this team
Parth: ok
She took a chit and read it and smiled
Ragini pointed at me and then her
Sanskar: friends
Ragini nodded her head yes
She was trying to act and I was lost in her expressions
Finally she failed
Sanskar: what is it?
Ragini: kuch kuch hota hai
Rayan: then kuch kuch hota hai is between you both
All laughed loud
Ragini sat
Ragini: yes
She looked at me and raised her head as is it right know?
“Is there something between us like kuch kuch hota hai?”
All: oh
I didn’t realize anything for some seconds and all were giggling at us
Ragini: joking yaar, hena lucky?
“What a joke? I can’t understand anything”
I nodded my head as yes
@ Hostel
I was lost in thoughts of the morning incident
But disturbed by our idiot rayan
Rayan: shall we order pizza?
Parth: now?
Rayan: yes parth beta
Parth: ask them also
Rayan: baba kunal swami you want to eat pizza
Our extraordinary kunal was doing yoga in the night it seems very funny but he is doing because in morning he forgot it was world yoga day
So on that day for sure he will do yoga
Kunal: yes burnt should be gained naa
Rayan: Mr. Kuch kuch hota hai what about you?
All laughed at that stupid joke
I gave stern look to that idiot
Rayan: say naa lucky
I nodded my head as yes
Rayan: then I will call but from where?
Kunal: pizza hut
Parth: dominos
All were discussing and suddenly I heard a phone sound
But those idiots were shouting loud for shops
Laksh (shouts): rayan
All turned at me
Rayan: what?
I pointed towards his phone, and then he realized his phone was beeping
Rayan: hello
His facial expressions were changing any of us can’t understand anything

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