Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with doctor checking Rambhateri. Nandu asks will she get fine. Doctor says don’t worry, I gave her injection, she will get conscious, I think someone made her smell something and fainted her. Nandu asks what, why will anyone do this. Rambhateri gets conscious. Doctor says she needs some rest, and goes. Nandu asks her how did she faint. Rambhateri recalls and asks where is Raju. Nandu thinks how to tell her about Raju. Rashmi says I don’t know, he is not here since last night. Rambhateri says I saw someone attacking Raju, and then I was attacked before I could go, someone is doing this, Nandu was attacked on lohri and it was shown as if Raju attacked you, now Raju went missing. She sees Pratap getting tensed.

She asks them did anyone hear some sound at night.

Chanchal says no. Rambhateri says its important to expose model town enemy, we have to know whom we have to fight, is that enemy outside or inside model town. Rashmi asks who can it be in model town. Rambhateri says this can’t happen without any insider’s help, someone is cheating us. Rashmi thinks something happened at night. Raju stands in window. Nandu sees him and worries that anyone can see him. Raju goes.

Raju says Nandu we are friends, now its time for test of friendship, lets see how much it affected. Nandu sees Nani and Anjali busy. Nani asks Nandu how did she get up late, and asks her to have food. She pulls her ears and don’t go on duty without having food. Nandu says fine, where are you going. Nani says we are going to temple to pray, we will come back soon. Anjali asks Nandu to move, I have to go to room. Nandu asks Anjali to leave with Nani. Anjali says I want to apply perfume. Nani laughs. Nandu sends them and locks the door.

Raju comes to Nandu and asks for food. Nani comes back and says I forgot puja plate. She takes it and Raju hides. Nani asks Nandu to go and get ready. She goes. Raju asks what is there in breakfast. Nandu asks are you mad, I would have been stuck. He says you are already stuck, give me some food. Nandu asks him to sit and goes to get parathas. He says I heard your Nani makes good pickles, Nandu says I will get it. Her hand does not reach the top of the cupboard. She can’t take the pickle jar. She keeps the stool and slips. Raju holds her. She says leave me, and he flirts. She steps on his foot and her hair gets stuck in his locket. He says you hit on my foot, pain you give is more painful. She says talk later. She frees her hair. He flirts and says you want to come in my arms. She says she solved everything. He says I got hurt, you hit when I got hit yesterday. She says so sorry, wait. She gets the medical aid. She gives him ointment. He acts as if he can’t apply and asks her help.

Nandu applies the ointment. They have an eyelock. Rab milta hai………….plays…………. he gets Nandu close and holds her hand. Bairi piya……….. plays………….. He stops her and she tries to free her hand. He kisses her hand, and she gets away. She asks you are joking right. He holds her hand and says lies can’t come between us, I m not joking. She says this is not possible. He holds her and says I love you. She says we are just friends, I can never love you.

She says Raju, we are friends. He says be quiet, will I make pickle of your friendship, I was mad to think your friendship is love and fell in love with you, fine, I don’t know your charity. She holds his hand and stops him. she says your wounds are not bigger than model town, what they think seeing your state, don’t go, sit there, please. Nandu says you are just my friend, its special relation. He says don’t say my love is friendship, you love me too, don’t lie. She says no, we are just friends. I have one way to prove this, I won’t meet you from today. She cries and says I m upset to lose this friendship, its painful for me. They look at each other. She goes.

Nandu asks Raju how are you behaving, something really happened to you. Raju says I told you what happened to me, I can express it without words, and gives her a rose with love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Entertaining episode…but a bit unrealistic. I mean, seedha dushmani se dosti and then suddenly pyar? :/

  2. raju is doing it very fast
    now emotional blackmailing nandu
    instead of 10 days he make her fall on 3to 4 days only
    he always tells his plans to raval how stupid
    today’s epi was way good

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