Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu telling Rambhateri about her strange problem, how to handle Raju. Rambhateri says its common problem of teens. Nandu asks why did he get after me, there are many girls. Rambhateri says it can happen with any face, its without any logic, it happens even if you say no, it happens when it has to, did you both plan to stay in opposite homes. Nandu says no. Rambhateri says Lord did this. Nandu says Raju is my friend, I don’t want to hurt him, but… Rambhateri says this but is important, heart gets friendly and falls in love. Nandu says but I can’t fall in love with Raju. Rambhateri says good, every person tells this when they fall in love, once heart goes out of control, you will know. Nandu says I will be in my control always. She goes out thinking of Rambhateri’s

words, and falls down. Raju runs to help her. He asks her to hold friendly hand and takes her to drop her. Dipika and Chanchal see there and say something else is going on, its love from both sides.

Nandu gets leg sprain and says there is no dinner, I m feeling hungry. Raju comes from window and asks will you have Chinese. She gets shocked seeing him and gets hurt. He says sorry friend. She says I have door at home, why did you come by window. He says your Nani is not at home, you can’t come there to open door, I was in tension that Anjali and Nani are not at home, so I got Chinese for you. He asks her to apply ointment. She is unable to apply. He says I will do friend and applies ointment to her feet. She looks at him and smiles.

Raju sees her smiling and she looks other way. He says pain will go, ok good night friend. She thanks him. music plays………. He says no thanks in friendship. She says fine sorry. He says not like too. She asks him to get lost. They argue and smile. He leaves. She smiles and recalls Raju. She imagines finding Raju in model town. Raju stands far. Gerua song……………plays…………… they see each other and smile. Nandu runs to him and hugs him. She asks where ddi you go. He says I was here, near you, I was afraid friend, be careful. You may fall in love. she says she is in love now and does not care if she falls. They hug. Bairi piya…………..plays………… Nandu wakes up from her dream and says no, never, I can’t love Raju.

She drinks water and says its okay, it was just a bad dream. She switches off lights and sleeps. Its morning, Nandu gets ready to go for work. She sees Raju in mirror. He asks her to keep hair loose, and flirts. He disappears. She says day dreaming, there is something wrong. She goes to her window and looks for Raju. Dipika and Chanchal see Nandu staring at Raju and smiling. Raju turns to Nandu. Nandu turns away. Nandu waves him. Mishra says see, I told you, its all clear now, fire is on both sides. Dipika says I think Raju has more fire ignitied. Chanchal says even Nandu. Nandu goes to her room and says foolish, why did I see Raju, what will he think about me, why am I so conscious, let him think anything, it was a dream, not a reality.

Chanchal comes to Nandu and asks for sugar. Nandu drops the sugar bowl and picks it. Chanchal asks are you fine and follows her. The sugar falls. Chanchal asks are you really fine. Nandu says yes. Chanchal says when things fall from hands, heart is somewhere else. Nandu says my heart is with me. She gives bowl and it drops. Nandu says my heart is with me, okay…. Chanchal says I can see, everyone is talking about you and Raju, love stories, is there anything between you and Raju. Nandu asks what. Chanchal says love. Nandu says what, there is no love, we are just best friends, tell everyone to stop this, you also stop this, else this sugar will turn into salt. Chanchal says no, I wanted sugar, I got it and leaves.

Nandu says they all talk anything, useless people and gets hurt by the chair. He sits and asks whats happening today, things are falling from my hands, I m falling too. Raju comes and greets her. Nandu holds her head and says again same dream, don’t come again, go. He asks when I come again and again. She looks at him.

She sees him well and asks did you really come. He asks how to come without really coming, don’t get unwell friend, everyone is saying Nandu is looking towards gym again and again, so I came to ask you, is there any work. She says no need to trust them. He says fine, like duty hours, is there friendship hours too, to keep friendship for few hours and then act rude, I will leave. She says sorry. He says tell me if there is any work, I will get stars. She says enough of your timepass, go. She shuts the door and recalls Chanchal’s words. She gets worried.

Nandu says I don’t know why my legs are going that way, I will go home. Raju says I m here whom your eyes are finding. She dreams Raju and thinks what is happening.

Update Credit to: Amena

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