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The Episode starts with Raju waiting for Nandu in the room. Nandu come there with the milk glass. He goes to her and she goes away to keep the glass. She arranges the bedsheet. He says I have to show something to you. She says I should go now, I came here for Garima, she is fine now, I think we should tell her everything. He says not now. She asks why. He says we are husband and wife, we got married. She says don’t say this nonsense again, I don’t believe this marriage. He asks is this nonsense, you are my wife, I married you, you do bahu’s duty and scolds her angrily. He leaves.

Nandu cries and says I can’t lie more, I m done. Later, Nandu is disturbed recalling Raju’s words and gets up. She sees their marriage pics. She stops seeing some badge there. She checks it and smiles,

realizing Raju is doing security trainer job. She sees Raju sleeping.

Its morning, Nandu gets ready and looks for Raju. She thinks where did Raju go. She goes to check in gym and does not see him there. She thinks did he go for job. Rashmi asks Nandu to drop her to market. Nandu says sure, and looks around. Rashmi smiles and asks what happened, you look worried, its first day of Raju’s job, Raju is talented. Nandu smiles and recalls.

Raju instructs the students about mental power and physical power. Nandu reaches that place and smiles seeing Raju. Raju asks them to be fearless and throw their fears out. She holds her mangalsutra. Raju says tomorrow, we will talk about focus. He ends the class. A man sees Nandu and comments on her. Raju hears them and sees Nandu. He gets shocked. Nandu sees Raju looking at her and starts leaving. Nandu’s bike does not start soon. Raju goes to those men and starts beating them. Nandu gets shocked and angry seeing Raju’s behavior. The senior stops Raju and asks what are you doing, are you mad. Raju says he was commenting about my wife. Senior says you will kill someone here any day, I don’t want you here, get out. He takes back the badge and the job. Raju gets sad and recalls Nandu’s words. Raju goes to Nandu. He says it was not my mistake. She says I have seen everything, I saw badge at night and thought maybe you changed, but you showed the truth, move from my way. He says you should have heard the voices too, this is my truth, fine, if they say anything about you, I will kill them. He goes angrily. She gets sad.

Sunny comes to meet Rashmi. Garima asks him to take snacks. Raju comes and Rashmi introduces Shekhar. Sunny greets Raju and says I m Shekhar, you can call me Sunny. Raju asks him to sit. Indu says we can say that Raju recently got married. Sunny says congrats. Nandi comes and says I m so sorry, I got late. Sunny sees her and gets shocked. Nandu gets surprised seeing Sunny and identifies him. Raju sees Sunny staring Nandu. Sunny goes to Nandu and holds her. He says Nandini, I m seeing you after so many years. He goes to hug Nandu, and Raju stops him. He says its clear you both know each other, you maybe college friends, Nandu is my wife now, here men don’t hug other’s wife, its not your mistake Shekhar, its Nandu’s mistake. He puts her mangalsutra out, so that it can be seen.

Sunny says I still can’t believe this, congrats. He shakes hands with Nandu. Raju looks on. Sunny says we were very close in college Raju, I mean we were best friends. Raju asks when did you leave college. Sunny says 4 years. Raju says it means life moved on, we will also move on. Sunny says yes, I can’t believe I m meeting Nandu after her marriage, Raju you are very lucky guy to marry Nandu. Raju says we did not celebrate our happiness. Rashmi says its pleasant surprise. Indu says yes, its nice. Raju says we will talk about Shekhar and Rashmi’s marriage now. Sunny asks Rashmi to ask Nandu about him, she knows everything about me. Raju and Nandu see each other.

Raju asks Nandu about Sunny, was there any limit in friendship. She says there is no limit, we were close. He holds her angrily. She says Sunny is calling, asl him how close we were. Raju angrily throws her phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sunny is the new obstacle!! Omg .. Raju is very possessive. Nice episode.

  2. Nandu and Reshmi was my fav characters since the start of this show, but I’m liking Raju these days. He is trying so hard to change. I really want to see Nandu and Raju happy together. I felt
    so sad when Nandu didn’t wanTed to see what he wanted to show at night and then he loses his job. He is really trying to earn back her love and respect. I understand Nandu’s anger but she needs give him a chance.

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Woowooo raju possasive ho raha hai limit se jayda and sunny badla lene aa gya… plzz nandu ki maiya aa jaao help k liye..

  4. Raju is very possessive… This is not good.. He is hurting his wife… Although Raju loves Nandu but he doesn’t respect her.

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  6. Raju knows that Nandini heard the horrible things he was saying to Rawal and he still hasn’t really talked to her about that. All she can see is a person who conned her and broke her heart. She’s only human after all and she’s being compelled by society (and Raju) to play bahu in a house that she wants to run away from. Raju needs to learn how to control his temper before his enemies use it to take Nandu away. Other than that, I do love this serial. The acting is too good.

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