Jaanemaan Part 4


Hey guyzz it z supriya again.I know I said I will update on Wednesday but then I got some time free so I thought I will give u guyzz a early update. Hope u enjoy it.

Jaanemaan Part 4
Radhika entered her house of course she was very sad because of what arjun said to her today but she decided to hide her tears from everyone because she didn’t wanted her family to hate arjun more.
Location:Mishra house
Mala,”Choti,did u met arjun?
Radhika, “yes maa we met.”
Mala,”why u came so early then, you should have more time with him.”
Radhika, “I am tired maa,can we talk later.”

Radhika now in her room
Radhika POV:How could he say this?I will not forgive you arjun sir for questioning my character.
Her thoughts were disturbed by aditya’s call
Aditya:hello,radhu are u kk?
Radhika,”yaa,m fine adi?
Aditya,”why do u try to lie when don’t know to lie?
Radhika,”if you know I m not kk then why are you asking me.”
Adi,”what he did,tell me I will talk to him.”
Radhika,”No need, adi don’t mind but plz don’t interfere between us.”
Aditya’s expression changed.he was really hurt by what radhika just told him but controlled himself.
Radhika,”adi,are u there on the line?’
Aditya,”yaa I m there just tell me incase you need something kk.”
Aditya,”radhu,you know you will spoil the shape of your lips if you cry more.”
Radhika, “adi don’t make fun of me.”
Aditya,”kk fine so then tell me something about your ex husband because it changes your mood if you keep talking about him.”
Radhika,”you will bear it if I talk about him infront of you,adi.”
Aditya,”radhu,I can bear any pain in this world to bring a smile on your face and you know it.”
Radhika,”you love me that much?”
Aditya,”More than that.”
Radhika,”thanks for being there adi.”
Aditya,anything for u radhu. ”
Arjun was restless here he was cursing himself for hurting radhika he had dialed her no many times but it was engaged which made him more restless.

Arjun POV:I hate myself for hurting you radhika but I was not able to control when I saw with that guy.I thought you have moved on in life.I am sorry radhika but plz don’t give me such a punishment I won’t be able to take it if you don’t talk to me.why the hell is your no busy?are you talking with that guy?Maybe you guys are just frds but what is the need to talk for so long?Once I get you back I will take you away from him that is a promise. ”
Arjun dialled Neil’s no
Arjun,”Hello,Neil .”
Neil,”hi.arjun so you and chashni back together ohh god I m so happy for you.when are you bringing her here?Don’t forget to bring mala aunty ke haath ke laadu for me.”
Arjun,”Hold your horses man,I and radhika had a fight actually. ”
Neil,”but why I m damn it must be your mistake.”
Arjun,”how do you know me so well?”
Neil,”I know my chashni well arjun.”
Arjun,”your chashni,from when she became yours keep in mind she is only mine.”
Neil,”OK ur wife fine,now tell me why you guys had a fight.”
Arjun narrated him the whole scenario
Neil,”are you out of your mind,arjun.how could you?you don’t have any control over your mouth srsly how could you hurt her yaar?
Arjun,”I know it nd I m feeling Terrible about it now.plz help me Neil.”
Neil,”I am still angry,arjun.”
Arjun,”plz atleast you understand me neil.you know how much I love radhika and I can’t even bear the thought of her being with someone else.”
Neil,”arjun,they are childhood friends.”
Arjun,”but still yaar.”
Neil,”I have one question can I ask.”
Arjun,go on.
Neil,”will you get jealous of my and radhika’s friendship too?”
Arjun,”only time can tell.if Radhika is involved I can’t predict anything rightnow.”
Neil,”you are impossible. ”
Arjun,”just tell me will you help me?”
Neil,”what you want me to do?”
Arjun,”Catch the first flight to rishikesh with your wife.”
Neil,”We have a meeting here.”
Arjun,”are you refusing me?”
Neil,”you sound like my girlfriend. ”
Arjun,”bad joke I am not asking you.I am telling you that you have to reach here anyhow tomorrow. ”
Neil,”OK we will be there till afternoon. ”
Arjun,”OK see you then.bye.gn.”

Location:Mishra house
Dilip:What have you thought about your life radhika?
Radhika:What you mean,papa?
Dilip:”I want you to think about adi.he is a great guy and most important he loves you.”
Radhika,”papa,I only love arjun sir plz can we stop talking about me and adi.”
Dilip,”arjun is not good for you plz understand this.he can only hurt you.”
Radhika,”then I m ready to get hurt in his love,papa.”
Dilip,”but I can’t see you hurt.”
Radhika took his hand in hers
Radhika,”papa, plz give arjun sir one chance you don’t know him properly now but once you know him you too will consider him best for me.”
Dilip,”kk,I will give him one chance for you but on one condition he will leave you alone if he won’t prove himself worthy of you.”
Radhika,”agreed but even I have one condition. ”
Dilip,”speak up.”
Radhika, “you will leave the thought of my adi alliance do you accept this condition?”
Dilip,”radhu plz.”
Radhika,”No papa.pyaar aur shaadi dono sirf ek baar hote hai.if I can’t be with arjun sir then I don’t wish to be with anyone else.”
Dilip,”we will talk about it later,I m getting late now.”
Radhika,”OK but my mind won’t change. ”
Dilip,”will see radhu,bye.”
Radhika,”bye papa.”
Dilip came out of the house nd said to himself that he will try his best to change radhika’s mind.

Arjun was standing in front of the mirror in his room
Arjun to himself, “I look the best when I am with you radhika.I know I have to prove papa a lot of things but I promise I will do it.I promise that papa will give your hand in mine one day.
But before that I have to apologize for yesterday.
He dialled radhika
Arjun,” are u kk?”
Radhika,”I m fine sir.”
Arjun,”when will stop calling me sir,radhika.I am your husband plz at least once call me by my name.”
Radhika,”we will talk about it later,sir.”
Arjun,”the day I marry you I will make sure you don’t call me sir.”
Radhika,”we are already married.”
Arjun,”I know it but I want to marry you infront of all.”
Arjun,”are you still angry about yesterday? ”
Radhika, “yaa I m still angry on you.”
Arjun,”you won’t be till evening. ”
Radhika,”z it a challenge.”
Arjun,”yes it z”
Radhika,”kk let’s see.”
Arjun,”whom were u talking to last night,your no was busy for a long time.”
Radhika,”I was talking to adi.”
Arjun,”z he more important than me,Radhika. ”
Radhika,”No one z as important as u.”
Arjun,”I love you always stay mine.”
Arjun,”what you mean by hmm atleast say I love u too.”
Radhika, “I have not forgiven you still for yesterday.”
Arjun,”kk chill.I will make sure you say I love you to me today.”
Radhika,”we will see.”
Arjun,”be ready at 1 pm.I have a surprise for you.”
Radhika, “can’t come at 1…before she could complete arjun said,” why you want to go out with aditya. ”
Radhika now in angry voice,”you will never change I was saying I am going out with me but you don’t even trust me bit,do you?I don’t want to talk to you.go take someone else with you.”
Arjun,”I am sorry nd why will I take some other girl when I have such a beautiful wife.”
Radhika,”are you trying to flatter me then it z not of use.”
Arjun,”so I can’t even praise you.”
Radhika, “you can only if you start trusting me.”
Arjun,”I do trust you radhika but I have gone through alot in my life.I have lost many important people in my life and you are my life.if I lose you,I will lose myself,radhika. I know I am insecure about you but plz don’t get me wrong.I just can’t see you with someone else.”
Radhika,”arjun sir,you are the first and last man in my life.I can never think about someone else.I have never loved anyone before you and now I can’t love anyone after you.I will stay yours forever.”
Arjun,”in every lifetime?’
Radhika,”we will talk about it later.”
Arjun,”you don’t get tired of teasing me.”
Arjun,”I love you nd can you plz wear sari today.”
Radhika, “it depends on my mood.”
Arjun,”stop troubling me,radhika.”if you don’t wear it then I can make you wear when we meet.”
Radhika,”you are shameless.”
Arjun,”only with you and I m your husband so I have the right.”
Arjun,”only I have the right.”
Radhika,”yaa only you have the right. ”
Arjun,”I will pick up from ur house by 7.be ready.”
Arjun,”love u,bye.”

So guyzz this is it I will update nxt1 on Tuesday..promise. Nesam entry will be in nxt part but u guyzz should wait for arjun’s surprise. Sorry this z small but I promise nxt1 will be long

Precap:arjun’s surprise and aditya’s past

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