Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju lifting the stick to hit Nandu. He breaks the stick and throws it. Nandu opens eyes on hearing the sound and looks at him. Raju says get up, I will forgive you when I see old Nandu back. Everyone smile. Raju says come on, fight with me and apologize, I will feel right girl is apologizing. She laughs. Bairi piya………..plays……….

They hit sticks and she apologizes. He says hit with power, and they fight like old times. He says I have forgive you, enmity ends, and friendship starts. He forwards his hand. Nandu forwards hand and he moves back. She looks at him. They laugh. Nani says relations which are made after fights, stay long. Raju says hats off to you Nandu. Rashmi asks them to shake hands and make this friendship an example. Raju and Nandu

shake hands. Everyone clap.

Raju goes and sees Nandu’s pic. He says first you blamed me falsely, and then apologized falsely, if you feel I have forgiven you, I don’t forgive anyone like this, and burns her pic with magnifying glass, as sunlight passes through it. He says now you will realize my pain, I promise Nandu, till this does not happen, I will not let my wound dry. He puts sunlight on his wound and says you did friendship drama, now love drama from my side.

Chanchal says we all misunderstood Raju, Bittoo did recording, else we would have not known truth. Bittoo says I did recording so that wrong thing can get caught. Preeti praises Raju. Nandu waters the plant. Raju wears mask and scares Nandu. Nandu says he is the man who attacked me and they all shout to catch him. Raju says fine, surrender and shows his face. He says you got scared again. She asks whats this madness. He says our scores did not settle. She says it got even. He says no, I want to apologize infront of everyone now, I tried hard from my side, come, I have to show you something. She asks what. He says come with me and takes her. They all go along to see.

He shows I AM SORRY written with rose petals. Nandu smiles seeing it. He says I should have not scared you, and sits on knees to apologize. She says you apologized very well. Anjali says its good, biggest rivalry turned into cute friendship, now Ram leela will happen well. Nandu says Rambhateri is annoyed. Raju says we will apologize to her, we got enough practice now, come. They smile.

Everyone go to the gym to see Rambhateri. Nandu knocks the door and asks her to open the door, don’t be annoyed with me, forgive me and talk to me. Rashmi says we all want to talk to you. Raju comes and asks her to open the door. He says I have forgiven everyone, you also forgive them, I forgot this, leave this matter. He says this Adhyay/phase ends, you said you are beating your son, I swear I did not get hurt. She recalls beating him. he says if son is asking you to forgive them, you are not listening, fine I m leaving model town, then find me. Rambhateri stops him and opens the door.

She comes out. Raju says I felt I m stubborn, you are my mum, see everything got normal, give a smile. She smiles. Nandu apologizes and says we don’t have strong trust like you, so we need you. Rashmi says your right is on everyone. Komal says we all realized our mistake, don’t be annoyed. Rambhateri says I was not annoyed that you all did not trust me.

Rambhateri asks who spread the rumors of Raju not being Kaushik’s son. They all name each other. Chanchal says I don’t remember who told me and hides Pratap’s name. Rambhateri says now we won’t come in anyone’s words, out unity is our strength. Raju thinks I know who has spread this matter.

Raju comes to Raval and asks how did model town know I m not Kaushik family son. Komal comes there and hides seeing Raju. Raval says you think I told them. Raju says I don’t have proof, but remember nothing matters to me than my family. He warns him and leaves.

Komal goes to Raval and says how dare Raju say this. Raval says its fine, I know to break his courage. She says words won’t work now, we have to think about Nandu too, they both got friendly, you will be glad to know Raju is changing now. Raval says Raju took Ram leela’s Ram character serious, now Raval has to turn Raavan.

Its night, Raju comes to model town. He says Nandu, you made a big issue here, everyone mistreated Rashmi, they told me to leave model town and spoiled my family name, now my turn, after just 10 days, you will confess love to me, then I will tell you how respect is ruined.

Pratap asks Raval what did you do, I can’t support you. Raval says I don’t backstab. Pratap turns and sees someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode made my night. Now what? Jo recent promo me dikhaya wahi hoga? Beginning of fake love drama???
    Pata chala 10 days k baad Raju hi Nandu ko apna pyaar ka confess na kar bethe… Maza aa jaayega???

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    This is very bad…. Raju and Rambhateri are now behaving like an idiot, though it was not Raju who tried to molest Nandu but she realised her mistak and said sorry in front of everyone as she blamed him in front of everyone…
    But now raju is trying to take revenge from her. This is not right, I hope in 10 days both truly fall in love or else this show will become boring….

    1. seriously man .. i thgt ths is diff , but too much hora now …model town blah blah

  3. Waiting for the episode on monday

  4. brilliant episode

  5. but why they r not looking for real culprit

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