Jaanemaan Part 17 and Part 18

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Radhika was standing in her balcony and glancing endlessly at the beautiful moon…..cold breeze was hitting her body which made her shiver…..her teeth were chattering displaying how inappropriate her body temperature was….

It was raining cats and dogs outside….though she was feeling cold nothing stopped her from enjoying the first rain….
Radhika extended her hand to capture the water droplets and kept on splashing water on her face….she licked the water droplets drooping on her soft lustrous lips….today she was like a little bird who had waited for ages for the sky to send down the soothing showers to relieve a tender heart after the scrotching heat…..
She rubbed her palms to erupt heat to keep her away from falling ill….her POV, “The best time in the year z when I get drenched in the first rain.”

Radhika’s heart skipped a beat when she felt a strong familiar muscular hand circled around her thin waist….she rested her head on the person’s chest and whispered, “Are you really here?.”
Arjun made her turn and face him….he laid his hungry and greedy eyes all over her drenched body sticked to his….water droplets seeping from her wet hair….some traveling down her spine….he buried his head in the crook of her neck and licked those troublesome and naughty waterdroplets finding their way to her blossom tucked inside her kurti….she took in a gush of air to control a moan which was about to escape from her lips…..radhika stirred a bit but he held her close,tightening his grip on her waist….her fingers which were till now timidly placed on his shoulder were now intertwined in his soft hairlocks….He was as if under some spell caste by her kept on cuddling and touching her in the most loving way possible ever….he intertwined her fingers with his and brought them closer to his lips and kissed her knuckles sensuously….she could feel the heat generating from their bodies and warming her cold form…..radhika could feel his lips brushing against her collarbone though she had closed her eyes tight…his expert fingers finding their way under her thin material and touching her bareback making her cheeks turn red…radhika who was losing her control every second,unzipped her kurta thus giving him a better access to make it upto him….she was ready to give herself to him even if he had not expressed it through words but his other hand kept on holding her tangling dress covering her blossom from his own desperate gaze…..
Before she could realize anything, he had pulled her zipper up thus displaying how much his promises meant to him….

Arjun whispered, “I can’t wait anymore and I don’t want to do this before recalling our marital vows.”
Radhika cupped his face and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek,”I trust you more than myself.”
Arjun kissed her forehead and tip of her nose but didn’t capture her lips instead just rubbed his thumb over them….
Arjun smiled, “I can’t afford to break my promise and kill my conscience….I won’t do anything until we marry again….I won’t stop that day and mark my words,won’t let you leave the bed for atleast one month.”
Radhika blushed listening his naughty words and slapped him lightly,”Dream on Mr husband. ”
Arjun,”Dear wifey I just don’t dream I achieve my dreams and few minutes back you were ready to surrender and now you are flaunting this fake attitude.”
She raised her eyebrows and poked out her tongue….she escaped his grip and ran away before he could lock her in his arms again….
Neil had returned home finally but was terribly disappointed after finding manya infront of him instead of Sam….
He enquried about Sam but was displeased after being told that she was out with a friend for a dinner….

His POV, “I cannot believe this that Sammy didn’t even find it necessary to atleast inform me…..I thought we will dine together but she does not even care a bit.”
Sam was studying details of a property while sipping her hot coffee….her posture revealed how happy she was…she glanced at her friend sitting opposite to her….
Sam,”Just one word perfect…I loved this plot…I could fulfil Neil’s dream to build a magnificent hotel….nothing can go wrong now….thanks alot raj.”
Raj spoke,”I hope Neil z aware of the fact that how lucky he z to have you as his wife.”
Sam retorted, “No I am very lucky to have him….I cannot imagine my life without him.”
Raj smirked,”So can we sign the papers and complete the remaining formalities. ”
Sam tucked her hair strands behind her ear,”Actually not so soon….I need to see few more…I want the best for him and this z a surprise for his birthday so need to discuss this with our friends to put forth this in a grand way to make him smile wider.”
Raj was astonished after seeing this depth of commitment in her almond eyes….he kept his hand on hers,”I am sure Neil will love you more after knowing that you are fulfilling the dream he left midway.”
Sam,”All I want z just his happiness.”

Adi was practicing with his guitar humming few verses he had just composed but was not satisfied with his work….he lost his concentration when the door of his cabin opened with a thud…
Adi frowned,”Miss arpita can’t you just manage be little tender with my things.”
Arpita said sorry in the most innocent way ever by pouting her lips and enlarging her eyepupil….he was shocked to see the amazing resemblance of the the sight before him with radhika…. he just brushed away those thoughts and tried averting his gaze from her….
She came and sat beside him comfortably…. she started throwing her toes in the air to and fro….adi was takenaback after watching her cute tactics…. he remembered how radhika had the habit of throwing toes in the air and continously keep on changing her posture….
Arpita caught him staring at her feet,”Do you want my blessings.”

Adi started moving his gaze away from her displaying his discomfort…..
Adi,”I was just comparing you to someone… I know its wrong to mix up two separate identities but couldn’t help it because you have many similarities with her.”
Arpita in a curious tone,”Are you talking about your exgirlfriend?.”
Adi retorted,”No I am talking about my friend for whom I always had feelings.”
Arpita turned to face him and held her face in her hands and behaved as if he was a teacher who was discussing romeo juiliet…. She whispered,”Did you propose her atleast you would have admit your feelings.”
Adi smiled, “No I knew she was never mine and she knew what I felt for her but we thought its best not to discuss this.”

Arpita exclaimed, “Onesided Love!it z damn painful.”
He laughed at the way she said it….her enlarged eyes….pitying expression…pouted lips and not to forget her finger movements in the air disclosing how she could handle even the most crucial moment….first time adi was not in pain after talking about radhika infact arpita made him smile at her innocence rather than wasting his time in cursing his faith….
Radhika wanted dilip to accept arjun wholeheartedly so she decided to take significant steps to accomplish her new mission….

She pulled down her blanket and walked down from her bed to freshenup….
Radhika’s POV, “I have to do something to make papa think good about arjun and accept him wholeheartedly.”
Radhika dialled Arjun but unfortunately he was busy in his client meeting so his phone was switchedoff….
She felt irked because something very gratifying was cooking in her brains….she finally called up adi and discussed her plan with him…
Radhika, “So are you with me in this.”
Adi was worried,”radhu your plan z good and if we execute perfectly its sure to work but it has a risk of life….what if something goes wrong. ”

Radhika was adamant and remained firm on her words yet understood his consern….he was right it was a good plan but if handled incorrectly it can turn the tables on them….
Radhika, “Adi I know but life without arjun z worthless…. I want papa to hurry with our remarriage and that’s only possible when he starts thinking good about arjun….this z necessary and how long am I supposed to stay in my parents house.”
Adi tried to reason with her but she had the power to bend him according to her own will and finally he agreed about helping her….
This all was kept hidden from arjun because this two descendants of utter stupidity wanted their plan to look real….radhika couldn’t even imagine what arjun will do after knowing her plan….she was in great trouble though she knew it somewhere,but building up a cordial relationship between the two most important man of her life seemed more important to her than facing arjun’s anger later….
………………………………………………………………………Haste leads to waste…..Just because you are abpt for a good cause that does not mean haushpauch business z a right choice….Impatiency in any decision can bore disastrous results sometimes.

Part 18
Arjun was excited to meet radhika after a tiring day but he had no idea what’s going on in her brains….he stopped his car infront of her house and dialled her but was displeased after finding it busy on someother call….
Here,radhika was talking to adi not speaking but screaming on the top of her voice to persuade him to carry out their plan….
Adi who was standing in the parking took long strides to bring dilip and mala outside the house to give free pace to radhika to carry out her plan….he glanced at arjun who was leaning on his car and waiting patiently for radhika to come down…his POV,”Today will make you hero in everyone’s eyes.”
Radhika who was just waiting for her parents to step out of the house locked the door behind them….she sprinkled some amount of kerosene but also used some fluid to preserve the oxygen of the room….she kept the gas on to make it look real…

In about 15 mins everyone standing outside the house heard her cries for help….dilip became stiffened in one place and mala started crying and wailing for her daughter….
Radhika was unable to breathe because the fluid’s effect was reducing every minute… She had a plan to only lit the kitchen but now the fire was spreading…she stood attached to the wall terrified of the danger infront of her….she cried for help but was not sure that her voice was reaching them or not….burning flames were ready to gulp her down any second…
Radhika couldn’t take it anymore….her fear scared the hell out of her….she lost her senses and collapsed on the floor…..
Arjun broke the glass window and entered inside atlast to find the most scaring and tough situation of his life…. his heartbeat stopped for a second after watching his radhika surrounded by a ring of fire…he started sweating profusely and rubbing his palms to keep calm….
He jumped inside the fire without any further delay and covered her with a shawl….he lifted an unconscious radhika in his arms and took all the blows of the fire on himself,shielding her pure skin and not letting her get hurt at any cost…

Even he escaped without any burns just few bruises on his wrist for actually breaking the glass window to enter inside…
Adi who was hell worried about radhika was panting outside…. He wanted to go inside to save her but he had promised her that only arjun will save her….though this people had a backup plan because the kitchen had two doors and the second one directly lead outside…. But radhika fainted before escaping when she couldn’t take it and arjun couldn’t see anything but just fire so he failed to notice the other door…..
Adi who decided to break his promise and go inside heaved a sign of relief after seeing arjun carrying radhika in his arms….
Arjun walked to dilip and mala who were traumatized…. He assured them that radhika was fine now though he was himself not sure about this fact…..he had not only save their daughter but also the house which had the fate to burst in flames….

Doctor checked radhika’s pulse rate and assured them that she was fine now and this was the way her body reacted after panicking and fighting for breath….after sprinkling few drops of water on her face,she slowly lifted her eyelids to look at her loved ones….
Mala who was crying since she heard radhika’s cry for help hugged her daughter tight….she caressed her cheeks and kept on repeating the words silently that her radhika was fine now….
Dilip was griefstricken after watching radhika’s weak and tired form but radhika assured him that she z fine now and nothing bad can happen when she had arjun.”

Arjun who had showed commendable courage till now was disoriented now….his hands and feet were still trembling in fear that he experienced today….he was not even a bit concerned about his own life when he saw his radhika unconscious and surrounded by flames….he closed his eyes and a tear escaped to roll down his cheeks….
He buried his face in the palms of his hands and wept….he couldn’t take what happened today….arjun loved radhika more than his own life and after what he had experienced that today had made him weak to face her thereafter…..one thought kept on hiting his conscience hard,’what if something would have happened to her.’
Arjun was lost in his thoughts when he felt a fatherly hand on his shoulder providing him assurance….

Dilip handed him a glass of water which he gulped down his throat in one sip displaying how restless he was….
Dilip smiled,”I always thought you are not worthy of radhika but today what I saw that made me change all my views about you,son….you know a father always desires to marry his daughter to a man who loves her more than anyone could even imagine….. Everyone in this world z not this lucky like my radhika…you yourself can’t determine the depth of love you have for her….Today what you did for radhika that was beyond everything….I should have ignored your prior mistakes before then maybe we would have established a better relationship long back….I am sorry son.”
Arjun heart was sanking with the feeling of happiness after hearing dilip’s confession…
Arjun,”Papa you don’t have to apologize for anything I got what I deserved….your dislike was one part of the output of my sins which I committed….I knew you never hated me but was not impressed either….let’s start afresh.”
Dilip blessed him,”Son we all make mistakes but important z to compensate for them….if we all were that perfect than there would have been no difference between God and humans….I would just say that forget those memories in which you only got and gave pain.”
Arjun spoke in pained voice, “Some wounds don’t heal with time….scars always remain the same even if we try healing them.”
Arjun’s POV, “I can never forget my deeds maybe I will keep trying but I am not sure about getting a relief from this guilt….the most hurting wound which z nandu’s betrayal…it z still the same like it was that day when I discovered her truth….
Dilip,” Radhika knows to heal every scar and now I don’t want to keep you away from her….we will discuss about your marriage in the morning now we shouldn’t delay more.”
Arjun joy knew no bounds after hearing dilip’s words….he hugged dilip in excitement and promised to take care of radhika till his last breath….

Arjun entered radhika’s room and was surprised to find her feasting on chocolates….he walked to the bed and pulled her up to eye level by grabbing her shoulders tight….
Arjun screamed on the top of his voice, “Why the hell you had to show this unnecessary courage.”
Radhika was shocked to hear out his accusations….she thought that he didn’t know a thing about her plan but here he was actually leaving her dead shocked…
Arjun fumed,”You really thought I don’t know anything…..you underestimated me despite knowing who I am….let me remind you I am the same person who framed you in Maybelline account and I am the same person who broke your friendship with your bestfriend…..still you thought I wouldn’t know a thing about your stupid plan…..what if I would have not reached there on time….radhika you better speak up because you are fueling my anger by remaining quiet.”
Radhika was scared of him today because he was actually pressing her flesh and digging his fingers on her skin to hurt her purposely….tears started streaming down her cheeks as the blood started oozing out from where he had gripped her tight…
She started struggling to free herself but he was burning with rage after discovering that all the fire thing was her plan….
Radhika begged him,”Arjun please its hurting.”
Arjun replied hoarsely, “Let it hurt more than….you actually thought I would leave you easily after knowing that everything was an act….you played with my emotions and you deserve to get punished for the same so in future you don’t try anything like this.”
Radhika was about to explain him but he pushed her on the bed and walked out of the room and locked the door from outside…..
She kept on beating her palms on the the door pleading him to open it but all in vain….
Arjun answered her from outside, “radhika no don’t plead with me I am not opening the door till you confess that what you did was wrong…I am going out righnow I hope your peanut brains ignite the courage to confess your mistake till I am back.”
He latched the main door too and stepped out of his house to breath in some fresh air….
After about five hours he came back and unbolted the door….she was sitting on bed eying him with anger….
As arjun came closer to radhika,she started hitting him and cursing him for treating her like a prisoner but he remained unaffected instead he was enjoying her anger….he teased her more by giving her a naughty grin…..
Finally he clutched her wrist and pushed her down on the bed and came on top of her….he was not completely kneeling down on her but supporting himself by putting his all weight on his palms placed on the either side of her….

He touched his forehead to hers,”Are you scared of me.”
Radhika had closed her eyes as usual like she did everytime when he invaded her personal space….she whispered in a low voice,”Nahh I am not scared of you but you make me nervous. ”
Arjun left a trail of wet kisses on her forehead…. cheeks….neck….he whispered, “You could have said I make you blush red.”
He nuzzled his nose near her collarbone, “Why you did that.”
Though there was less anger in his voice but still it was intense and firm enough to send a chill down her spine….
Radhika who had closed her eyes tight while he was showering his love on her felt as if his question spoit everything…
Radhika fingers started playing with his hair which were still damp because it was still raining outside since last night….she ruffled his hair and made them all messy….
Arjun was irritated because she was not answering his question even after being asked several times…

Arjun caught her by her neck and pressed the flesh there…she winced in pain but didn’t removed his hand…
Radhika spoke in a broken voice, “If you get relief by hurting me than go ahead..I won’t stop you not even for a second.”
Arjun cupped her face and wiped those tears running down her cheeks,”I am sorry but that does not mean you get a escape from my question. ”
Radhika murmured, “Arjun what I did that was only for you….I wanted papa to think good about you and….before she could complete she felt his tears falling on her forehead…
Radhika got up and hugged him tight…she buried her face more in his chest and kept on pulling him more closer….
Radhika’s fingers started playing with his shirt buttons by rubbing them….he removed her hair strands tickling on her face….
Arjun smiled,” How can someone be this good.”
Radhika chuckled, “How can someone be this hot and mouthwatering.”
He blinked his eyelids wide after listening to her,”When you started being this shameless. ”
Radhika slapped him lightly,”Nahh the only person present here who z shameless in this house z you….I am so innocent like a cute tweety.”
Arjun invaded her lips and kissed her deep,”Can’t wait to have the immense pleasure of deflowering this Tweety.”

Precap….Nesam fight…aradhika solve their issues… Arpita meets radhika….Neil’s birthday celebration… Manya flirts with adi….New challenges ahead….

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