Jaanu Ka Lucky – episode 1

A man walking in train compartment, he was heading to wash basin he looked his face in mirror in his front, he had a slight beard on his face with a vanished smile again appearing on his face looking at him. He brushed his hand on his beard
From here it’s his narration
“I am totally changed; see me in beard looks so weird. I am not that guy now who is always funny, cheerful; I think I am serious now”
He walked back to his seat and sat there
“All my companions are happy, but I am excited and even tensed to see my jaanu, yes jaanu my love … first love”

Yes hi forgot to introduce myself, hi I am laksh maheshwari the hero of the story
“Jaanu ka Lucky”
Where to start, my day starts with her wakeup call and ends with her thoughts, she was and is my life
Guys you know I can’t pass a day without her smile, her complaints, her naughty talks, her pranks and her so many things like this
Now I have lived 10 months away from her, it seems a miracle in my life and after these 10 months I am going to see her

I think she would slap me or she would not talk to me or she will hug me or a kiss OMG I am just confused what will be her reaction
Sorry I know you all are confused by my thoughts
Let me start it from the day we…
I am going to enter into engineering college
Hi guys I am in Bangalore came to study my engineering
All people enter with lot of expectations, some hoping good job, some enjoyment, some success and some for parents
So I am here to get enjoyment and friends

I read it loud which is written in big letters; yes I have come to see my college which is going to start from exactly 3 days after now
Room 202- laksh maheshwari, rayan bhardwaj, Kunal arora and parth khanna
“We are four for room, would they adjust with me?
I don’t know the way, whom should I ask?”
Then I heard voice from back
Voice: bhai need help

I saw a tall boy almost my height, thin and seem to be too active
Laksh: haa, you…
Boy: me work here, I show rooms and iron clothes and all thing can be done but on payment
“He seemed to be too jovial”
Laksh: chalo take me to room 202
He walked front of me and I followed him
Boy: which branch?
Laksh: mechanical

Boy: here is your room
Laksh: thanks
Boy: 20 rupees for each bag and I bought 3
I gave him 100
Boy: no change
Laksh: take it
Boy: no give me 60 only I don’t take tips
Laksh: ok then I will give some clothes for irons come afterwards
The boy smiled
Boy: ok bhai, by the way my name is malik
Laksh: ok bye malik

I am going to open my room and see room mates
I found all 3 in room
One wearing shots and holding a guitar and other in ¾ pants with phone in his hand and last one with book in his hand
They all stood seeing me and walked towards me and one in shots pointed me and asked me laksh?
I nodded my head as yes
The boy in shots: hi this is rayan
I to forward my hand

The guy in ¾: Kunal
I gave a warm smile to him
The other came and forwarded his hand: Me parth.
I too forwarded my hand
All sat in nearby chairs available
Kunal: which branch man?
Laksh: mechanical
Rayan: we three are the same

Laksh: excuse me
I walked to wash room
My phone rang which was on my bed
Rayan came forward to pick phone but didn’t pick as it was written “ladoo”
Parth: answer it rayan
Rayan: it is some ladoo calling
Kunal: may be a girl
Rayan: who might she be?

Parth: sister
Kunal: if it’s girl friend
All opened their mouth
All stood out of washroom when I opened, for a minute I was afraid
Kunal: you have girl friend?
I was shocked by that question
Parth: you got a call from ladoo

Laksh (excitement): ladoo called
This name made me happy after all journey, I want to grab my phone and talk to my jaanu I mean my ladoo…
Laksh: where is my phone?
Rayan was catching my phone
I took my phone and immediately dialed to ladoo
The call was about to connect but my heart seemed seconds also so slow, because I want to talk to my one and only ladoo

At last after 35 seconds see picked the call
I was so waiting her to say hello and she said it with her melodious voice after 5 seconds she lifted the call
Ladoo: hello
Laksh: ladoo
Ladoo: lucky how are you? Reached hostel?
My heart was then satisfied listening to her; I heard her love toward me in her query
Laksh: yes I am fine and reached too
Ladoo: missed you today too much
Laksh: me too
Ladoo: I am waiting for see you

Laksh: even I too want to see you
“It was just 9 hours I felt Delhi and in these 9 hours I missed her very badly”
Ladoo: you know I was not able to go to my room or yours
Laksh: why?
Ladoo: I feel lonely
I couldn’t control myself this time from tears and few drops escaped from my eyes
Laksh: hmm…
Ladoo: met your room mates

I have turned back and looked at them they were staring at me with lot of questions in mind
Laksh: yes
Ladoo: take care and eat food on time or else I will also not eat
I nodded my head
Ladoo: what? I am talking in phone
I understood I was speaking in phone
Laksh: yes
Ladoo: bye

Laksh: bye
Finally I am happy to talk to her
All eyes had lot of questions to ask
I sat in nearby chair and rayan sat next to me in another chair, parth on his bed and kunal on ground resting his back to bed
Laksh: what you want to know?
Rayan: how is ladoo?
Laksh: she is my…

I saw a lot of curiosity in every one’s face
Laksh: enemy
All: what…?
Laksh: yes

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