Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu recalling Raju’s love confession. She comes home and Raju makes painful sound. She asks what happened to him. He thinks its his plan and says whatever happened was wrong. She says yes. He says I m saying same, is it big crime to keep my feelings infront of my friend, now you won’t look at me, was just sharing my pain. Music plays……….. Raju asks her not to feel bad if he confessed his feelings. He says I can just admit my mistake. He cracks jokes and Nandu smiles saying what a weird example, pathetic.

He says yes, guy has to get down if its about friendship and love, but example was right. He talks in flirty style and holds his heart, saying he stored his feelings back in his heart and locked it. Nandu says fine. He says now we are just friends.

She shakes hands and says best friends. Rambhateri comes there and smiles seeing them shaking hands.

She asks will they have groundnut. Raju and Nandu get shocked seeing her, and leave hands. Rambhateri says this has iron, you got much hurt Raju and getting desi treatment, have this as iron tablet. She asks Nandu about her doctor role. Nandu says actually, I was taking him to hospital, then I thought if model town people see him hurt, they can be afraid and upset, so I was helping him. Rambhateri says they all could be angry if anyone is hurting Raju, I think Raju should come out and enemies should know we all are with Raju, we will do what they want us not to do, you both got friendly. She laughs. Nandu and Raju say a strong friendship and shake hands. Rambhateri sees Nandu crying, and asks her to wash her face, she got tears.

Nandu asks Raju to see the tears, its of happiness. Rambhateri hugs Nandu. Raju thinks Nandu count your tears now. Everyone start preparing for Ram leela. Rambhateri asks them to do rehearsals. Everyone ask how to do rehearsals without Ram ji, that’s Raju. Rambhateri says its all Ram ji’s leela, look there. Raju comes there in style. Rashmi smiles seeing him. Raju asks what are they staring, I know I got more smart. They askl where was he, everyone was worried. He says I know you all love me, except one. Rashmi hugs Raju and asks where were you. He says I went to do some work. She asks about wounds. He says its hardwork and labor gets hurt, don’t worry. He says everyone is asking questions, will you not ask anything. Rambhateri says I want to ask, shall I? Raju says yes, ask. Rambhateri asks shall we start rehearsals. He says this is your command, not question.

Raju and Nandu say the Ram-Sita lines and do rehearsals. He says sorry, as he touches Nandu. Nandu asks why sorry. Raju says you may misunderstand. Rambhateri says its looking as if Ram ji is talking to Vishwamitra, not Sita ji, see how is infront of you. Raju says Nandu, my best friend. Nandu says I m Sita ji now. Rambhaterri says you are Ram, she is your wife. Raju asks what are you saying. Rambhateri says husband used to hold his wife with love and talk with emotions. Raju says I will try this time.

Raju touches Nandu and holds her, and says sorry. He says the lines and says sorry every time he holds her. Bairi piya……………plays…………. Nandu pushes him. Raju asks what was this, is Sita ji like this, she spoiled my feelings, this is not fair. Rambhateri says I have seen it, you become Ram. Raju says I will convince my friend and goes to Nandu. He asks what happened. Shea sks why are you behaving like this. He says you became Sita, so I was behaving like Ram ji. She says something happened to you. He says I told you, I can express it and gives her a rose with love. She throws the rose and crushes it under her feet. He says it was friendship rose. She goes. He thinks that Nandu has to fall in love with me.

Raju complains that Nandu is not being Sita. Nandu says you get Ram’s feelings, I will get Sita’s feelings. Raju says I will try with Komal, then we will see. Komal holds him and takes her. Nandu asks him to go to Komal’s house. Raju says why to go home, we will do in open, I will adjust with her. Rambhateri smiles and says don’t know about Ram leela, but Ras leela is surely happening. Dipika says Raju said Nandu became her best friend. Rambhateri says its love. Chanchal says they are fighting. Rambhateri says love has fights, they both will have strong love. Nandu gets jealous seeing Raju with Komal.

Rambhateri tells Nandu about love. Nandu asks what is this. Rambhateri says heart gets friendly and then falls in love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ufff…. What’s going on??? Full love- jealousy drama. And Raju ko practice karne k liye ek akeli Komal hi mili wo bhi Nandu ki step-mom. Aaj ka update padh ke lohri wali scene yaad aa gayi. Wish dono ko genuine wala love ho jaaye.
    Nice episode….

  2. Great episode…good to see the old chemistry back. Nandu looked so cute getting jealous. 😀

  3. rambhateri is all set to make them one
    hate that komal , now jealous sequence will start
    raju is trying all tactics . its all of a sudden hate fight friendship and love . how fast
    missing there previous fights
    good epi

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