Jaanu ka lucky episode 14

@ Next Morning
@ College
We all were in college and I asked rayan to sit between me ragini and he did so but ragini was trying to talk to me but I acted I was studying
I was just looking book my thoughts were in her world thinking about her
In between classes ragini disturbed me with paper and I opened the paper
“Jaanu sit beside me naa I want to talk to you”
I looked at her she winked at me
“Ragini if I sit I may forget the fact that you are sanskar’s so I can’t”
I nodded my head as no and looked into my book again
After 2 minutes I saw her she pouted seeing me

“Jaanu you are distracting me yaar, but I should control, control lucky”

@ After Classes
We were in canteen and ragini came and sat beside me
Ragini: lucky baby I was calling you and you were ignoring me I am observing from two days what happened even yesterday was my B’day and you didn’t came
Laksh: sorry ladoo I just concentrated on studies
Ragini: studies? Ok let it be today we will go to movie you and me ok
Sanskar came there
Sanskar: baby what’s up?
Ragini: nothing I and my laku are going to movie
Sanskar: then me baby

Ragini: sanskar don’t call me baby only if lucky calls I feel comfortable
Sanskar: but I am your boy friend naa I am more than lucky to you naa
Ragini looked at me with confused face and again sanskar
Ragini: sanskar why are you talking like this comparing your place and his place in my heart
Laksh: ladoo I will not come I am going to gym from today with kunal so bye
I stood up and asked kunal and rayan to join me
Ragini: but lucky
Laksh: by jaanu
We three walked to gym

@ After 6 months
It has been 6 months avoiding jaanu sorry she is no more my jaanu but sanskar’s I stopped calling her jaanu and just I call her ladoo and we hardly talked to each other because sanskar is with her every minute and in 6 months I worked hard in gym and concentrated on my studies . I tried my best to forget her as my love but it increased day by day but didn’t decrease, we are only left with two weeks’ time and after we all will be separated and in one week we will complete our exams and next one week we have preparations of leaving the college
Today is our exam and I was sitting in bed and thinking of ladoo yes every day I think of her I miss her naughty talks and her acts
Rayan came and sat beside me

Rayan: lucky today is first exam and you know naa about my starting problem in exam so you should help me
I smiled at him and again back to thoughts
Rayan: lucky what yaar every time you talk and go into some trance at once
Laksh: today exams are starting naa every time ladoo used to go to exam for praying me you remembered last time

@ Flash back
That was starting day of exam and we all were in room studying and I was sleeping holding my book and then my phone beeped and it was ladoo
Laksh: hello jaanu
Ragini: laksh come down fast
Laksh: what now?
Ragini: yes come

I wore my sweater and went down and saw my jaanu in white chudidar in fog with her wet hair and with her beautiful smile I walked towards her
Laksh: what in this whether you didn’t wear any sweater
I removed mine and kept it around her
I was in my shots and my legs were shivering but I maintained to control in front of her
Ragini: have you brushed
Laksh: what you have called me to ask this
Ragini: arrey say naa baby
Laksh: did
Ragini: ok bath

Laksh: what is this ladoo?
Ragini: just answer me
Laksh: no
Ragini: then go and do it fast
Laksh: what now it’s very cold and now cold water will come
Ragini: I said go and do I will be here until then
Laksh: you are unbelievable
She smiled at me and I went to take my bath and returned to her
Laksh: now what say?
Ragini: wait naa baby

She took the plate in front of me and then I got to know that she did pooja
Laksh: you went to temple?
Ragini: forward your hand
I forwarded my hand and she tied a red and yellow thread to my wrist
Ragini: now open your mouth
I opened my mouth and she feed me Prasad
Ragini: all the best
Laksh same to you

Ragini: from today exams are starting naa so my baby should do well and get first
Laksh: then what about you
Ragini: I if I write with most effort also I get only pass marks and I will be happy with that but I want my jaanu to get first and I feel very happy by that more than my
I hugged her immediately she to hugged me
Ragini: ok now leave me I should go and read 3 marks questions I should pass now
She went away saying bye to me

@ Flash back ends
Rayan kept his hand on my shoulders
Rayan: laksh if you always remember her how you can forget her
I remained silent
My phone beeped and it was radhika di
Laksh: haa di

Radhika: chotu your prepared naa
Radhika: haa di prepared
Radhika: once meet me I am in front of your hostel
Laksh: what?
Radhika: come naa
I ended call

Laksh: rayan di came so I will go you pack my bag also and bring down
Rayan: ok
I went down radhika di was standing there
Laksh: what di?
Radhika: open your mouth
She feed me Prasad
Radhika: I went to temple for you all
It remembered me of ragini

Radhika di kept a small kumkum on my forhead and tied a dhaga to my hand
Radhika: all the best
Laksh: thanks di
I smiled looking at her and my smile turned more when I saw ragini getting down of auto
My gaze totally shifted to her who was paying money to auto driver
I smiled looking at her and radhika di feed me some more Prasad
Ragini looked at me and both her hands were at her back
Laksh: what happened ragini for whom you came?
She thought for some time
Laksh: sanaskar
She nodded her head as yes

Laksh: I will go and call him wait
Radhika: even call kunal , parth and rayan also chotu
I walked in to hostel with tears in my eyes because before she used to come for me but now for someone else
I went and called sanskar and he by hearing ragini’s name ran down with lot of excitement
We all were down radhika di is tying dhaga to all kunal , parth and rayan
Radhika: all the best
Rayan: thanks
Radhika: why thanks you’re like my brother

Parth: then me also
Radhika: haa you are my brother too
Rayan: what even kunal di?
This made me laugh
Kunal: you all are brothers naa then leave me why me also
Radhika: haa
We all burst into laughter and I bent a little to see ragini who is behind us talking with sanskar
I saw her smiling at sanskar and he is too laughing saying something
I remembered me and ragini talking with each other and smiling

@ College
Ragini didn’t say all the best till now and I never wrote a exam without her all the best
I was in corridor and all students are going to class rooms and I was waiting with a hope she will come
I was standing at looking in the way of her exam hall
At last she came running and my face lit up with happiness seeing her
He was panting because she ran
She looked at me and smiled and that makes me relaxed from all worries and tensions
She put her hand on my face and looked into my eyes
Ragini: all the best write it very well you should get first
Laksh: then sanskar even you have said him the same I think

Ragini: yes you both are my two eyes no one is less or no one is more and you’re my best friend lucky
I removed her hands from my cheeks
Laksh: if sanskar comes he may feel bad you go
The bell rang and I understood I was day dreaming and there is ragini to say me all the best
The last warning bell also rang and I walked into my class and sat on my place
Then suddenly I felt cool breez which have a beautiful aroma and that aroma was of ragini’s and turned to look at her and she was there near the window with tears in her eyes and with a pout on her face
I looked and she at me

Ragini (lip moment): all the best
I smiled and I to said her all the best she winked at me and ran from there and I was feeling relaxed and started my exam with pleasant mind

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