Jaanemaan (Part 2)


Hey guyzz it is me supriya first I want to thank all of you for your positive comments srsly u guys have encouraged me alot now I won’t bore you people more let’s start now…

Jaanemaan part 2
Sitting by the bank of ganga and gazing endlessly towards it was radhika lost in her thoughts.Tucking her hairs behind her ear she turned her head towards the guy sitting beside her.”Why do u keep staring at me,adi?”she asked the guy sitting beside her who was looking at her with so much love in his eyes.
Yes guyzz things have changed in radhika’s life but only one thing did not change and that was her love for arjun sir.About this guy he is aditya diwan her childhood friend…you will know more of him as the story will progress.
Looking straight into her eyes he replied”why can’t u forget him and move on?”she gave it back if I do then it will be the last day of my life.
He gave her a pained look and said “I can’t see u like this.plz try it once.look at yourself radhika you have changed because of him and I want my chirpy,bubbly and lively radhika back.can u please try to be that radhika?
Avoiding his question she said”will u come with me to temple today?” He replied u know I can’t say no to you.
Radhika,”come then let’s go from here now.”
Aditya,”Mujhe yaha accha lag raha hai plz can we wait here for some time.”
Ok as u wish replied radhika
Aditya pov:I know you love that arjun but he does not deserve you.he has given you only pain and now I will not let hurt u radhika.I love you but I will never force you to accept me.I will support you whole my life even if you dont accept me your whole life radhika and that is a promise.
Radhika pov:I know you are in love with me but I want you to move on because I can never love anyone again.I will wait for arjun sir till my last breath and even if he does not come I will love only him and that is a promise.
Radhika: can we move now,adi.I am bored now plz let’s leave now.
Aditya:kk after u
They left for temple now

Location: Mumbai
Arjun was trying many shirts today becoz he wanted to look his best today afterall today he was going to meet his ladylove.
Sam:Arjun even I don’t take so much time to get ready.I wonder u were a girl in your previous birth.
Arjun:bad joke I want to look my best today plz don’t tease me Sam and Neil plz handle your wife.
Neil:”why are you taking me in between and you were one who asked her help now bear your consequences of inviting trouble.”he burst out laughing.Sam gave him a angry stare and turned to arjun”you know loves for your heart not for your looks so get ready fast,we don’t have full day.”
Arjun:thanks for reminding and I know no girl can resist my charm.

Guyzz now arjun,sam and Neil were good friends but still they missed that important part of their life which was obliviously radhika and today they were determined to bring her back but they didn’t knew what they will have to face in rishikesh.I am sorry but aradhika will meet in next part..promise.
So ‘Jaanemaan’ is the story of arjun who is madly in love with radhika and can go to any extent for her.this is the story of radhika who not only love arjun but also considers him a god in human form.this is the story of aditya who loves radhika but wants her happiness and can do anything to bring a smile on her face.

I will update on Tuesday most probably and plz do comment..u guyzz encourage me alot to write more

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  1. Hey supeiya it was nc 2 read n now a love triangle btwn ardika n adi?? Very well plzz upload asap on tue

    1. Hii dev my name z supriya and yes u guessed it r8 it z a love triangle but we know radhika only loves arjun so don’t worry buddy…will update soon..tc

  2. This was a really good episode. I don’t know if I can wait till Tuesday to know what happens next.

    1. Hii kavina will update soon if possible dear..love u tc

  3. Ye to bohot hi chota SA h…..

    1. Srry maandey dear will update soon next time will post a long one..love u..tc

  4. Very nice…all positive now…good.☺

    1. Hii Rosie thanx for ur comment dear..will update soon dear..love u..tc

  5. Supriya dear this was amazing…I loved Arjun anxiety to meet Radhika…please please post soon…I want to know what will happen once they meet…and also about Adi …love you 🙂

    1. Hi di howz u?thank u soo much for ur comment u know it z like to receive some award becoz u know how much I admire u..will post nxt1 on Tuesday most probably.. Love u a lot..tc

    2. Thanx for ur comment di u know it means alot it z like receiving a award becoz u know how much I admire u di…love u..tc

    3. Ohh my sweet di you know it means alot to hear dis from u…it z like receiving a big award becoz u know how much I admire u…will post soon di..love u tc

  6. Guuuuuuuud……?????

    1. Thanks for ur comment will post soon

  7. Hey supriya happy ugadi dr…….vry nice read d stry bt its vry small. …..pls update soon

    1. Hey gayatri happy ugadi to u and ur fmly too…will update nxt1 on Tuesday most probably…tc

  8. Supriya di it’s awesome. I read the first part n it was awesome.

    1. Hii Bhabya dear thanks for ur comment …will post soon..love u..tc

  9. Anxiously waiting to know what will happen when they come to Rishkesh :-).

    1. Will post nxt1 soon brin…tc

  10. Different story

    1. Hii hayati thanks for ur comment dear..will post nxt1 soon..tc

  11. Hey Priya …awesome , ur story become very interesting yaar …..waiting for next update… Why Tuesday, if possible jaldi post karo….

    1. Hi susi thanks for ur amazing comment dear will post nxt1 as soon as possible..love u tc

  12. Hey yaar! This was a very short update.. Take your time.. Yah..not much..but plz update a longer one plzz

    1. Hi roshni I will surely post a long one next time dear…love u..tc

  13. Hi its gud one. Plz update asap. By d way can u plz write bigger updates ? It’s too short. I love u story. I do feel sorry for adi.

    1. I will surely post bigger one nxt time…thanks for ur comment will post next one soon…love u. Tc

  14. Awesome, wowwww supriya, very interesting. .love triangle. ..but adi is positive…..that’s good….is hope this journey of jaanemann will be fun…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

    1. Hi Roma yes u guessed it r8 adi z positive but he dislikes arjun for hurting radhika and dear third person can never ruin a relationship it z the two people in that relation who misunderstand eachother u will know dis in my next update… Will update soon…love u..tc

  15. loved it………………..

  16. nice update supriya dear

    pls meet them soon that means pls udate next one with long one

    take care
    loads of love……………….

  17. awesome episode yaar……….story interesting please update soon………eagerly waiting next one…….tc

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