Jaanemaan Part 5


Hey guyzz this z supriya again.first I want to thank all of you for your amazing comments srsly you guyzz encourage alot and now as I promised that I will update today so here z the part 5.hope you guyz enjoy it.

Jaanemaan Part 5
Radhika was lost in her thoughts
Location: Airport
Arjun was waiting to receive Neil and Sam.He had a very desperate look on his face.Atlast he got a relief when Neil waved his hand toi him to make him aware for his presence.He walked couple of steps to reach him and gave him a hug.
Arjun,”Atlast u came,you don’t know how restless I was last night.
Neil,”How could I refuse the Arjun Mehra,I don’t have guts to do so.
Sam came from behind
Sam,”Hey guyzz even I am here,hii arjun”
Arjun,”hey Sam.”
Neil,”so where are we staying? ”
Arjun,”In hotel,I made arrangements, now come on I don’t have time.”
Neil,”Hold on,I have to pay you for the tickets and now this hotel stay.”
Arjun,”I will break your bones if you talk about paying me back you guyzz came here for me leaving all your important work.
Neil,”but arjun before he could complete arjun kept his hand on neil’s shoulder nd replied, “Neil,I hav messed up in everyone’s life for nandu’s stupid revenge and the damage I did z so big compared to what I m doing now for you guys.”
Neil,”forgive yourself arjun,we all have moved on now and I and Sam don’t have grudge against you now.”
Sam who was silently listening to their convo interrupted them by asking arjun about aditya.
Arjun in a irritated voice, “was it necessary to talk about him,Sam?He z radhika’s childhood friend and she z so much fond of him that she was talking to him late night.
Sam,” Arjun,they are childhood friends you have to understand yaar.”
Arjun,”So what even you and Neil are childhood friends and you guyzz are married today. I have heard somewhere that best friends become best life partners. This makes me restless.”
Sam,”are you mad,she z married to you,how could you even think of such things?
Arjun,”you were engaged to me but you were in love with Neil even if you were not aware of it,I am sorry guyzz.”
Neil,”it z kk arjun,I think let’s leave.I am excited to meet my chashni. ”
Arjun gave him a serious glare which made him correct his sentence.
Neil,”kk just chashni. ”
Arjun,”better. ”

So guyzz nesam are here atlast but still aradhika have many hurdles in their path let’s see how this four friends overcome them.
Location:Aditya’s house.
Our handsome adi heard the doorbell he hurriedly walked towards the door to open it.
Adi,”What the hell are you doing here Mr diwan?”
Mr diwan,”beta,just once listen to me I have to tell you something. ”
Adi,”Mujhe aapse koi baat nhi karni,plz just leave.”
Mr diwan,”Beta ek baar meri baat sunno plz just once.”
Adi,”Mr diwan,I am not your son.my father died for me 20 years ago when he left me and my mom to marry someone else.so plz will you leave now.”
Mr diwan,”beta,I am your father plz just listen to me once.I know because you and your mom had to suffer alot and I am sorry for it.”
Adi,”Mr diwan your sorry won’t give me back what I lost nd for how many things will you say sorry.for snatching away my childhood,for leaving me and my mom alone to face the world when I was just 5 years old or for my mom’s death.insaan ko jitni bardast ho naa usseh kahi jaada nafrat karta huh mai apse aur hamesha karta rahunga.”
Mr diwan,”I did not kill your mom,adi.”
Adi,”just get out of here and I am orphan not your son.”
Mr diwan left from there.
Adi got on his knees he was crying like a child.he clutched his mom’s photo close to his heart.
Adi POV:I hate that man mom.I will never forgive him for what he did to us.I hate the fact that I have his blood in my body.today becoz of him you are not with me mom.I love you mom and I will always love you but I can’t forgive that man.I know you want me to forgive him but I am srry,I just can’t.
Radhika was trying adi’s no but he was not answering her calls.
Radhika POV:Why you are not answering my calls adi?I hope you are fine plz just once talk to me.I need to talk to you anyhow. Bohot kuch kiya hai tumne mere liye adi nd now it z my turn.I know that you are upset and I know the reason but soon I will make everything alright adi.
Arjun dialled radhika
Arjun,”hello wifey,how are you?
Radhika, “I am fine,sir.”
Arjun,”No you are not. tell me what’s bothering you.”
Radhika,”we will talk about it but not now.”
Arjun,”z it about us, radhika?
Radhika,”Nahh,it z not about us plz we will talk about it later.”
Arjun,”kk,be ready by 7.”
Radhika, “hmm”
Arjun,”bye wifey.”
Radhika, “bye sir”
Radhika POV: I can’t tell arjun sir anything Rightnow,I will tell him when it z the right time. First I have to talk to adi then I will talk to arjun sir.

Evening 6:45
Arjun parked his car in front of radhika’s house.
Arjun POV:I am so excited radhika to see you.but I will not go inside because papa won’t like it.I wish Papa forgives me soon radhika.I just can’t wait to marry you again.
Radhika walked out of her house in red sari with black border and her hair left open.
Arjun was staring at her without blinking his eyes.he somehow shifted his gaze to control himself.
Radhika gave him a shy smile.
Arjun,”you look beautiful. I regret the fact most for today that we are not married in front of all.
Radhika,”why do you regret it today?”
Arjun,”So you don’t know why do I regret it?
Radhika pouted her lips and replied,”no I don’t know.”
Arjun,”don’t make me lose my control today radhika.you don’t know what you do to me.I don’t want to regret for doing something I don’t want to do now.
Radhika hided her face in her hair
Arjun lifted her chin to look straight in her eyes but they were closed because of his sudden closeness to her.
Arjun,”open your eyes radhika.”
Slowly she opened them but lowered her gaze,she just didn’t had the courage to meet his eyes.
Arjun could feel that she was uncomfortable,so he moved back nd opened the car door.
Arjun,”get in the car Radhika. ”
Radhika realized that she had kept her eyes closed thinking he was still holding her.she gave him a embarrassed smile.
She was staring at him while he was driving
Arjun,”I know I am too much good looking but don’t stare so much.we have our full life for you to stare at me.”
She realized she was caught so she shifted her gaze towards the window.
Once the reached their destination….
Arjun blindfolded her inspite of her refusal
Arjun,”do you trust me radhika?”
Radhika, “more than myself,sir.”
Arjun,”so then trust me,I won’t let you fall and even if you do then I am always there to catch you.”
Radhika was deeply touched by his words.
Radhika,”I know it sir that you will never let me fall and get hurt.I trust you more than anything in this world.”
Arjun guided her to a house which was beautifully decorated by him.Neil and Sam.he removed her blindfold to let her see his unconditional love for her.
She was staring without blinking her eyes.the house was actually a farm house.the hall was full of her pictures and portraits. She observed that it also had their lonavala pic.suddenly her mind replayed all the moments spend with him.
He extended his hand to her which she gladly accepted.
Arjun,”you liked it?’
Radhika,”like?I loved it.thank you so much arjun sir.u don’t know how happy I am rightnow.
Arjun,”I can see it on your face by the way save your thank you for the night.I hav many more surprises for you today.”
Radhika,”there are more still?”
Without answering her question he took her hand in his.
Arjun,”may I have this dance with you?”
Radhika,”you don’t have to ask sir.”
They danced on gerua……
After that arjun led her to the dinning table.it had all her favourite dishes.
He fed eachother by eachother’s hands.
Radhika,”how do you know about my favorite dishes.”
Arjun,”Ma helped me.”
Radhika,”so he was talking to you secretly in the morning and when I asked her,she avoided me.it seems that loves you more than me.
Arjun,”she treats me like ankush and she z one of the best gifts I have got from god.she trust me so much that when I take look at my past,I feel I don’t deserve it.”
Radhika, “arjun sir plz don’t talk about past now and I am warning you don’t talk anything against my husband.I will not tolerate.”
Arjun,”your husband z not that perfect as you think of him radhika.”
Radhika,”I don’t want perfect,I just want you arjun sir.
Arjun, “l love you Radhika maybe I am not perfect but you make me feel perfect.”

He got on his knees
Arjun,”Radhika, I want to say sorry for all the pain I gave you.I promise I will only give you happiness from this very moment. I also want to say sorry for that day.I know I deserved that slap for hurting you.I know however hard I try to justify it z true that I was wrong.it z just that I love you so much that I can’t share you with anyone.your tears,your smiles,your pain,your hugs,your kisses and every possible thing related to you,I own it.I am sorry if I am too much possessive but I can’t bear the thought of you being with someone else.I am madly,solely and completely in love vith you radhika.plz forgive me for yesterday.
Radhika made him stand.
Radhika,”I forgive you but promise me you will never misunderstand me.
Arjun,”I promise.”
Radhika kept her hand near his heart.
Radhika,”promise me I will always stay here.
Arjun,”you hav captured my heart forever radhika and only you will stay in it forever.
She gave him a tight hug and buried her face in his chest to hear his heartbeat.
He hugged her tightly.
After sometime he broke the hug.
She gave him a confused look.he answered,now my last surprise.
He started unbuttoning his shirt…she turned her back towards him nd pleaded him to stop.
Radhika,”what are you doing. You said we will wait but now you are only…before she could complete he replied, “rest your mind radhika…I want it but not now and face me otherwise how will you see your surprise… He turned her towards him…pleaded her to open her eyes…
Arjun,” plz Radhika just once open your eyes…you have seen me shirtless before nd srsly I don’t want do it now.
Slowly she opened her eyes….he had tattooed ‘Radhika’ in small letters on his chest.
Radhika,”are you mad.it must have been very painful.ohh god why this sir?
Arjun,”becoz I wanted to do it and yes it was painful but while doing it I was whispering your name and then my all pain was gone.
Radhika,”I love you sir.”
Arjun pretended to clean his ear …I think I didn’t hear what you said…say it little louder
Radhika…said it little louder but he was arjun afterall he made her scream….I love you atlast.
Arjun,”I want to hear every day every hour from you.”
Radhika blushed red….arjun,”if you keep on blushing then I won’t be able to control myself.
Radhika,”you have too.”
Arjun,”yaa I know.”radhika…wear your shirt sir.”
Arjun,”why I don’t look without shirt?
Radhika,”you are shameless.”
Arjun came closer to her….he could hear and feel her increasing heartbeats…he whispered in her ear,”say my name radhika.”
Radhika,”arjun sir.”arjun….say it without that sir.
Radhika had closed her eyes now…he came closer enough for their lips to collide in next moment…..radhika,”arjun.”he hugged her tight enough to feel her aura.he said,”my name seems more good to hear when it comes from your mouth.don’t join that sir again plz.
They had sort all differences between them today.All the walls around their hearts were crushed today.they were dreaming about their happy future together assuming that can go wrong now

So guyzz this z it.hope u all liked it.plz plz plz do comment nd ur suggestions are most welcome …..will update nxt1 on Thursday

Precap:radhika meet nesam….more romance in the air

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