Jaanu Ka Lucky – episode 3

@ 9 pm
Laksh: jaanu ate food
Ragini: no I should
Laksh: it is very bad baby
Ragini: say about you
Laksh: I ate
Ragini: what?
Laksh: hostel food not that tasty as janaki mama’s food
Ragini gets tears
Ragini: that’s why idiot I said not go alone, now I will not eat tasty food because you didn’t ate anything tasty
Laksh: jaanu…
Ragini: I said you…
“I can’t ragini you’re so concerned about me, really I can’t believe till now you’re my best friend, our friendship should be forever no one should come in between us”
Ragini: laksh can you hear me
I came back to senses
Laksh: yes I can
Ragini: bye lucky
Laksh: bye my ladoo, my jaanu and my ragini
Ragini: bye
Laksh: bye
I slept on my bed by then rayan, parth and kunal slept
I am not getting sleep may be I am missing her very badly
I took my phone and took ragini’s photo and saw her true child smile in face and started slowly dozing off into sleep
Next day @ 8 am
Parth: what about go to see Bangalore?
Kunal: nice idea but let ragini come
Rayan: yes we will go with her
Laksh: seems without seeing you guys became her friends
Rayan: yes, waiting to see her
Laksh: she will be very happy to see you guys really
Then my phone rang it showed “ladoo”
I immediately lifted the call
Ladoo: lucky I am in train in an hour I will be in station and you should…
Laksh: I know I should come and pick you up
Ladoo: yes my lucky
Laksh: and say anything I am free only
Ladoo: accha so then I missed you for 39 hours and in an hour our waiting will come to end
Laksh: haa so you to counted the time baby
Ladoo: yes I am your jaanu so I will be like you only
“The time was passing I can’t stop it and I even don’t want to stop it”
Ladoo: bye lucky come fast
Laksh: ok bye

@ Railway station
I along with my new friends came to railway station
I wore a white shirt with blue jeans .Parth wore torn jeans with green T-shirt he was holding his phone and looking something; whereas rayan was wearing a blue jeans with T-red shirt and sitting on chair and trying to flirt the girl who was sitting beside him and finally kunal was wearing a grey shirt and was near the shop to get something to drink but me waiting for my jaanu
I then heard announcement that the train will arrive in few minutes and my heard beat fast and I was so excited to look jaanu
“Wait I was just missing her for hardly 2 days but I feel it’s too long period”
My thoughts were disturbed my another announcement
Yes the train was coming I could not wait till to see her and the train stopped I started to search her in each compartment where as kunal and parth followed me but that idiot rayan was still flirting the girl
And at last I heard a loud sound from back
I turned and saw my RAGINI with white T-shirt and blue jeans and the most important a smile in her face which makes me crazy
She got down from train and started running towards me and even this time I didn’t notice my surroundings I run towards her and gave her bone crushing hug and got the same from her side
I broke the hug and saw her eyes; they were teary with lots of love going out of eyes with each and every drop
Ragini: missed you idiot for
I interrupted her
Laksh: for 40 hours 13 minutes and 45 seconds
She laughed loud where as she was still crying
We didn’t look surrounding which were eyeing us most weirdly and we were disturbed by kunal at last
Kunal: lucky give this water to her
I turned back and saw even them little sentimental to see us
I took water and offered it to her she shook her head no
Ragini: I am fine
She took her handkerchief and wiped her tears while she laughed at same time
“I was confused if she was sad or happy to see me”
Laksh: jaanu
Ragini: hmm
Laksh: are you sad or happy to see me?
Ragini gave me a stern look with lot of angry filled in her face she immediately throw her hand bag on my face
“Damn I was little screw loose so she beat me”
Ragini: idiot
I saw her searching something she snatched lays packet from kunal who was beside me and threw on me
Laksh: what is this ragini?
Ragini: you’re calling me ragini
She was searching, but for what? I didn’t know
She than came to me and started beating me
Ragini: your calling me…me ragini idiot
I can clearly observe angry in her
“But her name is ragini only why she is asking that many times?”
All the people in station saw it as a movie and I was feeling a bit shy
By then another news paper hit on my facing hurting my nose
Laksh: ouch!
Nearby TC walked to us
TC: what is going on? Is he teasing you?
Ragini: yes sir he is
“What? I was teasing her. Is she gone mad?”
TC: don’t worry, I will call railway police
I was now tensed by word police
Ragini: what police? How are you to call them? Oy! You don’t know about me, if you do anything to lucky you’re finished
I saw a most angry ragini who always supported her stupid laksh
TC: but you said he is teasing you
Ragini: yes but I said because he is not calling me as either ladoo or jaanu
I saw her innocence
“So cute buddy really the best girl ever and I should care for her forever and I will to it pakka wala promise”
Laksh: ladoo come let’s go
Ragini: see lucky he is saying he will arrest you
Laksh: he will not come we will leave
I hold her hand and moved forward but my ladoo showed her index figure to him and warned him
Laksh: jaanu where is your luggage?
Ragini bit her tongue and looked innocently at me
Laksh: where?
She pointed her hand so long where 4 suitcases with a bag was on platform
I smiled at her moved forward but oops I forgot about kunal, parth and rayan
I turned to see them they were following us with a blank expression
Ragini: so what more handsome?
Laksh: I will introduce my friends
She saw at me excited
Ragini: really!
I nodded my head as yes
I pointed towards kunal
Laksh: jaanu he is kunal
Ragini forwarded her hand towards kunal and he shook hand with her
Kunal: really you’re so adorable ragini
Ragini gave a warm smile
And I pointed towards rayan
But rayan stopped me
Rayan: I am rayan, will you be my friend
Ragini nodded her head yes
Parth came forward
Parth: I like to take ragini’s brother post
Ragini looked at me and I smiled at her, she went and hugged parth
Ragini: I don’t have any brother’s till day but your there from today
Parth: yes ragini
Ragini: bhai call me ladoo
Parth: ok ladoo
Kunal and rayan: then we?
Ragini: you both also call me ladoo
All five shared a group hug
“Yes got new friends and going to start a new journey here and with them”

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