Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu going to the gym, thinking why is my legs going this way, I shall go home. Raju works out and says I m here, whom your eyes are finding. She says nothing like that, I m just walking. He looks at her and asks her to lower her heartbeat volume, he can hear it. She turns and sees Raju coming towards the gym. She sees Raju she was seeing in gym was her imagination. She smiles and gets thinking. Raju comes there and asks what. She is unable to say anything. She says I came to meet Rambhateri. He says fine, but did I ask, its fine, if you said generally. She says yes. He says maybe you came to meet me. She asks why will I come to meet you. He says it had many meanings. Everyone stare at Nandu.

Nandu thinks to leave fast. Raju comes calling her and makes Nandu

realize that she is using his bike. She sees his bike. He says you are taking my bike, you could have asked for keys. Everyone smile seeing this. Nandu says you mean you don’t care its mine or your bike, great speed friend, take the keys. She says no, and goes to her bike. She sees her bike washed, and recalls telling that to Raju. Raju says this happened with me last night, I loved your bike and took bath with it, see bike is happy and glowing having bath with me. Nandu thanks him. She sits on her bike.

Raju reminds what he told her. She asks what. He says be careful, else she will fall in love. she leaves and stops as she hears Raju calling her. She asks why did he call her. Raju asks what happened, did anyone hear my voice. Raju says I did not call, I think you are on next level. Mishra says Raju did not call. Chanchal says Nandu is in love before Raju and they laugh. Komal smiles and comes to Raju. Raju calls Nandu and she does not turn. Raju tells them that Nandu thinks I m not calling her, and she is hearing herself. Komal says she has fallen in love. They all tease Nandu. Raju smiles. Nandu races and falls along the bike. Raju runs to her and asks are you fine. Nandu gets up and says I m fine. They all laugh and say Nandu is in love. Raju asks Nandu does she have any hero in her office. Nandu sees them and says my heart is with me, you all are just seeing love everywhere, I have to go on duty now. Everyone smile. Nandu leaves.

Dipika says if Nandu turns, there is love, else not. Komal says she will turn. Raju says I will turn that side, and see Nandu will turn to see me. They all see. Nandu turns and they all laugh. Raju smiles and turns to see Nandu. Bairi piya…………..plays………. Raju waves to Nandu. Raju says stop pulling Nandu’s leg now, drama is over. Chanchal says strange, when will you say yes now. Raju says it was just a joke. Mishra says its love. Raju scolds them and says there is no love, I really felt its joke, you all got mad to think this. Komal says Nandu and Raju are good friends. Raju says every girl turns seeing a guy. Komal asks Raju to relax. Raju says Nandu is my friend, we are just friends, its not love, don’t spoil our friendship, understand this, don’t add any spice now. Komal says calm down now. Raju goes to the gym. Rambhateri was seeing all this and asks why are you doing this, tell them you are joking.

He asks what joke. She says don’t joke with me. He asks what did you mean. She says we both know, and Nandu also knows that you love Nandu a lot. Raju says you are mistaken, there is nothing like that, we are just friends, there can’t be any love. Rambhateri smiles and says you have seen Nandu loves you. He says I m going out. She laughs and says I m not blaming you, whats wrong if you are in love. He says there is nothing, we decided we are just friends. She says what is my eyes seeing then.. He says I told you get eyes checked by doctor, there is nothing, see Nandu has come, I will clear it, wait.

Raju goes to Nandu. She smiles seeing him, and recalls their moments. Bairi piya…………plays…………. He asks how was your day, are you fine, you fell in morning. She says I m fine. He asks everyone to come, and hear it from Nandu. He says Nandu tell them what is between us. She asks why. He says tell them, they feel we love each other. She says we are just friends. He says its cleared. They think we really have something, they were laughing. We are just good friends, we can’t fall in love. Rambhateri looks on. Komal comes to them. Raju thanks Nandu and asks her to take rest. He goes with Komal. Nandu recalls his words and gets sad.

Rambhateri says Nandu is happy and whistling… Chanchal asks really? Rambhateri says whatever the truth, we have to tell Raju that Nandu is very happy after what Raju told her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. good one

    first time rambhateri is not understanding something
    later will regret

  2. Hi … Yes i completely agree, Rambhateri has always been aware of everything … TilI now 🙁 i think Nandu will first fall in Love with him ; then He will break her, and then she will hate him again ; and then He will fall for her … Let’s see where this lovely Love story will take us 😉

    1. yeah
      we will wait for that
      exactly same is going to happen

  3. I yhink Nandu will comfess her love then Raju will breck her heart but when he will know the molestation plan & that man was sent by Raval he will regreat to Nandu & fall love with her but she will hate her.but I loved their chemistry the way they hate & love each other

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