Jaanemaan Part 19

Hey guys….before you read this one I want to inform you that I updated a double dhamaka on Jannemaan yesterday but unfortunately it didn’t got updated on mmz page so please type ‘Jannemaan’ in the search section of TU you will see the update there….please read that one before this one otherwise you won’t understand this one and one more thing separate comments on both the post….I want your criticism on both whether its good or bad that’s upto you people…. please consider my request and let me know if you are not happy with the track….till then love you all….

Radhika wanted to thank adi for helping in her bravery act which was utter stupidity in Arjun’s eyes….so she took a cab to reach his studio where he oftened spends his day in rehearsals….
She entered his studio and was shocked to see a girl practising with adi’s guitar….as far as radhika knew adi…he was very possesive about his guitar and never lets anyone touch it…radhika walked to the girl who was humming a song while contracding the strings of the guitar….

Radhika, “Who are you and why are you touching someone else property?….
The girl turned to see the intruder who was questioning her…she was none other than Arpita….
Arpita gave it back,” I can ask you the same question but I won’t answer till you give your introduction. ”
Radhika didn’t like her tone in replying to her query but decided to stay calm…
Radhika, “This z my friend’s studio and you are no one to question me,get that clear.”
Arpita fumed,”Same goes with you….you cannot question because you are not the owner of this studio.”
Radhika lost her cool….she screamed on the top of her voice, “Adi where the hell are you?”…..
Adi who was in the washroom was dumbstruck after hearing radhika’s shreik….he understood what must have happened in the studio….. he banged his hand on his head,’This girl won’t rest in peace till she makes me deaf.’
Adi hurriedly came out and glanced at the two ladies who were not at all happy with each other…..
He walked to them and smiled to both of them only to get a angry glare from both the young ladies….
Adi wrapped his hand around radhika’s shoulder,” Didn’t expected you here….anything urgent. ”
Radhika sarcastically replied, “Why need to give a valid reason to see my dear friend.”
Adi chuckled, “No my drama queen you can come here anytime.”
Radhika glared at him,”You didn’t told me about your this new not so polite friend. ”
Arpita who was already pissed off because of radhika’s disturbance in her practice couldn’t stop herself from taunting radhika, “Adi I think no one told your friend that to earn respect we need to give it first.”
Radhika was about to give it back but adi interrupted the two ladies,”Guys please if two beauties start fighting on this silly topics we will have a world war three in my studio,so please have some mercy on me.”
Adi gave a formal essential introduction of both the ladies to eachother thereafter….
Arpita, “So you are radhika,the queen of adi’s heart.”
Radhika felt odd when Arpita symbolized her as queen of adi’s heart….she wanted to clarify but then a mischievous thought made her grin…she looped her arm around adi’s bicep,”Well I don’t know about queen but I am the only person who could bend adi according to my will.”

Adi was dumbstruck after hearing radhika…. normally she never behaved like this but today she was actually sounding as if she wanted his attention only on her….
Radhika winked to adi and he understood that she wanted him to play along….
Arpita didn’t understood why this two stupid beings were cozing upto eachother infront of her,”So you people are dating eachother.”
Radhika smiled, “No we are in a relationship from last two years.”
Adi was controlling his giggle by bitting his lips but couldn’t help smiling at the confusion radhika created…
Arpita didn’t like the way adi was stealing glances at radhika…. her POV, “He lied to me that she never loved me and here she z openly admitting that they are in a relationship.”
Radhika could observe arpita’s angry eyes and was testing arpita indirectly… her POV,”I know you have feelings for him but you are not aware of your love for him….I should push you to confess…anything for adi.”
Radhika made herself comfortable on adi’s masterchair….she wanted to tease arpita and was enjoying every bit of arpita’s stonefaced in her presence….
Arpita couldn’t see them giggling and happily enjoying eachother’s company so she took her chair to the corner and started humming her lyrics but her jealous eyes not leaving them alone even for a second….
Arjun messaged radhika to come to his house in a hour so finally she decided to end this drama…..she didn’t wanted adi to listen to what she wanted to discuss with arpita now….
Radhika,”Adi can you please go and bring that colourful poppins for me….my tougue z itching to have them…please go and get now.”

Adi refused first but then obliged…he stood up and left to get her favourite Poppins…
Radhika glanced at arpita who was stealing gaze at her,”You love him,don’t you?.”
Arpita was tonguetied after hearing her accusation,”No we are just friends. ”
Radhika smiled, “Oh really???then why your eyes were burning in rage after seeing us together.”
Adi tried to explain,”No you are misunderstanding…adi loves you and only you. ”
Radhika replied stubbornly, “Tell me something I don’t know…. arpita I can see the love you have for him..I am not blind but you are behaving like a blind person…. I am married and there z nothing between me and adi except friendship….I will just say admit what your heart feels and you will get a relief.”
Arpita spoke in a pained voice, “He still loves you.”
Radhika took her hand in hers and squeezed gently….’But he only received pain from this love because I belong to someone else….he never shows but I know how much he gets upset after seeing me with the one I love…you know I feel if you don’t get the person whom you loved then atleast you should give chance to one who loves you only if you are not commited….I would have accepted his proposal if I was not deeply in love with my husband….haven’t you heard,strike the iron when its hot.’
Arpita was amazed after listening to radhika…. she was overwhelmed with gratitude…arpita hugged radhika, “whosoever your husband z,tell him he z very lucky.”
Radhika,”I am more lucky….you don’t know how many are behind him but he z mine and he knows it.”
Both the ladies didn’t had a good start but now got along like they knew eachother since last birth….

Radhika pressed the doorbell and her face bloomed with happiness after arjun opened the door…
She wrapped her arms around his neck,”So desperate to meet me.”
Arjun swept her off her feet and twirled while she kept on telling him to put her down,”Arjun my head z spinning now please put me down before I faint.”
He grinned naughtly,”Good I can take advantage in unconscious state.”
Radhika gave him a angry glare,”As if I stop you from doing whatever you desire.”
Arjun finally puts her down and pulls her to his chest,”Why are you wasting time in glaring at me.’he kisses her passionately even she responds with all love she has for him….
He speaks on her lips,”You taste so good…I so wish we do it every hour.”
Radhika blushes and hides her face in his chest while he laughs at her embarrassment….
Arjun lifts her and marches to his bedroom…he kicks the door shut and places her gently on the bed….he puts his hand inside her top and starts drawing patterns on her bare waist by his rough fingers…he tickles her near her bellybutton,’What do you feel when I touch you like this.”
Radhika, “Don’t ask me please. ”
Arjun giggles,”You want it as much as I want it but the difference z you won’t admit….Can’t wait to claim your virginity.”
She lowers her gaze and whispers his name….
Arjun,”Will give you many opportunities of taking my name or almost screaming it loud…that’s a promise. ”
He glances at her crimson red face and touches her forehead to his,”Can you stay for the night…if you want I will sleep on the couch.”
Radhika does not open her eyes but whispers,”On one condition….I want to sleep in your arms and you shouldn’t move out of the bed.”
He pulls her closer…radhika inhales his scent and drop her eyelids to slip in the deep slumber….
Arjun keeps on watching her face till sleep overtakes him…
Precap…Nesam fight….aradhika solve their issues… New challenges ahead….

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  1. Lakshmi05

    Superb update dear…Adi,radz n arpita’s scenes r too good..arjun n radhika r cute…waiting for next one…luv u..tc..

    1. Thanks darling?loads of love?stay blessed?

  2. JoAn

    How do I search for ur update?

    1. Just type Jannemaan in the search section you will c all the updates written on this ff….hope you find them easily…do let me know your views….

  3. Aasthu

    its nyc……………rads really was stupid……..rati ( rads arpita) beg was funny…….bt loved their bond…….ardhika…well u rocked my girl………..

    1. Thanks assthu sweety….glad to know that you enjoyed….loads of love and million hugs for you?

  4. Sammy

    It was awesome suppu …waiting for the next …radhika and arpita …best convo

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  5. Brin

    Awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next update ๐Ÿ™‚

    Supriya I posted rectify: manmarziyan part 1 to 7 and Nandini and Suraj diary if you have time please read ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Brin dear?you r a amazing support thanks for your encouragement….. yup dear will surely read rectify….actually I saw your update last night but I have not read any ffs since last night because was out with frds….loads of love?

  6. amazing episode

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  7. Suga

    Eeeeeeeeee loved rads n arpita moments ๐Ÿ˜€ enjoyed to d core ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ardhika am really in love with dis pair ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ loved it ๐Ÿ˜€ love u ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Thanks sweety?loads of love?stay blessed?

  8. Kavina

    I love it

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  9. Very nice dear…when Arjun will remarry rads…Arpita fell for Adi…wow…

    1. Thanks di?so happy to see your comment after a long time….where were you?….will update soon….love you…tc?

  10. Upasama

    hey dear i am new for this site .i can’t finf part 17 and 18 please help.i serch topic jaanemaan but not fund anything.only part 19

    1. Hii darling…. Scroll up assthu has post link of part 17 nd 18 in her comment…. click on that….do let me know your views….stay blessed?

  11. JoAn

    Thank u AASTHU ?โค

  12. Fantastic SUpriya ๐Ÿ™‚ Aradhika were so cute and romantic wow wow wow ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am waiting for Adi’s lovestory to start…and Manya…want to see what she does…missing you ๐Ÿ™‚ loads of love

    1. Thanks di?missing you alot dear….many a will be punished after two more updates….will text you tom sure….loads of love?stay blessed sweety?

  13. Jessie

    Oh.. this is awesome… loved it supriya.. ardhika moments?????waiting 4 Arjun n rads remarriage… Rads n arpita meet was well brought..Waiting 4 nxt one n thank u so very much for giving triple dhamaka… bear hugs dear…

    1. Thanks Jessie darling?I just hope I don’t disappoint you in future….thanks for your positives appreciation….loads of love?stay blessed?

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  17. Rg2015

    Hi supriya finally am Glad to c this one. I read all d 3 parts. And it was mindblowing and fantastic. I was thoroughly excited to read it. Now few questions. Last time u stopped at d point where arjun makes rads jealous … And their usual tashan starts…. Am right? I thought their game was on… Wat happened to tat game? Did I miss tat update some where? Just wanted to know.. Also will saral or Nandini b bac to taunt and hurt rads? As reference to Nandini was made?
    I loved ardhikas love and chemistry. It was fantastically potrayed. I know I pestered u a lot for this but I must say my wait was worth it. I loved it to d core. And thanks for updating 3 parts consequetively. It was mind blowing superb and awesome. Pls do keep updating this once a week. Thanks for updating. Cheers take care.

    1. Thanks Rg darling?was waiting eagerly for your comment….feeling very happy after seeing it atlast……sorry to keep you waiting for almost a month…. Glad to know that now you r not upset with me for updating late…..your comments always push me to improve my writing skills….m so thankful to you for this fact….now your answers…. Dear I didn’t had anything in my mind to write more on that game…..you didn’t missed any of my updates…..for now I don’t want to bring nandu in this one…..can’t tell abt future…abt the precap I have something else in my mind….saral z there in the story becoz I love to disintegrate him to the core?….no dear you didn’t pestered instead you reminded me to fulfill my promise to update soon….just demand don’t request….. won’t keep you waiting for too long…..loads of love?stay blessed?

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        Hi supriya thanks a ton for d answers. And d triple damaka.

      2. You are most welcome dear….

  18. Nice update Supriya loved it

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  19. Awesome, wowwww lovely marvellous episode….arpita n s meeting was so awesome n very spicy. ..but turned out to be lovelyyyyyy. ..I hope arpita make Adi fall for her soon….ardhika were fantabulous as always. ..kudos my sweeetheart. …I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh….keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™กโ™กโ™ก

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  20. superb episode yaar …………………. loved it to the core ………………… update nxt one soon ………………..love you loads and loads and loads ………….. tc ……………….and one more thing YOU ARE THE BEST

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