Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu getting police inside. Raju and Rambhateri leave from there. Nandu says this is Rambhateri’s kerchief. The inspector says we will find him. Nandu says Raju is running after that tragedy in his life. Raju recalls Garima’s words and gets sad. Raval comes to him and holds him. Raju asks him to leave him alone. Raval says you are not alone. Raju says I m finding myself. He says I was not such before. My world got ruined and I lost all relations. He says I thought to take my mum and my sisters there to my old house, and do sister’s vidaai from that house. I will complete this dream.

He slaps himself and asks Raval to make sensitive Raju out of him. He says Raval you call me your friend, why to hide it from you, Dev was not my father. Raval smiles and

recalls Dev’s words. Raju says Dev picked me from some road. Raval says you have the answer, you did not forgive Dev when he was your father, now you know Dev is your stranger, then why are you thinking, Dev did not do anything food with you. Raju laughs and says if Dev is recalled, he was not a bad man. He cries and says Dev was not a bad man, but he did bad with his wife and daughters, but not with me, he did good with me, he gave me a family. Garima was not my mum, and more than a mum for me, my sisters are not my sisters, but even then they are Raju’s sisters.

Raval asks did you find anything about your real family or real mother? Raju says no, leave it, I don’t know, we will meet later. Raval asks where will you go, police is finding you. Raju tells where he has hidden Rambhateri back to the same place, police does not raid at same place, I will not leave here till she accepts she has tried to kill Jaggu. He goes.

Raju is at Nandu’s house. Nandu calls police and asks him to get arrest warrant for Raju. Raju hears her. Nandu says once arrest warrant issues, then .. she gets a message. She reads it and gets glad. She tells inspector that she got Raju’s whereabouts. Raju says she got someone’s message, whose is it. Kaka is alive and is in some isolated place. The goons come in the car and get the gun. Nandu comes there. The goons see her. She calls inspector and asks him to come to the same place where they had done raid, come fast and arrest Raju. Goons call Raval and inform that Nandu has come there. Raval asks them to kill Nandu and Rambhateri.

Nandu gets a rod and goes inside. Rambhateri sees her and says Nandu. Nandi sees her and gets glad. The goons catch Nandu and she fights with them. Raju beats the goons and call Nandu his lover. Nandu says police is coming to catch you. She holds his hand and he says its not time to romance. She shows the police. Inspector says Raju you are under arrest. Nandu says we caught Raju red handed and that’s Rambhateri. Raju gets arrested.

Raval buys Garima’s house. Bittoo meets Raju in police station. She tells Raju that Garima is selling the house and leaving model town. Raju asks who is buying the house. She says Raval uncle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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