Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju talking to Nandu. He says I slept at night, what did you do with me. She says I was hammering on your head, and postponed my plan. Rajni and Rashmi tease Raju. Raju asks why do you guys wake up so early, I wanted to sleep till late and you guys made a market here. Nandu says staying at home does not suit you. She gives tiffin to Rajni. Raju says what shall I do, if I like night more than day. Nandu asks him to get friends with owl and bats. She asks him to take bath on time. Raju asks Rajni not to side with Nandu. Garima says stop fighting now and smiles. Rashmi tells Raju that Nandu did all the work today. Raju says so what, you have to do all the work at Sunny’s house too, its common sense.

Raju asks Nandu why is she publicizing, everyone work at home.

Nandu says right, by the way, what work does Raju do, like I do on duty and others do duty, Raju does not do anything. He asks are you ashamed to marry me. She says there is nothing to be proud of. She goes. He thinks of her words. Raju sees her leaving.

A man says I wish I got such working wife, I would have slept for long hours. Raju gets angry and holds his neck. His wife says maybe he joked, leave him. she takes her husband. Raju says my mood got spoiled in morning itself. He checks newspaper and sees an ad for trainer.

Raju goes to that place and sees people exercising. The man asks Raju what is he seeing. Raju says I have seen your ad. The man says we train security guards, can they train them. Raju says I will train such that they secure the area. The man says you are confident, you have to give test. Raju says I can’t give any test, fine, thanks. The man says this is not school test, and calls security. Raju says this test, I m topped of this subject. Two guards come there. Raju fights with them.

Raju sees the hooded person there and gets shocked. He runs after that person. The person runs inside the jungle. Raju looks around. The man comes and Raju turns to beat him. The man asks what happened, are you alright. Raju says when we were standing there, did you see any black coat man. The man says no, you maybe mistaken, come with me to do formalities. Raju thinks who is it, I don’t know who attacked Nandu that day, I have to find out.

Raju sees the footmarks there and thinks its strange, is that of that person, I have to find out. The man hires Raju as the training officer and gives him badge. He asks him to join from tomorrow, but remember security work is of responsibility, everyone trusts us, whoever is taking our service. Raju says don’t worry, your trust won’t break. The man says come on time tomorrow. Raju looks at the badge and recalls Nandu’s words. He smiles.

Rashmi and Rajni set gifts for Nandu and Raju. Rashmi says Raju and Nandu will like this surprise. Rajni says Nandu’s pics got lost. Rashmi says where did that box go. Garima says don’t know, just Indu came today. Nandu comes and they all smile. Garima says we will have lunch together, freshen up and come.

Nandu sees a gift on the bed. She sees Raju and her marriage pic. She recalls her marriage. She gets more pics and sees more of Raju and her pics. She smiles recalling those moments. She says whats happening to me, my heart can’t melt for Raju, I have to be strong, I have to leave from here soon, else maybe I can’t go ever. She cries and asks Lord to help her. She thinks what to do.

Indu comes home. She asks driver to be careful and get the items inside the house. Raju comes there and says I came to meet you. She asks what happened, I met Garima, is everything fine. Raju says yes, I wanted to return your favors, you did not take fees and sent medicines, I will pay money. She asks why are you worried about money, I don’t want money, I have sent sample medicines, we doctors get that for free, I got good neighbors, what else I want, after meeting Garima, Sunny and Rashmi’s relation talk is going on. He says I mean relations and money should not be mixed, relation is not fixed now. She says it will be fixed, my heart says, come and have tea with me. He says no, I have to go. He collides with driver and the boxes fall. Indu gets tensed seeing the big shoes. She scolds the driver. Raju stops and sees the shoes. He picks the shoes. Indu stops him and says its shoes, why will you pick it. Raju asks driver to be careful. He greets her and leaves. Indu goes inside home and checks those shoes with skull marks, as she is the hooded person.

Nandu looks for Raju and says did he go for job. Rashmi asks her is she worried, its Raju’s first day at job today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow… Finally, Raju got job. Hurrey… My cousin always use to tease “Raju is a vasuliwala”. Now I’ll say he’s a training officer. HAHAHA..

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Slowly slowly raju and nandu ki love story start ho rehi hai, as now raju is start working, he is behaving as protective husband and same goes for nandu as she is start behaving as wife…
    But y this indu creating so much suspense…

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    I wish life ok ke sare shows mon to sun aaye as they have better story than other channel shows…

  4. Behind every successful man there is a woman… only Nandu can guide Raju to be better than he can be. I really enjoyed today’s epi. Wonderful couple.

    Indu is very creepy

  5. Fahad Ali, who won hearts as K.D. from Channel V show ‘Buddy Project’ and was last seen in Sony Entertainment Television’s daily soap ‘Muh Boli Shaadi’ is now all set to enter ‘Jane Kya Hoga Rama Re’ on Like OK. Fahad will be seen sharing screen space with Supriya Pathak and the main lead Jatin Sharma.

    Confirming the same Fahad says, “I will be playing the role of Shekhar. Shekhar is the guy who will return to India after his completing studies in UK.” Adding further he says, “Yes, it took me a while to come back to TV as I was waiting for a good role. I hope I get the same love and affection from my fans and the viewers of Jane Kya Hoga Rama Re like I got as KD in Buddy Project. And it feels great to share the screen space again with my buddy from ‘Buddy Project Jatin.”

  6. Hi. Wow such an AMAZING and interesting story that goes better and better with time … Hope Raju and Nandu’s relation will continue to strenghten episode by episode till infinity …

  7. I miss Rambhateri. I hope she comes back soon to help Nandu understand that Raju has really changed.

  8. plz update today’s episode…

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