Jaanu Ka Lucky – episode 2

I searched for one of ladoo’s photo in my phone and last I got it and showed it to them
I showed them the pic which my ladoo took selfie in my phone before leaving to Bangalore so that I can never feel lonely
All: is she your enemy bro?
I need to tell them my flash back
I am laksh maheshwari only heir of maheshwari group of companies
My father Durga Prasad maheshwari was one of reputed families in the city and my mom is sweetest creature she is Annapurna maheshwari
I think it was my 6th birthday and my father invited everyone to my birthday party and in it one of my father’s friends also came he is shekhar gadodia along with his family and that is when I saw her for first time “Ragini gadodia” the queen of beauty my jaanu
My father was very happy that shekhar uncle is back to Delhi and will live in our nearby house
Ragini came to me and smiled and I also casually smiled back
Ragini: your name?
I looked into the cake on table
She to saw and smiled
Ragini: laksh…
I nodded my head
She forwarded her hand
Ragini: Me ragini gadodia
I too shook her hand, she smiled and ran to nearby her dad who was speaking to my dad and pulled her father’s shirt
Shekhar: what beta?
Ragini: papa I got a best friend
Dad and shekhar uncle saw each other and smiled
Shekhar: who?
Then ragini pointed towards me, I was shocked for a shake hand she said I am her best friend
DP: so laksh is your best friend
Ragini nodded her head with a big smile on her face
My mom also joined them along with janaki aunty
Shekhar: so my child has a best buddy
Ragini: yes papa, he so good
All laughed and it was announced to be time for cutting cake
At last after waiting for one year I was going to cut cake
DP: laksh wait, will you not cut along with your best friend
“What the… she was not my best friend and it’s my cake I should only cut it why she?”
I nodded my head with a forced smile
Laksh: yes papa. Ragini come join me
Ragini came towards me with a big smile and caught my hand and we both together cut the cake
After that she hugged me and she stole all appearance in photos
“I am really angry on her and really I just hated her”
Finally party was over; ragini came and sat beside me
Ragini: laksh as you’re my best friend I will never ever leave you it’s a promise
I really wanted to scold her but controlled myself
She waved bye and left the house
Next day
Shekhar uncle along with his family come home and I got to know that the construction company of ours was combined with shekhar uncle’s company
Shekhar uncle and papa were talking something serious and that chipkali ragini came to me and ruled over all my toys to say she snatched them from me lovingly
Mom called us for snacks I went and sat beside papa and she went and sat in my DAD’S LAP
“OMG I never dared to sit in my papa’s lap but she…”
And suddenly papa got call
DP: hello
In phone: yes we have decided to give the road side building contract to you
DP: thank you sir
He cut phone
My dad turned ragini face him and kissed her forehead and declared
DP: we got the contract shekhar and ragini is “very lucky” girl to us
“Really these words burnt me; I am not less hot than a pan on switched stove”
From then if any project is going to finalize ragini will be with papa
Ragini became princess of papa but my mom at least cared of me but even my mom liked that chipkali.
Ragini used the name “BEST FRIEND OF LAKSH” and took all my friends
“I hated her to cores”
It was when I was studying 4th standard and I by mistake dashed the head boy of primary block and that boy felt shamed by dashed by a junior and he came to punch me
But to my surprise ragini came front and stopped him from punching me and even punched him back
“OMG I was really scared by that action”
Then her words echoed in my ears
“Laksh as you’re my best friend I will never ever leave you it’s a promise”
She caught my hand and run out of school
“I don’t know where she is taking me but I know I am safe with her and she will not let anything happen to me because she is my BEST FRIEND”
“yes at last I realized she is my BFF”
She took me to some shop it was very crowded
Ragini: don’t worry kaka is here only
She pointed to a man with dark complexion nearly aging 40-45
“For first time I wanted to call her ladoo”
Laksh: ladoo
Ragini turned to me with a smile on her face
Ragini: haa lucky
Laksh: you’re my best friend ladoo
Ragini came and sat beside me
Ragini: yes I am your best friend
Laksh: can I call you jaanu
Ragini: my new nick name
I nodded yes for her question
She just smiled too cute with tear in her eyes
Ragini: ramu kaka we will come home with you
Ramu: yes beta
From then me and my jaanu are best friends
2 days ago
Ragini: lucky miss you miss you miss you very very much
I was packing my bag for moving to Bangalore
Laksh: I too want to stay but my Hitler papa will not agree
Ragini: I will ask papa you stay
Laksh: you want me to stay then go and ask him
By then my mom entered room with coffee in two mugs
AP: take it ladoo
Ragini: ask this idiot to wait for just 2 days
I look at mom and took my mug
AP: but papa wants him to go and arrange room for you both in hostel
Ragini: mom
AP: sorry beta but now papa will not listen to your words also when it comes to your comfort and safety
Ragini: this lucky is there for my safety naa mom
By then my father entered my room
Ragini run to my dad and hugged my dad and dad too hugged her back
Ragini: papa let him stay
DP: he will go and check your hostels if it is ok then you go only matter of a day ragini beta
Ragini pouted
DP: please beta for your durga papa
Ragini nodded yes and mom and dad left my room
She walked towards me and sat beside he and side hugged me
Ragini: lucky baby
Laksh: hmm…
Ragini: take care, eat on time and call me for each one hour
“I thought me the luckiest man to get such a girl in my life”
I nodded my head yes
She helped me in packing my luggage and suddenly she asked my phone
I handed it to her and she took a selfie and gave it to me
Ragini: you will not feel alone there if you see this
“Yes she is gift from god”
@ Flash back ended
Rayan: wow! What a great friend
I nodded my head yes
Parth: when she will come
Laksh: tomorrow
Kunal: we will also come to railway station
Laksh: sure, she will be happy to met you three

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