Jaanu ka lucky episode 13

Guys sorry but i have decided my story from first episode and don’t worry there will be raglak scenes and sorry to hurt you all but it is necessary for the story and i want you all to remind that laksh is in train and saying his flash back before 5 years so i am starting the story here it goes
Sanskar forwarded the flowers to ragini
Sanskar: ragini the first day I saw you I lost my heart and I know you are a precious diamond and I love this diamond and I want it to be with me forever in my life
I was just looking it shocked
But I have a hope that she would be just mine as I know she also feels for me
“Ragini I know you won’t accept him because you love me it my last hope to lie ragini please say know”
I was standing numb there and seeing both and ragini face had no expressions and my heart was beating uncontrollable
Ragini smiled at sanskar and took the flowers
Ragini: I love you too sanskar
(Background music)
Chan se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
I felt that my heart was stabbed for 1000 times and I was dumbstruck
Jag suna suna hai toh..
Yeh kyun hota hai..
Jab yeh.. dil rota hai
Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein
Jag suna lage
Later sanskar and ragini hugged each other and all are clapping for their union but my heart was shouting I lost her I lost my life
Roothi rothi.. sari raatein
Fikhe fikhe.. sare din..
Virani si virani hai
Tanhai si tanhai hai
Aur ek hum hai..
Pyaar ke bin
The flowers in my hands fell down and the
“Jaanu Ka Lucky” locket in my hands was about to fall but I caught it and hold it tight
Har palchin
Chan Se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage
Koi rahe na jab apna

Ragini saw me and came to me and hugged me
I was in shock and all were too
Ragini: is sanskar perfect for me
“What to say ladoo?even you love him and it’s me in middle of you both”
Laksh: all the best ragini
She was about to look at me it started to rain and my tears were mixed in them and she saw me and smiled
Sanskar came with an umbrella and caught her hand and took her and slowly my and her hands were parted and I was alone
Rayan kept his hand on mine and I looked at him
Laksh: I am fine rayan
“I lied to rayan, I am sorry rayan”
I started walking towards college exit and then radhika di came
I just can’t see anything and my hears were just hearing “I love you too sanskar”
Radhika: chotu what happened
I just walked to my bike and started it and radhika di was shouting my name with concern in her voice but I was in deep pain know so I can’t listen her
I drove on road my vision was becoming blur because of tears and it was raining I reached the suicide point were all jump and kill themselves and I stood there
“Don’t think I will die I am one and only son of my parents I can’t hurt them”
And I sat on nearby rock and cried whole heartedly
The rain stopped and I walked on road and took my bike and went to a park and sat there think what happened in morning and I saw small kids playing with each other
I remembered me and ragini playing in park when we are in 4th class , her antics , her talks , her care when I got fever , her karate classes which were a big disaster and her ice cream days , her shopping which longed for half day , her laughs , her pranks and our cute little fights remembering all made me emotionally strong as well as weak
I then remembered of radhika di shouting chotu when I was coming
“may now they will be tensed of me “
I called rayan
Rayan: lucky where are you?
Laksh: I am fine
Rayan: that is not my question was
Laksh: I want to be alone for sometime
Rayan: lucky
Laksh: you said everything about me and ragini to di
Rayan: yes she is here beside me think what to do
Laksh: say her not to do anything by the way even ragini loves sanskar so we shouldn’t go in between them
Rayan: then what about you?
Laksh: listen god gives everyone heart to love but only few get their love may be I am not one of them
Rayan: but lucky
Laksh: don’t worry I will come by evening
Rayan: bye take care
Laksh: bye
I ended the call and again saw children who are playing
@ Park
I was still in park lost in my world and with all sorrow in my heart may be I realized it 48 hours ago about my love but it grow into a huge tree which can’t be cut down that easily and I was struggling to get out of it but they are the best feeling from which I can’t run away
My phone was beeping and it was ladoo
Laksh: hello ladoo
Ragini: lucky where are you my party yaar and every year you omly give party naa come all are friends are waiting
Laksh: ragini tomorrow we have some important assignment naa so I came for its books so I may not come
Ragini: jaanu what you know its my birthday and you went I don’t know come fast you should give party naa
Sanskar: jaanu let it be I am there naa you would be so there is no need of laksh to give party any more
“ I heard those word and my heart was running away from the fact she is no more mine but some one else”
Ragini: but every year he gives
Sanskar: so jaan
Ragini: laksh wait a minute
She kept call in hold and I started tearing I want to control but they came without my interference
Ragini: ok jaanu come fast
Laksh: I may not carry on ladoo
She ended call and I sat there looking the sky and think about her yes my jaanu
@ Hostel
I was sleeping on my bed and that is when I heard sounds and I saw parth, kunal and rayan were back and parth and kunal to fresh where as rayan came to me
Rayan: how are you feeling?
Laksh: lonely
Rayan: laksh!
Laksh: rayan I want to go to gym from tomorrow in the time which I usually spend with ladoo
Rayan: you what to avoid her
Laksh: no I don’t want to disturb them
Rayan: you know ragini was upset that you didn’t attend
Laksh: if she whats one she should leave other naa
Rayan hugged me and I felt it very good that I can share this to some one
so how was the episode and once again sorry if any one is hurt and love you all

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  1. Aliyahillary

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    Very emotional yaar…. Really feeling very bad for laksh

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