Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rambhateri asking Raju to become Ram for Ram leela. Raju looks at her. She says if you become Ram, the model town will get afraid and become Ayodhyavaasi, lets start the rehearsals. Raju says I had doubt, now I m sure, you drink. She laughs and says this is called Ram Bhakti. He asks her to pray under Peepal tree, where beggar Kaka used to sit. He asks her to leave. She says you will look good as Ram. He asks is she mad, will she make a cat protect the milk? Nandu asks him to leave Rambhateri’s hand. Raju says I did not catch your hand, and argues.

He says Rambhateri does not know Ramayan, kick out this extra baggage when Ram leela will not happen. Nandu says Ram leela will happen, and Rambhateri will keep it. Raju says all the best, Ram ji will be shocked

seeing his Bhakt. Nandu says see my Leela, and shows Raju’s pics when he kidnapped Rambhateri. She says everyone gave statement that Rambhateri saved you by pressure. Rambhateri asks Nandu to stop it. Raju asks them to go from gym. Nandu says this gym is of entire model town.

He goes out and talks to a man. The man says I m broker, I came to sell Kaushik’s house. Raju says run away, two brokers died here, this house is haunted, Raju ghost stays here. The man gets scared and says I will not get this house and leaves.

Garima tells Rashmi that she wants to sell off this house soon, she wants to go away from Raju so that she gets peace. Raju is our bad fate. Rashmi consoles her and says we will wait to get a good price of house. Garima says how will we manage home expenses, ration ended, we don’t have money. They cry.

Nandu asks Rambhateri why did she get her box here. Rambhateri says I will stay here. Nandu says no, Raju won’t change, how did you forgive him. Rambhateri says she is trying this to keep an eye on enemy, she has to be here for Ram leela, she feels Raju will become big hurdle for Ram Leela.

Jaggu gets better and lies down knowing Raju is coming. Raju asks ward boy how is Jaggu. The ward boy says he is unconscious. Raju checks the dustbin and gets cigarettes. He holds Jaggu’s hand and says you were not so bad, that I don’t regret on your death, do something good when there is no hope. He acts to call Raval. Jaggu hears him. Raju says I came to meet Raval, but they said there is no hope, don’t tell Rohit, I m thinking to donate Jaggu’s eyes and kidney, heart and liver also.

Jaggu acts to get conscious. He asks where am I Raju. Raju says yes, I gave you this dose, tell me what were you doing at Komal’s house. Jaggu recalls Raval’s words. He lies that he went by mistake, I was discussing project with Komal. I have doubt on… Rambhateri. Raju gets shocked. Raju asks him to give statement in police that Rambhateri locked him. Jaggu says no, don’t ask me to do this, I don’t want to give any statement. I got fine now, there is no need. He runs.

Raval makes a drink and says Rambhateri…. And Raju.. they should be away. He burns the wine and says this mom son should never know their relation. Jaggu comes to him and falls in his feet. Raval asks what are you doing here. Jaggu says let me be here, I m safe here, I got conscious today, I want to work for you. Raval says whom do you feel tried to kill you… Jaggu says you made me wait in Komal’s house, maybe Rambhateri locked me in that house and see what happened. Raval thinks Jaggu does not doubt on me. Jaggu thinks I know Raval tried to kill me, now see what I do. He tells Raval to beware, Rambhateri is same woman whom you sent jail, she has become sharp and knows laws well, she is not in your and Raju’s control.

Raval calls Raju and tells him what Jaggu said, Rambhateri tried to kill him, she is very dangerous, we did mistake to give her permission for Ram leela, I have you an offer, and just 3 weeks are remaining, end this Ram leela and don’t let Rambhateri get inside model town.

Raju comes to gym and sees Rambhateri. She says you have come son, you got late, will you have apple. He gets shocked and asks did you change everything here. He scolds her and asks her to leave. He threatens to hit her. Nandu brings police there and asks inspector to arrest Raju.

Garima says finally we are going away from Raju and this house. She cries. Raju works out in gym angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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