Jaanu ka lucky episode 15

Finally exams are over and we are ready to fly to our own worlds

i was packing my bag with heavy heart as i don’t want to leave all my friends and its not easy too because it is 4 years relationship
rayan came to me and put his hands on my shoulders i turned back and saw him he gave me a painful smile and sat next to me
rayan: lucky four years we are together every where we go and share every feeling will you forget me after going from here
i slapped him on his cheek
laksh: don’t speak non sense rayan how can i forget you
he hugged me and me too felt too sentimental and then felt still another pair hands hugging us we saw it and found kunal
kunal: me too miss you all
@ Bus stop

i was in bus stop with my luggage and waiting for ragini , kunal was also there waiting for his bus
then ragini came in a white mercedes benz along with sanskar , i found sanskar very sad but not ragini she had a glow in her face
” may be i am in too love with her that’s why”
ragini and sanskar walked to us and ragini gave a hug to rayan

ragini:bye rayan take care
rayan: take care ladoo
ragini broke the hug and stood beside me and smiled looking at rayan , soon rayan bus came and he went giving me a final hug
rayan: bye take care love you

“you guys may imagine that we are that type but we are not”

laksh: bye rayu miss you and love you too

rayan got into bus and waved his hand and we too waved our hand
now sanskar came and hugged me
sanskar: take care of you and also her
laksh: sure
then he went to ragini and gave tight hug and kisses her forehead
” i am hurt ….but i was late that day”

sanskar got a call and he went away in this car and now we both were there ragini saw me smiled and even i too smiled back silence prevailed for 2 minutes and 30 second it was just awkward moment for both of us for first time
ragini: after a long time

i turned to her

ragini: after a long time we are together alone

laksh: yeah
ragini: i missed you , i missed my best friend very much

laksh: but you got your love which can
but she interrupted

ragini: it can’t replace you , it can’t replace you jaanu
i can see tears coming from her eyes and even my heart was crying out loud
i turned my face to other direction
ragini: i want my lucky back hope you understand and give him back to me
she got up as bus came and even i got up
laksh: yeah jaanu come on its our bus only
i don’t want to break our friendship because of my love”
she saw at me i smiled and winked at her she too smiled heartfully and hugged me tightly

ragini: love you jaanu…..(she shouted so loud)

” me too ….i want to say but…”
ragini kissed my cheeks
ragini: your my best friend love you so much
laksh: shall we move or else bus will go
she broke hug and nodded her head as small kid and hold my shoulder so tight and we walked towards the bus

ragini and me are sharing all words which were incomplete all these days
ragini phone beeped and i saw it was sanskar , her face turned little irritated and she switched it off
laksh: what happened?
ragini: nothing he always irritates a bit but also ok love naa we can’t do anything , leave all those now just about you and me came say
“why she is sayng like this? may be they fought and this is common in love they will only realise it let it be”
she yawned and looked at me in sleepy way
laksh: good night
ragini: good night jaanu
she held my shoulders and kept her head on my shoulders and closed her eyes
” i want the time to stop…please god stop it”
hi guys sorry for so late update but will be regular now onwards

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