Jaanemaan (Part 1)


Jaanemaan means beloved.a person for whom you can give up your own life.a person who is the center of world.a person for whom you can go through any pain.this story is about a man who discovers love in his path of revenge but does not realize it till it goes away from him.this story will show his struggle to bring back his love his beloved in his life.

This story starts from radhika exposing nandini and leaving behind arjun and going back to rishikesh.Today he had lost everything his sister,his wife and even himself.Sitting in that darkness which he had used as a shield against each and every happiness.Today he had lost everything to his revenge.He was regretting for giving pain and suffering to the person he loved most.He just wanted it to end as a dream so that when he wakes up he will have his radhika beside him but it was the harsh reality and the most painful truth of his life.Radhika left him emty inside.Suddenly he got up with jerk walked to his room.he hurriedly opened his wardrobe to find that pink dupatta of his radhika which he had burned somedays ago and he also had burned his hand in saving it becoz he didn’t had the courage to see it burning.he clutched it close to his heart as if it was the only precious thing left with him in his deserted house.Today he decided that will improve himself.he will make himself worthy of radhika.He promised to bring his beloved back in his life.He will bear the consequences of his doings.He will claim what is his but before that he has to make himself a better person.

After 2 months
Standing infront of his mirror gazing at his image he smiled to himself.yes indeed he has set everything right by asking for forgiveness from Sam and her parents.but still he was not able to get over his guilt and he knew the medicine for this guilt.He was going to seek that medicine today.he was going to meet his radhika today.he promised himself to make her his today.

Precap: aradhika meet but new twist in story

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  1. Hi gud one plz continue. I do love ur analysis of the situation.

    1. Thank u for ur comment Rg …will continue soon dear..tc

  2. Wat is d new twist pls don’t separate aradhika plssssss

    1. Hi Gayatri thanx for ur comment don’t worry I will not separate Aradhika becoz they two bodies one soul…will update soon tc

  3. Excellent start, please continue with your story for tomorrow and make it long. 🙂

    1. Thanx for ur comment brin…will update soon..tc

  4. Hey Priya….it was amazing….pls update soon dear…

    1. Thanx for ur comment dear will update soon..tc

  5. Hey supriya ot was cool reading d 1st epi plzz continue

    1. Hey dev thanx for ur comment…will update soon

  6. U v talent buddy…i can sense it from ur analysis…nice one

    1. Thanx Rosie dear for appreciation..it means alot…will update soon..love u..tc

  7. hey dear super pa

    1. Hey sundari thanx for ur comment…will update soon

  8. nice one dear
    waiting for next one dear

    1. Thank u sooo much for ur comment dear..will update soon..tc

  9. Gud one sweetie….waiting for the nxt one eagerly…..pls dont seprate aradhika……pls????

  10. Ohh my sweet girl thanks for ur comment….aradhika will be together in the end don’t worry dear…tc dear

  11. Nice one Supriya 🙂

    1. Ohh di thanx for ur comment srsly it means alot..love u tc

      1. Supriya make Arjun suffer…and please update soon…its seriously a lovely start…keep it going 🙂

  12. u know supriya its just awesome. u should write further. I liked the real manmarzian then the extend form of manmarjian. go on…

    1. Hi ananya thanks for ur comment sweetie will update soon dear…tc

  13. supiya can I call u priya????? I loved it…..do keep writing…..wat s the twist you r going to bring??????????? plzz don’t make rads engaged to some1………..

    1. Hi aastha u can call me priya ..they do in my frds nd fmly and abt this ff don’t worry arjun will get his radhika back in his life..love u..tc

  14. Hi !!!! Ur ff was aaamaziiinnnnn …..l’m waiting 4 d twist….

    1. Thanx for ur comment Abbz will post soon

  15. That was 1 super kick-start!! Loved it!!

    Post soon.. Love you ??

    1. Thanx for such a amazing comment…will post soon..love u..tc

  16. Twist what was that

    1. U will know dear..will update soon..tc

  17. Hey supriya…. awesome start…… very deeply depicted…. am waiting for next episode… upload fast…. 🙂

    1. Hi Amy thanks for ur superb comment….will post soon..tc

  18. hi priya …. awesome please continue ……… eagerly waiting next one……….tc

    1. Hi subha thanks for ur comment dear…will post soon..tc

  19. Oh god! With the name i thought might be a ‘nonrelated’ to serial story. So I thought will surely read… But then i thought what if it is on swaragini? I will surely not read if I see out any of their name.
    Just as i opened it I searched out for name and saw nandiniand radhika… You cant even imagine how happy i got.
    Thank you so much for writing ff on mmz. And that too so wonderful

    1. Ohh my sweet girl I don’t like melo dramatic serials like swaragini m not a fan of it and abt aradhika I love them alot thanks for ur comment.. Will post soon..love u..tc

      1. Wow same thoughts .. Same pinch!!!! A tight one hehe… Keep posting

  20. It’s proved now…..that v guys are mad for a radhika…..now supriya too join us….

  21. Wowwww. ..loved it very very muchhhh. ….another ff on mmz…I’m very happy n feelings lovely. …nice start n precap very very interesting n exciting. …keep it up honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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