Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with police inspector seeing Raju angrily trying to hit Rambhateri. Raju says it was not angry behavior. Inspector says I have seen you Raju. Raju makes excuses. Rambhateri laughs and says he cares for me so much. Raju says world does not understand this. Rambhateri says yes Raju, I understand, so I decided I will not go anywhere. She asks inspector to check this paper, he has taken permission from all model town residents that I will stay with him in this gym. Nandu smiles. Raju gets angry and controls.

Rambhateri asks Raju to tell inspector. Raju says what shall I say, your love made me speechless. Nandu says now Raju gave her staying permission, no one can make Rambhateri leave, I was wrong, worry. She leaves with inspector. Its morning, Raju wakes up and sees

place cleaned. He goes out and meets Jaggu. He sends her to his home. Jaggu goes and offers help to Garima. He says I help everyone here. Garima says thanks, but Komal got a good proposal for us. Komal smiles.

Garima says I m getting good price, I have to sell home soon. Komal says I got Mr. Chopra, who wants house in 24 hours. Chopra gives 5 lakhs cash to Garima as advance and says deal is done. Garima takes the cash. Rashmi and Rajni look on. He asks Garima to sign on papers. Jaggu thinks to get this deal cancelled and takes Chopra to talk. Garima signs and Komal smiles. Jaggu asks Chopra to think well and give post dated cheque.

Nandu talks to Rashmi and says its bad you guys are leaving, did anything finalize, where are you shifting, I will come to meet you. Raju asks will you have omelet. Nandu gets shocked and asks when did you come and how. He says I came at night, I slept in your room, and says a fake story. She asks what nonsense. He flirts with her. He asks her to eat omelet. She scolds him. he asks her to make Rambhateri out of gym, else he will come to her house. Nandu says sorry, she has official permission. He says fine, we will have food here in your house.

She says you lost home and now your family is leaving too, deal is final, aunty is vacating home tomorrow, you won’t have anyone here. She taunts him and leaves.

Jaggu tells everything about Chopra to Raju. Raju asks where will Garima go to stay.
Jaggu says I heard they will stay in hotel and find a new house, don’t worry, party is genuine. Raju says I have seen a house already for them, I told you not to let this deal happen. Jaggu says I filled Chopra’s ears to give post dated cheque. Raju says if Maa does not have money then… Jaggu says then how will she stay in hotel.

Raju recalls Dev and sees his house. He goes inside and steals the cash. He leaves from there and comes to gym. He sees Rambhateri sleeping and hides cash. Its morning, Raju sees the truck getting loaded with the furniture. Chopra comes and gives the cheque to Garima. He asks for house keys. Garima looks at the keys and gives him. She checks the cheque and asks Chopra about post dated cheque. He says I told your agent Jaggu.

Garima says I want money today itself. He says I can give it after a month, sorry. Raju looks on. Nandu says you should have told before, this is cheating. Chopra says if you feel so, then this deal is cancel, return the cash. Garima checks for cash and does not get it in her purse. She gets shocked. They all try to find money. Chopra says now I can blame you that you all are cheating. Raju says don’t dare to blame. How much advance did you give? Your money won’t go anywhere, wait here. He goes to get cash from the gym locker, and does not get it. He gets shocked and checks all lockers.

Rambhateri asks Garima what happened. Garima says money envelope is not here. Rambhateri shows the envelope and asks are you finding this one. Garima and everyone look on shocked. Raju comes out and sees this. Garima says yes, its same envelope and takes it. Rambhateri looks at Raju and smiles.

Garima asks Rambhateri how did you get this envelope. Rambhateri says I have seen a man going in your balcony, I got this envelope from him, I did not know this had money. Raju scolds Rambhateri and asks why did she get money. She says to give to police and get you arrested for theft.

Update Credit to: Amena

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