Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Nani being angry on Nandu, for getting Rambhateri. She asks why did she get stranger. Nandu says she will hear it. Rambhateri says I have heard you, and asks Nandu to get tea for her. Nani gets quiet. Rambhateri gets her tea and goes to balcony. She sees Raju and Bittoo. Raju says I don’t know how fire got lit. Bittoo says its because of Raavan. He says I don’t agree. She asks is Lord doing this. Raju asks who is there in sky, I don’t see anyone. Bittoo says you don’t believe in Lord. She asks does he know anything who will sort the problem in model town, she will collect commission from anyone. He smiles and asks her not to take tension. Rambhateri smiles seeing them.

Bittoo says this book is her purse, as she makes notes out of it. She shows the

cash. The notes fly and she picks them. Rajni’s friends ask her number. She says sure. Raju asks who are they. Raju does not answer and hugs her friends. Raju stops her and she avoids him. Rambhateri goes to Nandu.

Nandu coughs and Rambhateri talks to her. She says everyone is bad here, She asks her to think about Raavan, crow will shout in his ears. They laugh. Nandu tells about Rashmi’s marriage. Anjali tells about diwali incidents. Rambhateri says no one died in model town, why is it cursed. Nani asks Rambhateri where was she since 11 years. Nandu signs no. Rambhateri says I was in jail. Nani and Anjali get shocked.

Jaggu talks to his boss in balcony. Raju hears him. Jaggu says he did not let Raavan move, he has ignited fire in diwali, he has blown off havan kund by water, everyone is leaving model town, I m afraid they will run away without selling houses. He asks for commission. Raju throws pipe and makes his phone fall. He asks who are you. The man ends call. Raju asks Jaggu is he coming down. Jaggu says you are mistaken, don’t do anything infront of my son, I will come there. Raju says he will not leave him, come fast, do you have medical insurance. Jaggu says no. He comes downstairs to Raju.

Raju beats Jaggu and asks who is his boss. Jaggu says I was talking to my friend. Raju asks why did he become their enemy. Jaggu runs from there. Raju asks him to stop. Raju makes him fall and walks to him. Nandu comes out and sees them. She stops Raju and Raju scolds her, asking her to get to side. Nandu says you won’t touch Jaggu. Raju drags Jaggu. Rambhateri claps seeing this. She asks him to use power at right time. Raju asks her to do his work. She asks Nandu to let Raju go.

She says she knows animals being among humans. Raju says I m busy now and takes Jaggu inside the gym. Nandu asks Raju to leave Jaggu. Raju asks shall I catch you, you did not grown up, its big sin to catch a minor, go and sit in Rambhateri’s lap, and gives her lollipop. She says stop it. He shows her his foot and asks her to get out. He ties cloth to lock the door. Nandu asks everyone to stop Raju, they should not fight among themselves. Komal says we should think to get rid of model town. Nandu says no, we should think how to get rid of problems. Raju ties Jaggu to the machine. They all discuss what to do and decide to talk to Jaggu. They go to see Jaggu.

Raju punishes Jaggu, while everyone try to stop Raju. Raju says you all are smart, solve this matter. Mishra says its tough to stay in model town and also leave from here. Raju says he will kill Jaggu and slaps him. He says he is fighting for them and asks them to leave. They think Raju got mad and leave. Raju scares Jaggu and hurts him. Jaggu asks him not to tell anyone. Raju asks him to say who is his boss, or he will call his son here. Jaggu says no, don’t call Rohit, I will tell you. Raju makes him sit on his bike and ties Jaggu with him. They leave from model town. Raju comes to some house and see people dressed in white. People grief over someone dead. Jaggu apologizes to Raju. Raju throws Jaggu. Jaggu asks his boss to see. Raju gets shocked seeing Raval there.

Raju says I thought you are human Raval, but you are a dog. He insults Raval.

Update Credit to: Amena

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