Jaanemaan Part 3


Hey guyzz this z supriya again I know I told I will post nxt1 on Tuesday but actually as m going in 12 now so my classes will start from Monday so u I thought I will give u a early update and larger one becoz I know first two were very small so this is it….
Location:Mishra house
Dilip,”Where is choti mala?”
Mala,”She must be in temple with adi.”
Dilip,”Mala,I think adi is perfect for our choti.bohot accha ladka aur bohot pyaar karta hai apni radhika se.”
Mala,”lekin radhika ka kya?woh sirf arjun beta se pyaar karti hai aur mujhe nahi lagta woh usseh bhul payegi kabhi.”
Dilip was going to give it back but they both heard the doorbell.
Mala opened the door and was hell shocked but at the same time she was very happy.
So guyzz guess who is it ofcourse it is our angry young man arjun.
Mala,”beta,tum aagaye.mujhe pata tha tum jaroor aaoge.”
Dilip,”What are you doing here now ?”
Arjun,”I am here to claim what is mine.”
Dilip,”Radhika gave divorce which u needed to marry that sam,now what else do you want from her.”
Mala,”I think we can sit and talk plz.”
Dilip,”There is left to talk now and my radhika does not need this dual face in her life.”
Arjun was trying to be calm for radhika and he replied if you are talking about the divorce papers then let me tell u I have teared it and Sam is married to Neil now.there nothing between me and Sam now.”

Dilip,”you don’t deserve choti and I will see to it that you don’t get her back because only thing you could do is hurt her.”
He walked away from there.
Mala kept her hand on arjun’s shoulder.
Arjun,”Maa kya sachme Maine radhika ko itna dukh diya hai?”
Mala,”haa beta ye sach hai par ek sach aur bhi hai kii woh tumse bohot pyaar karti hai aur tum bhi usseh bohot pyaar karte ho.”
Arjun,”Can papa forgive me for my deeds because this time when I marry my radhika I need everyone’s blessings.”
Mala,”dilip ko manana bohot mushkil hoga.”
Arjun,”if I have you with me than I will try my best to change opinion about him.”
Mala,”I am with you but make sure you hurt my choti in this process. ”
Arjun,”I won’t maa now plz tell me where is she?”
Mala,”Mandir gayi hai aajayegi you wait she will come then meet her.”
Arjun,”I don’t have that much patience maa and papa won’t like me staying here.”
Mala,”Where will you stay,beta?’
Arjun,”Don’t worry about me me I am staying in a hotel.”
He turned to leave but she asked him where is he going now.
Looking at her face he replied,”I am going to see my radhika,maa.”
Mala knew that radhika was with aditya and she didn’t wanted arjun to misunderstand but before she could stop him he was out of her sight.
So guyzz now aradhika will meet but god knows how will arjun react after meeting aditya.
Let’s see it now…
Location: temple
Aditya and radhika were in the temple because they were giving food to the people sitting outside the temple.
Aditya,”What u asked from god today,radhu?”
Radhika, “Wish batane se puri nahi hoti so I won’t tell u adi.”
Aditya,”I know what you could have ask from god.you have only one name in your prayers and that is your good for nothing ex husband.”
Radhika now angrily replied, “Mind your tongue aditya.I will not tolerate a word against arjun sir.”
Aditya could see the situation and he could sense the anger in radhika’s eyes.
Aditya,”I am sorry plz forgive me now.”

Radhika, “why do you always have to talk ill about arjun sir,adi.”
Aditya,”Listen,I know you love him but he does not deserve your love.”
Radhika had it enough now so she rudely replied”I think you don’t deserve my friendship if you want to talk bad about the person I love most in this world.”
Aditya could see the visible anger in her big brown eyes and to control the situation he had to apologize to her.
He went on his knees and took her hand in his and said,”I know sometimes I overreact but that is because I love and care for you please forgive me.”
Radhika pulling her hand out of his grip replied “Apology accepted but you know I can only give you my friendship and if you are expecting me to forget arjun sir and love you someday than that is not going to happen in this lifetime.”
Aditya, “I know it radhu and I want your friendship because that is the only precious thing I have in my life.”
Radhika made him stand
Radhika,”I will not take away my friendship but I want you to move on in life.”
Aditya,”Can you forget arjun and move on?So why do you expect me to do it.”
Radhika, “this two things are different adi.I am married to him so what if he is not with me now but I can’t love anyone else now because it is a sin to think about someone else.
Aditya,” It is a sin for you but he can flirt with anyone.”
Radhika, “Don’t start again adi.”
Aditya,”kk chill now can I get a hug srsly you fight alot with me.”
She hugged him but both of them were unaware about two angry eyes watching them from a good distance.
So guyzz I think you people have guessed it of course he is arjun.
Arjun was not able to believe what he had just seen now.He was hell angry and restless.He walked hurridly towards the two people who he thought were lost in eachother to notice his presence.
Radhika broke the hug but poor girl was unaware of what she has to face now.
Arjun grabbed her wrist in his ironic grip and literally dragged her with him.Only words she could utter were arjun sir plz stop.aditya followed them only to be stopped by arjun’s harsh words.
Arjun,”What you think of yourself and how dare you hug my wife?he turned towards radhika who was struggling to free her hand but it was all in vain.
Arjun,”I will talk you later and stop trying to free your hand not of use darling wife.
Radhika could read his angry expression and thought it was best to not talk to him now.
Aditya,”listen I know I don’t have any right to talk between husband and wife…but before he could talk anything further arjun gave it back,”Good you know it and let me tell you that you don’t have any right on my radhika. ”
He wanted to fight aditya for touching his radhika but he wanted to create a scene at a sacred place like temple.
Arjun dragged radhika with him and poor girl had to literally run to match his steps.
Once they reached his car he pushed her inside it and slammed the door with so much force that she got hurt on her hand.
He wanted to look at her injury but then he got flashback of her hugging aditya.

Once inside the car…
Arjun,”You deserve it radhika for giving me pain to see you with him.”
Radhika, “it is not what you are thinking plz let me explain.”
Arjun,”Don’t talk to me right now I might hurt you which I don’t want to so plz stay quiet.”
He was driving fast enough to scare her.
Radhika, “plz slow down.I am scared plz.”
Arjun,”don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you.
Radhika trusted him so thought it is best to remain quiet now.
Once inside the hotel he collided with a man who was busy in his phone.
Arjun,”Cant you see and walk.”
Arjun’s strong physique and angry eyes were enough to scare him and apologize.
Once inside the hotel room he pinned her to the nearest wall and caged her in his arms.
Arjun,”what the hell was it radhika.”
Radhika,”plz will you stop this.”
Arjun grabbed her hairs in his strong fist…she winced with pain.
Arjun,”You hug him and what you expect me to remain quiet and give your hand in his and leave.”
Radhika had tears in her big brown eyes after what she had heard just now.
Radhika, “plz let me go.”
Radhika, “you are hurting me.”

Arjun,”You only see you pain radhika but you can’t see my pain.tell me why did you hug him?Have you forgotten you are married?I wonder if this is the same Radhika who left 2 months back or maybe she changed.tell me how many days and nights you have spend in his arms?tell me dammit
This was the end of it radhika escaped from his grip and gave him a tight slap.
Radhika,”you insulted me I tolerated.you insulted my love for you still I remained quiet but I won’t tolerate a word against my character. What you know what I have gone through this two months? You know everyday everyone except maa use to try convince me to get married to aditya but I was stupid and helplessly in love with you.there was not a day in this two months when didn’t thought about you but you don’t deserve my love srsly you just don’t.I have not only loved you but I worshipped you as god but you don’t even deserve to be called human.I am leaving and don’t worry I am not going back to aditya to spend my night with him as you said some time back.”
Arjun,”plz don’t say it.I am sorry plz forgive me.”
Radhika,”I am just done with you.I can’t handle this pain anymore. ”
Arjun,”plz can we talk now without fighting. ”
Radhika,”I don’t want to talk now.drop me home otherwise I can go by myself. ”
Arjun thought it is best to talk when she cools down.

Arjun,”kk but plz don’t hate me I can’t bear your hatred.”
Radhika,”Even if I wish to hate you sir I can’t.
Arjun dropped her home and left for his hotel.
Strange naa guyzz the person we love most we hurt that person the most.I don’t understand why do we complicate our relationships by that useless insecurity. Now arjun needs a lesson to hurt radhika which he will get.I am sure he will become a person after it.
So guyzz this is it I won’t be able to update soon but will try plz do comment u guyzz encourage alot.
Precap:nesam entry

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