Jaanu ka lucky episode 10

@After 2 years
We were in final year of our engineering
Kunal: haa rachitha coming just 5 minutes I am driving
He ended the call
Forgot say that rayan and rachitha are in deep love and kunal was still confused on his feelings for radhika and radhika always use to admir him from distance
Ragini was finding difficult and always feel lazy to study but I am busy in studying I don’t know but in these 3 years I have changed a little serious towards study I think I am
I got a call and it’s jaanu as usual
Ragini: don’t say you forgot baby
Oops I forgot I have promised jaanu to take to famous temple in near by village
Laksh: I am coming in just 20 minutes
Raginia: very bad baby
Laksh: sorry jaanu
Ragini: come fast
“I have to get ready fast”

@ Bike
Ragini: sun raha hai naa ro rahi hoo may
Ragini is singing song with her melodies voice
Laksh: baby sing some josh full songs
Ragini: give me a second jaanu I will change
Ragini: janameena aha gale lagja
She started singing
“ what a song jaanu, love your selection always”
Laksh: lejayange badri ki dulhania
I started and I found ragini enjoying from the behind I can see it in mirror
Ragini: saas me tere saas mile tho

@ Temple
We were in temple and it’s a very ancient temple and people were a bit more at it was Sunday
Ragini wore her chunni over her head and I saw her she was just like goddess
I really feel mesmerized by her innocent face which has all antics along with a lot of brain
We walked in and we closed our eyes to pray
“ god I have only one wish from when I know the world and that is make ragini and family also happy and till now you always kept my wish and hope you will in future”
I opened my eyes and found she is still involved and the pandit came and kept kumkum to me but not to ragini he went in and ragini opened eyes and saw she doesn’t have
Ragini: he didn’t kept for me
Laksh: we will ask him
Ragini: no need
She came close to me and touched my forhead with hers and then moved back and I can see the kumkum on her also
Ragini: like this
And a bit was also got on her forhead
“ if she gets married and apply sindoor she is so cute”
Ragini: come lets go and do some rounds around temple
“what…??? I can’t anymore”
Laksh: no you go

She caught my hand made me do it and I felt like we were going around fire while marrying
“ what stupid things I am thinking”
After that she brought one tread from the pandit and she was wearing it to neck but she felt difficulty so asked me help and I helped her
“ I wish it would be mangalsutra”
“ what stupid things I am thinking”
I completed she smiled at me and she pulled my check
Ragini: your very cute jaanu
She caught my hand we went back to our bike
She sat and looking at the nature around and I was involved in her rather than driving
Due to air her hair was in air and she had a special smile on her lips and her eyes are blinking due to fast speed
She was looking all around and then suddenly it started raining and I stopped my bike, we both ran to near by tree and stood there
Ragini was enjoying the weather much…and as ususal I was enjoying her enjoyment and suddenly she turned at me and immediately turned my head to other side
Ragini: lucky don’t see like that
“ what ??? does she feel anything for me”
I turned to her and she smiled a bit with shy
Laksh: what??
Ragini: I mean don’t see nature like that it would feel shy as we all now how romantic your eyes are
“ mine that to romantic???OMG what she mean”
I felt shy and smiled
I looked at ragini she was seeing me in unusual way and I can see it
Her gaze towards me is different I sensed it
Her lips were trembling and hair it was wet and more over her white dress making me crazy
“ unkown feelings are taking place and my heart is beating fast”
I walked toward her and she just looking at me and I was more near to her and she closed her eyes and I went near to her face her expressiond were changing I kept my hand on her hair and took the waste material on hair
And I moved back and she was just dumbstruck
I saw angry in her face which made me smile
She just twisted her lips and pouted
Laksh: what?
I asked intentionally
Ragini: nothing
The rain stopped by then and we walked to my bike and she sat and back
We drove off back to city

@ Hostel
Rayan: we were talking
We all were telling our day and as usual rayan about rachitha and kunal was sitting on me to listen rayan clearly
Kunal: I was in gym today
Laksh: oh please don’t talk about fitness
Kunal: what about you and ragini?
Laksh: we went to temple and she
Parth: made you walk around temple am I right
I looked at him
Laksh: yes
All burst into laughter
Laksh: don’t laugh
Rayan: I think instead of you kunal went it would be better for him
Laksh: but we enjoyed in rain
All: aww………


  1. Aliyahillary


    |Registered Member

    nice epi seems they gonna realise their love soon but this was a very short update try to give next one longer plz….update soon….take care…

  2. Ammu

    As usual outstanding episode dear and Raglak scenes are so beautiful specially that kunkum part. I really loved the way Laksh observe Ragini. Waiting for more Raglak scenes. Please post next part ASAP

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