Jaanu Ka Lucky – episode 4

@ Restaurant
Ragini: parth bhai had a lot of fun
We were in a restaurant and we all were tired after a long trip looking the city me and ladoo took so many snaps of photos along with these duffer’s and I think if they are duffer’s then we too are the same
Ragini was exhausted and she sat beside me placing her head on my shoulders
Parth and kunal were sitting opposite to us and rayan on other side of me
Rayan: ladoo you order first
Ragini: jaanu will tell my order rayan
“I actually know all her favorites and at which mood what she likes to prefer because I understood her more than me till date”

Laksh: we need fried rice that’s all
Parth: ok then I will have roti with some curry
Rayan: I want a biryani
Kunal: I prefer fried rice
Rayan: ok then waiter…

@ 8 pm
Ragini: please lucky
I was forcing ragini to go to hostel we were in front on hostel gate and if she is late for sure warden will scold my innocent soul ragini and I don’t want it to happen
Laksh: baby go if you’re not going I will not talk to you
Ragini pouted
Ragini: jaanu please I will go after half an hour
I nodded my head as no
Ragini: hate you baby

I gave her an angry look, she slowly came to me hug me
Ragini: sorry, I will go
Laksh: it’s ok then, now go
She was walking towards hostel and I was still standing there looking at her and she was about to go away from my site she turned back and waved bye
“Ladoo you make me really mad by your everything and I know you’re only my ladoo”

@ Next day
We were in college and I was standing in entrance waiting for jaanu but she was too late by now and parth who was sitting in class asked me to come and sit in class but I was waiting for ladoo
I saw professor coming to class I decided to get inside class, I did so
But by then a girl came and sat beside me
I didn’t dare to ask get up from there because I was bit afraid to talk rude to girls so I sat without saying anything
The girl turned up to me and smiled seeing me I was really feeling too shy
Girl: I am surbhi, you?
Laksh: me laksh

Surbhi: nice to meet you
She turned back and went back into her books and the professor started class too
I was just waiting for ladoo
Then she came with a wet hair which is half dried and half wet she kept it open and she had light red color lipstick on her lips and she wore peacock blue anarkali with a silky chuni and her big beautiful eyes had a dark kajal and she wore the blue jhumki gifted by me on her 13th birthday and bangles whose sound the whole class can listen and at this moment she seemed to be angel from heaven
I felt suffocated for a moment
Her cute lips asked sir sorry and requested to enter her into class
“I bet if I was the teacher I would for sure ask her to come late to class for whole semester”
Sir allowed her to come in

Her cute beautiful and expressive eyes searched for me in the whole class
“I just wanted to get up shout jaanu I am here but controlled myself”
At last she found me and smiled at me

“OMG she is really making me feel too shy”
Her expressive eyes had hundreds of question and asked me all questions in one second of eye contact
She finally found a empty seat in first row where as I was in the last
She sat there and turned back and saw me but sir started it again and she turned to board; the class went on
Rayan, parth and kunal were busy in playing some stupid game with chits
Rayan: lucky you will also play?
I looked at them and nodded my head as yes
“Whether it is stupid I wanted to play it as I was not at all interest in the class”

@ Canteen
Rayan: nice to meet you sanskar
We were in canteen after 2 boring classes but me with these 3 had fun playing games and then walked straight to canteen. But ragini felt before it seemed a big shock for me that she felt ME and went. we searched her in each and every place at last found in canteen with a boy looking with height equal to me and a clear shaved face with a smile and he looked a bit more handsome than me making me jealousy
Ragini: bhai, rayan and kunal he is sanskar my new friend
“She didn’t mention my name; I am really burning with anger”
Kunal: sanskar…?

Sanskar: sanskar singhania
The entire 3 duffer’s nodded head as if it was too great
“I better stay quiet; I will only talk when she makes me to talk to her”
Ragini was seeing me but I was really angry on her and she was finding my jealousy and smiling herself
When I turned to her she was acting as ignoring me

I stood up and walked to buy anything and order just for myself
I looked at them where as all were laughing too much which made me burn
I returned back with only my order and immediately looked at ragini she was in surprise not finding anything for her and gave a angry look to me I ignored her
She was about to get up to bring hers but she was stopped by sanskar, he caught her hands and stopped her I hold my wrist to hard
Sanskar: I will bring for you jaanu
“What jaanu…! It’s just my right to call her jaanu but this idiot called her”
Ragini immediately looked at me and I was eating food keeping my head down
Ragini didn’t speak anything
“I hate it really; she is just my jaanu…”

Sanskar: what do you want?
Ragini stammered
Ragini: I…I…want a samosa chatt
Sanskar went away to bring and even kunal and parth went along to bring theirs but rayan was eyeing nearby girl who was talking to other girl
I was eating mine food and a drop tear escaped my eyes and I think ragini observed it
She kept her hand slowly on mine and shook it and I took my hand back and was continue to eat mine
Ragini: lucky
I was controlling everything and finally composed myself and look up at her, she was about to burst into tears and looking at me worried
Laksh: what?
Ragini: that I didn’t say him to call me jaanu…
I interrupted her

I actually screamed loud at her
Laksh: then how could he know? I don’t know what I did but you did very bad very means very do you get that
“OMG I screamed at ragini for first time”
I saw rayan looking at us not only him but people who are around us and ragini was tearing badly
Laksh: now don’t cry and insult me Miss Ragini Gadodia
She saw at me shocked
I thought leaving from there is better no it’s only best way
I got up and went, I don’t know where to go but I was in my own thoughts and that is when I got hit by a ball
Laksh: ouch!

It was really paining me, it is a small ball but a tennis ball
I then heard a shout from side it seems to be a girl’s voice
Girl: hey boy that’s ours throw it
I looked at direction I found nearly 4 girls standing in tennis court and I was amazed how it came out from there as it has nets
“Wait they may be ragging me as I am new here”
Girl: give it

I walked up to them and one of girl from them forwarded towards me
Laksh: how it came out of net?
The girl then pointed at a big whole
Girl: from there
“I was wrong, you were wrong lucky”
I smiled at her where as she to smiled at me

Laksh: take it
I handed the ball to her and turned back and going
I again heard a voice and it is familiar to last time voice
I turned back and found the same girl calling me
Girl: your name?
“My name! But why?”
Laksh: laksh maheshwari
Girl: I am radhika shetty

Laksh: radhika nice name
Radhika: yours too very cute laksh, sounds good
I smiled at her
Radhika: which branch?
Laksh: me mechanical first year
Radhika: Oh, I am second year CSE
Laksh nodded my head

Radhika: what about a coffee in canteen?
“What coffee…? With senior that too in canteen; it is really too special is she started building crush towards me?”
I hesitated but agreed at last
We both forwarded again to canteen and as I entered my eyes turned to place I sat before and I found ragini placing her hand on head and crying very badly and rayan, kunal and parth trying to convince her

“Where is that idiot stupid sanskar? Ladoo is crying very badly I am sorry ladoo”
I wanted to walk to her but radhika was with me I can’t go to her now
But for my bad luck kunal saw me and shout my name out and that is when ragini saw with a smile at me and for her surprise her smile faded after seeing a girl beside me
Radhika: who are they?
Laksh: my friends

Radhika: then we will sit with them
We forwarded towards them and ragini wept off her tears
I and radhika sat beside each other and rayan beside ragini who were opposite to us
Parth on other said of ragini and kunal beside radhika
I thought of breaking silence after 25 seconds we sat
Laksh: she is radhika my friend
Laksh: he is kunal
I pointed toward kunal, they greeted each other
Laksh: he is parth
I pointed toward parth, they too greeted each other
Laksh: and he is rayan

I pointed toward rayan and rayan forwarded his hands towards her and they shook hands
Laksh: we 4 are room mates
Radhika: oh I see
And at last I saw at ragini who was just staring at me
Laksh: and she is…is…my Fri…Friend from childhood
Radhika: from childhood
I nodded my head as yes
Radhika and ragini both greeted each other
Radhika: I will get special coffee you guys wait

Radhika went and there was silence between us five and it was broken by parth
Parth: why did you scold her lucky
I looked away from them
Kunal: tell us lucky
Ragini: I will ask wait bhai
I was a bit tensed now
“What to say that I felt jealousy of sanskar?”
Ragini: lucky

I was not able to listen to her because I was very angry on her
Ragini: lucky look at me
I lifted my head and looked at her she was with teary eyes
Ragini: sorry will you again be my friend
She holds her ears and pleaded me with her eyes and if she does that can I say “no”. No way can I say no
I smiled at her and she too smiled at me I wiped her tears off
Laksh: it’s ok jaanu

She got up from her seat and sat beside me and held my shoulder
Ragini: I did not say him to call me jaanu
Laksh: ok I believe you
Ragini: you felt bad
I pouted and nodded yes
She held my shoulder so tight
Ragini: sorry jaanu

“At last I was fine to see my jaanu back beside me and the smile in her face back”
By then radhika came with six cups of coffee and sat beside rayan
All of us drank and talked a lot of stuff

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