Jaanu ka lucky episode 11

guys thanks for your support and here goes next episode of our raglak jaanu ka lucky

@ college
Sanskar: ragini not that
Ragini: that only
We were seeing them without involving because if we get into their conversation people would turn into mad
Laksh: rayan say any latest news
Rayan: that I love rachi
Kunal: bro its going from past 2 years please not now again
Parth: exactly not again rayan
Surbhi: lucky explain this question
I looked at her actually our class topper from past 3 years was Mr.Sanskar Singhania and 2 topper was me may be its by lucky’s so called luck and surbhi was 3rd in class
So as a rule she should clarify her doubts from me
By the way jaanu was always try to crack 5 rank from last that too by my forcing to make her study
Ragini: surbhi why always doubts yaar?
Surbhi gave a cold look to her and turned to me
“If I don’t clarify her doubt, she would kill me for sure?”
Laksh: sure sur
I walk to front seat and started explaining her and while I was explaining my idiot gang was playing some game and they were shouting loud
Ragini: aaaaaaaaaa………
Parth: its not fair kunal
Ragini: yes its not fair

I turned back what they were playing and I found ragini and sanskar were very close to each other and suddenly I can’t resist that
The jealousy in me had woke up and made me mad boy really I was were furious
Laksh: can’t you leave us from your torture
I shouted loud and it is audible to whole class
Ragini: We will torture Mr laksh maheshwari , you are here for being tortured by me
She said with normal funny tone
Laksh: it’s not funny ragini gadodia , I am serious
I said out in frustation
She was a bit shocked by my answer
Ragini: what happened laksh
She said in low tone and caught my shoulder
I jerked her hand and saw her seriously
Laksh: who are you to me to torture me? Have you got birth right to torture me just speak in your limits miss ragini
She looked at me with tears and seeing those I felt I have done mistake and I shouldn’t to that much
She ran from their out of class room
Kunal , rayan gave me what was that look
Parth started taunting me whereas sanskar followed her
Parth: you are wrong lucky?
Laksh: yeah I was
Parth: then say sorry
I stood up a
Laksh: let’s go come on
We all walked towards canteen and we entered the canteen and I was shocked
Shocked to hell I saw sanskar hugging ragini and ragini was resting in his arms
“what the……hell? I think I made them more close”
I went from there seeing that and I was frustated

@ hostel
I was just thinking about ragini and sanskar which happened in morning I was disturbed by it and then my phone rang and I went to see and it was dad
Laksh: hello papa
DP: hello laksh
Laksh: how are you and mom?
DP: we are fine what about you
Laksh: I am also fine papa
DP: me and your shekar papa decided to do one thing
Laksh: what papa?
DP: that as we know you and ragini are best friends and I think that there is a deep love behind this deep friendship and I want you both to get married to eachother
“What dad said me and ragini in love! Do I really love jaanu?”
DP: and I think you both will be fine with this decision
Laksh: papa but I don’t have such any feelings
DP: Beta sit alone and think for some time you will understand your feelings
Laksh: ok papa but don’t tell this to ragini I will think and if I realize I will say here about this
DP: ok take your own time by the way marriage will be after your studies
Laksh: ok papa bye
DP: bye
I ended the call and was just standing at window and thinking what to do
I felt a hand on my shoulders I turned and saw it was rayan
Rayan: what happened lucky?
Laksh: nothing
Rayan: say lucky
I explained what papa said to me
Rayan: that is amazing lucky just carry on
Laksh: but I don’t know I love her or not
Rayan: just listen to your heart it will tell you
Saying this he smiled and went out of room
I sat on my bed looking at my and ragini photos from childhood
I saw them so many times but this time they seemed very special I felt there is something between us
I closed my eyes and I can just hear my heart beat and the image flashed in front of me is ragini’s cute smile
Ragini was smiling and had spark in her eyes
Ragini: lucky I love you
I opened my eyes and I realized it yes I love her
“OMG I love ragini my ladoo yes I love my jaanu baby”
The thought made be blush and I was going crazy and then came rayan I just hugged him
Laksh: I got it bro I love her
Rayan: cool then when propose
Laksh: after two days her birthday and this birthday she will be not with best friend but with her would be husband
Rayan: wow lucky then make preparations

@ college
Laksh: surbhi you saw ragini
Surbhi : no lucky I didn’t saw her from morning
Yes ragini was missing from morning I didn’t saw her atleast ones and I am tensed I searched her everywhere she use to be but she is not there
Rayan: lucky what to do
Laksh: we will give police complaint
We all went to police station
Laksh: sir my friend ragini gadodia is missing from morning
I was having tears in my eyes and my voice was cracking my full body was sweating and my heart was just shouting one name RAGINI
Police: age
Laksh: 21
Police: today one accident had happened in that highway
“What my ragini meet with accident no stop thinking stupid laksh”
Radhika : but sir
Yes radhika was with us even her studies are completed she is working in banglore for a year for us and she is with me all day to find ragini
Police: once check in hospital
Laksh: sir yes
We all took our bike and drove to hospital and asked for accident ward and we went in my heart was just saying its not ragu and if something happen to her I can feel it
We went into ward and saw a girl and I stopped at entarance
Laksh: kunal and parth you check I will not come
Radhika asked them to go she stood with me and rayan
Radhika: chotu don’t worry it would be some one else
Laksh: hope so di
They went and came back
I looked at them with teary eyes
Parth: it not our ladoo
“ I am reveled at last I am happy and my heart was working normally”
The whole night we were searching her then we got a call from surbhi
Radhika: lucky ragini came back to hostel
“OMG I am happy she is safe its enough”
Laksh: ok we are coming you come down fast
@ Hostel
We all came there and saw ragini and surbhi standing there surbhi walked towards us and ragini was just standing there
surbhi: lucky control your anger
I just went near ragini and she was standing there seeing down
I just slapped her
“ I don’t know my anger rose to extrem levels and I was uncontrollable”
Laksh: do you have sense we were searching for you like idiots on road you know my heart beat stopped for a second and none of our five eat a single piece of food from morning when we are trying to call you can’t you pick it up your just mad ragini
Ragini was sobbing holding her cheeks and I know I was not wrong this time
Radhika di came and held my hand
Radhika: chotu go from here first go
Laksh: di she made us fear
Radhika (shouted): I said go lucky go
I turned back and moving and I can hear radhika di talking to ragini
Radhika: ragu you know we were very afarid and so he beat you don’t take him wrong and stop crying
By the ragini ran to hostel
Radhika di walked to me
Radhika: lucky go hostel and take rest and haa eat something for sure
I nodded my head as good boy she hugged me which made me cool
Radhika: say ragu tomorrow sorry
I nodded my head
Radhika: I will go by auto
Laksh: wait I will drop
Radhika: no need
Kunal: may I drop
I looked her and she was in shy
Laksh: kunal drop her and come fast

@ hostel
Laksh: ragini I will say my hearts wish to you tomorrow
I was not able think anything other than that and I was guilt to beat her
Laksh: sorry ragini I will ask you forgiveness and say that I love you
I was in dream land thinking of tomorrow

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