Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re Review: Interesting concept, but too many lacking points


Life Ok’s new show Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re presents a fresh concept, which leaves everyone pondering. The show presents a question. What if everyone choose the evil side than the angelic side? The show brings two different protagonists, who are poles apart. Nandu and Raju hate each other. They have their past to be revealed. Bitterness has entered their hearts which don’t make them accept any goodness.

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re

The show which premiered on 16 November 2015, stars Supriya Pathak, Vinti Idnani and Jatin Sharma in lead roles. Supriya’s character is not shown yet in the first week. Nandu and Raju’s over the top fights and rowdy language occupied more. Nandu is a traffic inspector, while Raju is a rowdy who troubles everyone in the Model town society.

Main Characters:

Nandini:jaane93 She is known as Nandu. She works as traffic inspector. She holds hatred for all the men. She has a bitter past and regrets for losing her mother. She hates her father Kishore for remarrying. Kishore left his first wife and two daughters. Nandu’s mother had died by asthma. Nandu holds Kishore responsible for her sorrowful life. Nandu resides with her Nani and sister Anjali. She has a good heart, but appears tough. Nandu can’t bear Raavan in the society and does arrangements to get rid of it.

Raju:jaane2 He is a rowdy, who does not work and earns plenty of money by beating people. Raju is the Bhai of Model town. He hates his father for getting addicted to wine, which ruined their family. Raju gets hurt to see his mother working as maid. His mother wants decent and honest earnings. She does not take Raju’s help. Raju has soft corner to his sisters. Raju and Nandu do not leave chance to fight. Raju hides his emotional side from everyone.

Raval:jaane8 He is builder by profession. He has built Model Town. He is mysterious and has hidden motives. Raval comes to attend Raavan Dahan. He spreads the fake fear in everyone’s mind about Raavan’s bad luck affecting Model town. Raval makes sure Raavan does not burn and removed. He hires a man in Model Town to make the society dysfunctional. Raval is responsible for all bad happenings in the society. He plans to make Raju leave, to get his work done easier.


Jatin Sharma as Raju
Vinti Idnani as Nandini/Nandu
Mihir Mishra as Raval
Supriya Pathak as Rambhateri

Story So Far:

jaane92The story begins in Model Town society, which is built by a builder Raval. The residents are from different walks of life. The neighborhood does not function right after the Raavan idol is brought for Raavan Dahan. Nandu is shown working as a strict traffic cop. Her equations with Raju are not good. Raju flirts with Nandu, and they both converse in rowdy language. Their arguments show their attitude and enmity. Raju expresses he likes Nandu and still insults her. He never misses a chance to hurt Nandu’s sentiments.

jaaneThe society has many people, who have chosen demon side in them. A man cheats on his wife. Bribing and corruption are commonly seen. Mishra promotes his little daughter to bribe people and take commission. People use all wrong methods to earn living. Raju beats up people and snatches their money. Raju hates every fatherly figure. He recalls his father’s drinking habit ruining his family’s harmony. Raju values money, as his mother works in other’s home for money. Raju’s sister Rashmi’s marriage is on the cards. Nandu’s sister Anjali has problems with her inlaws. Nandu does not let Rashmi go with her mum in law. She teaches a lesson to Anjali’s mum in law. Anjali has a good husband and inlaws. Anjali does not wish to even cook at her husband’s home and tells everyone that inlaws mentally torture her. Nandu does not want a bad marriage for Anjali.

jaane9At Raavan Dahan, Nandu and Raju shoot fire arrows. The Raavan does not burn. Raval tells them that its very unlucky if Raavan does not burn. He fills a doubt in everyone’s mind. Raju and Nandu try hard to remove the Raavan and fail. Raavan’s bad sight starts affecting everyone. Nandu’s father Kishore moves in Model Town with his second wife Komal and son Billu. Nandu reacts angrily and insults Kishore. Kishore sends off Anjali to her inlaws. Anjali informs Nandu. Nandu gets Anjali’s inlaws arrested on wrong blame. She gets Anjali back home. Kishore seeks Raju’s help in making Anjali withdraw the case. Raju scares Anjali of police. Anjali withdraws the case. Nandu gets to know of Raju’s step and yells on him. Raju beats Kishore for not being a dutiful father.

jaane10Rashmi tells Raju about her marriage preponed. Raju beats up tent house owner Gupta to make the arrangements done for free. Raju’s mother does not accept his help. Raju indirectly tries to help them. Rashmi misses Raju in her sangeet. Nandu gets Raju in sangeet by convincing him. Raju recalls his father teaching him piano in childhood. Both father and son play piano in the sangeet to make it a hit event. Raju and Nandu have a dance together. A mystery man is shown spreading Raavan’s fear. He plans to ruin the peace and spoil Rashmi’s marriage.

Our Take:

jaane91The story is good enough to draw interest. The leads are good in their act. Jatin Sharma as Raju looks very convincing as the rowdy. Vinti Idnani as Nandu has more to show up on her character. Vinti’s dialogue delivery looks tough on the tone, but has less impact. Jatin is graceful as the rowdy, with good impact dialogues and angry expressions. Vinti’s feminine side to tough Nandu is nice. The supporting cast is well cast. Mihir Mishra’s character Ravan will be gaining space in coming weeks. He is remarkable in his short role.

jaane1Supriya’s entry is yet to happen. She dons a powerful character Rambhateri. There are many lacking points in the storyline. Sometimes the scene comes soon, else it is disconnected to the previous one. The characters sketch is weak. There had to be more depth in bringing up distinction in characters and link their past. The mystery of Raavan is the only interesting thing in the show. To see Supriya’s character fight with evil and make Model town residents meet their angelic side makes a wonderful concept.


jaane6Life Ok always tries out new concepts. The channel gives chance to fresh talent. The try is notable. Good attempt and hope to see more good from the story. It has comic element in it. It can be fairly seen by audience who like comedy and drama genre.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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