Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu saying my heart failed me, I can’t keep friendship with you… I m in love with you. She sits down and gives roses. Raju asks what did you say, say it aloud. She says I m in love with you. She says it again in loud voice. She says I love you. Bairi piya…………plays…….. Raju kicks the roses high in air and Nandu gets stunned. He says I hate you, you insulted Rashmi, I did not say anything that time, I had to give you this punishment, you love me now, now your heart will insult you all your life, you will not fall anyone else. I reject your love. He goes. Nandu cries.

Raju imagines this and tells Raval that I will not leave Nandu. Raval says ruin Nandu by love. Raju says we will meet later and leaves. Raval smiles.

Its morning, Rambhateri

comes to gym. Everyone ask about Nandu. Rambhateri recalls Nandu crying, and says she is fine. Chanchal asks is this true. Rambhateri says whatever the truth, we have to tell Raju that Nandu is fine, she does not care about Raju’s words, she is very happy. Mishra likes the idea. Rambhateri says we will not tell anyone that Nandu is upset, I explained Nandu’s family too.

Its morning, Raju comes to model town and says where is my friend crying, I have come to see. Mishra laughs and greets Raju. He asks how are you Raju. Raju says I m fine, why are you happy. Dipika says you made us happy. Raju asks what. Mishra says you cleared your and Nandu’s relation, we are happy. Dipika says Nandu does not love you, you are just her friend. Raju hears music playing and asks them. Mishra says Nandu is celebrating, we are going there. Raju gets thinking and says I came here to see her sorrow, and they are celebrating, Nandu does not love me, how did this happen. Raju goes and sees Nandu dancing with everyone happily and laughing. They all dance on Sajne ve…. Raju says Nandu looks very happy, she did not care, it means she did not fall in love with me, and I m dreaming such things. How did this happen? He hits the window angrily. Everyone stop dancing and see Raju. Chanchal says there was someone. Nandu gets sad. Raju says I have to bring Nandu back on love track.

Raju goes to gym and sings. Rambhateri smiles and someone proved me wrong. He asks who. She says Raju… you proved me wrong, you were right, you and Nandu are just friends, you are lucky, when I told Nandu all this, she laughed and says Nandu can never love Raju. Raju gets shocked. Rambhateri sings Siya ram… and goes.

Raju sees Nandu’s pic and throws darts. Nandu still dances in the party. Raju says Nandu does not love me. Nandu gets sad and still dances. Raju says she loves me, I have seen it in her eyes. Nandu cries recalling Raju. Raju says you love me and fixes her pic at the dart. He says its not possible that you don’t love me, you have to love me.

Nandu goes to room and thinks they are making me party drama, this is not right, I don’t like this. Raju comes to her and holds her. He sees her crying and asks whats this. He says you are crying here, what is truth, that party or these tears, tell me friend. She says I don’t know.

He asks her why these tears, I will kill the person who made you cry, tell me who is it. She cries. He says I will punish myself if its my mistake. He aims at his head, and she gets shocked. He pushes her away. She looks on. he thinks now she will tell her feelings and waits to hear I love you from her. She says this is madness, don’t do this. He says if you are happy without me, then its fine. She worries.

Raju hurts himself and says I m walking on love. Rambhateri tells Nandu that Raju is risking your life and playing his game.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oh so that was dream
    raju plans backfire
    poor nandu
    raju is so desperate for her proposal and to reject her
    but it’s look like this is not going to happen soon

  2. I hope Nandu doesnt confess her love and Raju falls for her instead

  3. common people

    Perfect title for this serial ….jane kya hoga serial ka rama re ….flop serials making channel flop to ….i myself is saying i hav seen all serials where start is nice but den it is like foolish n idoitic ,meaningless ….dont drag story …get some spark n make heart tuoching story iit will short serial buts like bidaai n iss pyaar ko kya naam du part 1…..

  4. Hi… Exactly i hope Nandu will keep her Love as a secret and i hope she will see a tortured and wounded man, that Raju is, and she will turn him into a great person thanks to her Love for him….

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