Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu recalling Raju. Raju looks at Nandu’s house and says I did not understand, Nandu is not reacting the way I wanted, the arrow did not hit the target, shall I aim another arrow. He calls Nandu and she answers call. He says he is known by his friendship. She cries and says we will talk later. He says I have to talk something important, since you and your friendship came in my life, something weird is happening with me, I m getting strange feelings, I m in problem. She says tell me. He says just you can bring me out of this, I….. actually I can’t tell this on phone, can you come in garden. She says fine, I will come. He thinks he has to see her heartbreaking sound and pain in her eyes. Nandu meets him. He makes her sit on the swing and says since you came

in my life, everything got set, I want to tell you, but leave it.

She says I have come now, I will know it, whatever you say to say, tell me. He holds her hand and says I m in love. She gets glad. Raju says I heard someone comes in your life and changes meaning of life, I did not imagine I will say this to you, that moment has come in my life. Nandu says that’s great, why are you worried. He says I feel I m wrong. She says its not wrong and smiles.

She says loving someone and giving importance to someone, these feelings has love. He hugs her and says thanks, don’t know how she came in my life and shows the girl’s pic to Nandu. Nandu gets shocked and moves back. Raju says I m talking about her, is she not beautiful. I have gone mad Nandu. She says she is very nice. He says I told her, if my friend likes her, then she will pass. Nandu cries and leaves. He turns and sees Nandu gone. He says now Nandu will hide her face at home and cry.

Nandu gets sad and recalls Raju’s words. Nani finds Nandu upset and Rambhateri comes to see Nandu. Nani says don’t know what happened to Nandu. Rambhateri says don’t worry, I will see her.

Rambhateri asks Nandu is she running away from herself. Nandu cries and says why will I? Rambhateri sees her crying. Nandu says I m proud of Raju to have friendship’s dignity, everyone has no work to say. Rambhateri says I told all that seeing it, I m saying now, that Raju is doing wrong. Nandu asks wrong? She says no, Raju is not wrong, you all are wrong, he did not say anything wrong, calling him wrong is wrong. Rambhateri says maybe he was not wrong this time, fine if you say, we were wrong. Nandu cries. Rambhateri asks her is she feeling like losing everything, you need this towel to wipe tears, a kerchief won’t be enough. Nandu hugs her and cries.

Raju meets Raval and asks do you drink in daytime. Raval says my night is long, day will come when model town gets vacated. You played with Nandu’s emotions well, great. Raju recalls Nandu’s blames and says see, once you make a fish get habituated to stay in water and then pull it out, then it will be like Nandu. Raval smiles and says I know. Raju says you did not see what I went through, Nandu blamed me infront of everyone, and you pity Nandu on that night which comes in my dream every night. Raval asks what night. Raju says black night of Nandu’s life, which is my dream and getting that is my passion.

Raju comes to model town and sees Nandu with bouquets and heart greeting cards. Raju walks to her and says I don’t believe in Lord, but today I looked at sky and wished that Nandu waits for me today. She smiles and says Nandu will say her feelings today. She gives him the card. Bairi piya………..plays…….. Raju tears the card and throws it. she gets shocked.

Raju says I want to hear your heart voice. She proposes him and says I m in love with you. He kicks the bouquet. She gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I love this serial, but I hate Raju….

  2. Super drama. Not a good episode in my opinion.

  3. I knew it. Raju can do that kind of insensitive thing. Really… He’ll definitely realise his mistakes. Waiting for that moment…

  4. Hi… Maybe i was wrong in my latest comment … Raju will broke her heart, she will hate him and then a new characters might be making His entry … Nandu would like this character, and this would create the beginning of Raju’s Love for Nandu … Only time will tell …

  5. I know,now nandu will change her look to revenge from raju.

  6. what’s this
    i am excited for precap

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