Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju waking up. He gets back ache and says I had to sleep here on ground because of Nandu. He sees Nandu gone and cleans the room fast, as Garima comes there. He opens the door and asks Garima why did she come at this time. Nandu comes dressed in salwar suit. Garima smiles seeing her. Raju gets surprised too. Garima compliments Nandu and asks her to go temple. Nandu says Raju has some work. Raju says nothing, I m free. Garima smiles and asks her to go. Raju tells Nandu that she looks parrot, seeing her in green dress.

Indu recalls that she is that hooded person and smiles. Raju and Nandu come to temple. He asks Nandu, Anjali and Rajni to go and he will enjoy the mountain scenary. Nandu says its tough to have devotion, leave it, Raju can go and have water. Anjali

says Nandu, you can’t go like this. Rajni says Maa has sent you both here to get blessings, newly married couple gets blessing when husband lifts wife in arms and takes her upstairs, only then love will be proved true. Raju says maybe Maa did not see this temple, I won’t come. Rajni says Maa wanted this. Nandu says Raju can’t do this, leave it. Raju lifts Nandu in arms. She looks at him. Bairi piya………….plays………… Anjali and Rajni smile. Raju says Nandu has much weight. She says you look strong, but you are not.

Indu checks Garima. Garima thanks her and asks her fees. Indu says I won’t take fees, I will take something else. Garima gets tensed. Indu says you are saying as if I will ask for your life. Garima says you saved my life. Indu asks for tea. Garima goes to make tea. Indu sees some pics and stops seeing Garima. Garima gives her tea. She tells about Nandu. Indu says she is lovely, she deserves love. Garima tells about Raju and Nandu’s photo collage, as Rashmi and Raju thought of this gift. Indu says its lovely thought, but there are not Nandini’s childhood pics in this. Garima asks how do you know her name is Nandini. Indu says if her nickname is Nandu, her name will be Nandini. Garima says I kept pics in this, I will see and show you later. Indu holds the fruit knife…

Raju’s feet gets hurt as he walks barefoot in dry sand. Nandu asks Raju to be careful and they talk on the way. Raju gets hurt by broken bangle pieces. Nandu asks what happened. She says leave me, if you are hurt by bangles. He says you will lose challenge. She says I won’t, stairs are starting now. Raju climbs stairs. Garima says I kept pics here, and turns. Garima gets shocked seeing her.

She asks Indu about knife. Dipika comes and asks Garima about her health. Indu cuts apple. Garima smiles and says doctor is taking care of me, I m fine. Dipika says Indu is great to take care of Garima leaving her work, I will manage, you go for your work. Indu says fine, take care Garima. Indu sees Nandu’s pics and thinks I did not get these. She leaves.

Raju climbs the temple stairs by taking Nandu in his arms. She sees his bleeding feet and asks him to stop. He does not stop. She asks him not to be hero. He teases her by acting to leave her. He says I will not lose, and won’t stop. She asks him to please stop. He says no and continues. Rajni wishes Raju does not stop.

Garima sees Raju’s and Nandu’s childhood pics and smiles. Someone throws stones at her house and Garima gets shocked. She looks around. Raju sees the last stair. Nandu says there is oil fallen there, stop, leave me. He does not stop and says we will see what happens, don’t worry, if I fall, I won’t let anything happen to you, this happened before too. Ram siya ram……plays……… he steps on the oily stair and she looks at him. He walks ahead and gets inside the temple. Pandit throws garlands, and it falls over Raju and Nandu’s neck. They have an eyelock. Garima gets tensed and goes to see. She gets shocked seeing Indu there, with the pics. She asks you suddenly here. Indu tells some shayari lines and gets angry. Garima gets scared.

Indu sees the pics and says one storm is going to come soon Mrs. Kaushik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raju carrying nandu in his arms was very lovely.. Very gud episode..waiting wat will indu do next!!

  2. nandu looked like a cute little birdy in her green dress. It was nice to watch Raju carrying Nandu. The Indu character is so creepy.

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Raju and nandu were looking soo sweet.. and nandu was looking nice in suit…
    But what is indu upto??? I don’t understnd her entry and intensions….

  4. Nice episode. The best was Raju said to Nandu “Totta Lag Rahi Ho”… Really funny… ?

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