Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Nandu giving tea to Rambhateri. Her mood is off and she is angry with Rambhateri. Rambhateri asks her to speak up. Nandu asks why did you save Raju, I m sure he has done that with Jaggu. Rambhateri says no, Raju did not do it, he felt I have done this, so he kidnapped me. Nandu asks do you agree, then why did you stop police. Rambhateri says look, Raju and I did not attack Jaggu, then who did it. It means there is someone in model town, who is behind all this and not seen, the answer is Ram leela.

She says Ram leela will solve everything. Nandu says but what about Raju’s punishment. Rambhateri says Ram leela, Ram ji will do Raju’s justice. She smiles. Nandu comes out and Raju holds her. He flirts with her and says you are mad about me, I know, I will give

you my heart for one year, get all frustration out. Nandu asks what, get lost. Raju asks her not to be scared and taunts her. Nandu says you should have been in jail, everyone knows you kidnapped Rambhateri.

Raju asks is this any secret and declares that he has kidnapped Rambhateri. She says you are not freed, I will trap you. Raju teases her. She scolds him. He says Rambhateri understood me and is scared of me. Nandu asks what nonsense. Raju says Rambhateri learnt a lot from me, you got me arrested, but think Rambhateri took case back as she knows my grasps are like octopus, learn from her. Nandu asks him to think about himself, someone will come to treat him, sorry, that case did not get over till now. He says you talk a lot. She says I m always right. He says I will go left then. They argue. Bairi piya……………plays……………

Rambhateri goes to temple and is glad seeing ladies praying. Komal taunts her for lying about her kidnapping. Komal says you took Raju’s side and will you do Ram leela here. The ladies says you broke our heart and they leave. Garima comes to Rambhateri and ask her to say, she wants to know why did she save Raju. Rambhateri says I m finding goodness in Raju, everyone has some goodness. Garima says I did not find any goodness in him, he is Raavan. Rambhateri says I see Ram in him.

Garima asks her to get her eyes right, you came here some days ago, but he is spoiling my happiness, I m tired of him, as Raju is not my son. Rambhateri is shocked. Garima cries and says my husband was adamant to keep Raju, and it ended with Dev’s death. She leaves. Rambhateri sits praying and wonders about Raju. She says I want to revive Ram in him, help me Lord.

Raval asks Raju to know enemy power, but honestly Rambhateri is failing us, she is stranger woman and agreed everyone to have Ram leela, when Jaggu opposed, she tried to kill him, Jaggu is unconscious in hospital. Raju says I did not understand this. Raval asks who came in godown, whom did they attack, maybe attack was on you, Rambhateri was in jail for 10 years. Raju says no. Raval says think why did she save you from getting arrested. Raju says she attacked herself this time, everyone is annoyed with her, no one is interested in Ram leela. Raval thinks to keep enmity between Rambhateri and Raval, so that they don’t know they are mother and son. He asks Raju to kick out Rambhateri from model town.

Raju comes to model town. He sees Rambhateri waiting at his gym. He asks why did she come here. She laughs and says you are confused thinking what to do with me, you kidnapped me and then left me. He says no use to understand, no one is interested in Ram leela. He says yes, I lied for you and people went against me. He says I m not of anyone, and model town is also not yours, you came from jail. She laughs and asks whats model town for you Raju…

She says I heard Kaushik family is not related to you. Raju laughs off and says you also knew it. Rambhateri says yes, its clear now. He says yes, its true, that family is not related to me. She says talk slowly, I won’t tell your sisters, as you don’t want them to know, our story is same, we don’t have anyone in model town, we both are here are uninvited guests. He says I make my rights there, Rashmi is my sister, I m calling her sister since 16 years, I called Garima my Maa, she will be my Maa. Rambhateri looks on and says Garima also wanted Ram leela to happen, if he is your son, you will fulfill it. Raju asks her to keep it, what shall I do. She says make Ram leela happen in model town. He asks how. She says its very easy, become Ram of this Ram leela. He looks at her.

Raju asks Rambhateri to stop interfering in his life and leave from here. Rambhateri shifts to Raju’s place and tells Nandu that its important for her to stay here, as her heart says Raju will become a big hurdle for their Ram leela.

Update Credit to: Amena

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