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The Episode starts with Raju arguing with Nandu over Sunny. She says you have no rights on me. He says you have more objections after meeting best friend. She says you are seeing whats not there. He says you were college friends, what does best friends mean, how close are guy and girl, is there any limit or not. Nandu goes to him and says there is no limit, they get very close sometimes. He gets angry and holds her. Sunny calls her. She says its Sunny’s call, ask him how much your wife was close to him. He throws her phone and asks her to answer. She says you ask yourself, you love Nandu right, the Nandu you believed your wife, the Nandu you know since years, how close she can be with a guy, you don’t trust me and regard me your wife, answer yourself. He leaves from the house and says

useless drama, I don’t know problem is with me or world, my mind never stays calm, I have no work to do, I lost my job.

He hears someone and turns to see. He thinks he really heard someone, something is happening which is not seen. He sees that hooded person and gets shocked. He asks him to stop. Someone pulls that person and they both hide. Raju looks for that person and says hidden again, is he any ghost. He gets angry and goes home.

Sunny is the hooded person and Indu stopped him. Indu says I told you not do anything in hurry, he is Raju Kaushil, not anyone ordinary. Sunny says I would have not left him today. She asks him not to dare to do anything so soon. He says don’t make me coward.

Raju comes back to room and sees Nandu upset. He looks out of window. Sunny sees Raju and goes. Indu stops him and asks him to get saved from Raju. Sunny says then go to him and ask him to get saved from your son now. He laughs.

Its morning, Garima comes to Indu’s house and rings bell. She says maybe they went somewhere. Indu opens the door and says you came early morning. Garima says why are you breathing heavily, are you fine. Indu says I m your doctor and you are asking about me. Garima tells about puja and invites her. Indu says Shekhar and I will come. She hears some sound and says Shekhar is exercising. Garima says I was scared. Indu says why, Shekhar and I will come in puja, bye… Garima goes.

Rashmi tells Nandu about puja. Nandu says you look excited as Sunny is coming there. Raju says even you look excited. Rashmi says Raju talks nonsense, come on puja, Maa kept it for you both. Nandu says done. Rashmi goes. Raju taunts Nandu about Sunny. Nandu asks him to have some shame, Sunny and Rashmi are getting married. He says marriage did not happen yet. She says I pity on you, you don’t deserve that I act to become your wife, make some excuse, I won’t come. Garima and Rashmi smile and say Nandu and Raju are fighting like before, they did not realize they got married. Rashmi says their fights have romance.

Sunny calls Rashmi and flirts with her. She asks him to come in puja. He says its so sweet of Garima to personally invite us, but I m sorry, I can’t come, mum will come. Rashmi says you are joking right. He says Raju joked with me, I have win Raju’s heart too along yours. I don’t get it what problem he has with me, let me handle this my own way, it was unpleasant situation, I can react next time when Raju says something, for our sake, we should avoid today, I will talk to Raju, till then I can’t come there. He ends call and smiles. Indu says do as I say Sunny.

Garima sees Rashmi crying. Nandu hears them. Garima says no one will bear all this what Raju did. Rashmi says maybe its my bad fate, its not Raju’s mistake. She hugs Garima. Nandu thinks Raju has no mind and gets angry.

Indu goes to Garima’s house, while puja happens there. She says if any good thing comes in this house, after I come, no way, I will write Raju and Nandu’s bad fate and separation.

Raju asks pandit to start puja. Nandu comes with Sunny/. Nandu sits in puja. Raju gets angry and says this puja won’t happen now. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gud episode.. I don’t like this sunny and indu..

  2. Rambhateri needs to come back from her coma soon or else Raju will make Nandu leave forever by his crazy possessiveness.

    Indu and Sunny is very annoying.

    I feel bad for Reshmi as she is a such a sweet character, she deserves some happiness in this story.

  3. sunny starts plotting from now on …
    hope raju understand his real identity

  4. The show is getting ruined, its not making sense any more. Why this stalker Sunny coming back for revenge after 4 yrs? so stupid!

    I really miss nandu-raju chemistry, at least before they used to fight and joke around, now there are so much intense heat in their scenes 🙁

    Also, I miss the other model town characters.

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Without rambhateri show is going like ?????

  6. Spoiler-
    The secret intentions of Indu Talwar and her son Shekhar are out. The persons haunting Raju and Nandu are Indu and her son Shekhar/Sunny. Sunny was Nandu’s college friend, who was madly in love with her. By flashbacks, the past story will be revealed soon. Nandu has refused to his love proposal, and the friends parted. Sunny could not accept her rejection and turned psycho lover of Nandu/Nandini. Sunny has come back in model town with Indu to get back Nandini in his life. While Sunny is hot tempered, Indu suggests him many ways to break Raju and Nandu. Indu realizes Raju is over possessive about Nandu. She makes Sunny stick to Nandu in puja, which infuriates Raju. Raju turns mad in anger and starts doubting Nandu and Sunny. Raju calls off the Satyanarayana puja for newly weds, after spotting Nandu with Sunny. Things get worse when Sunny starts projecting Raju as the villain of the house, who is killing Nandu as well as Rashmi’s happiness by linking Sunny and Nandu. Indu and Sunny slowly create differences between Raju and Nandu to get them separated.

  7. Worst cast. Raju looks yuk.i want him to die.idiotic character

  8. really vinti idnani is quit the show

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