Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju thanking the lady. He says we don’t even know you, you did a big favor. The lady says I m Dr. Indu Talwar. They all get surprised. Indu says I reached here on time. Rashmi says Lord has sent you here. Indu says don’t know, but I met everyone at once after coming here, I m coming to stay here in model town, you take Garima home, I will check her again soon. Rashmi thanks her. Indu says take care and goes. Raju looks at Nandu. Indu sees model town and thinks she stepped on time, and made relations with them well, it means Lord is favoring me. She leaves.

Its morning, Raju says its good that lady came on time and treated Maa, else I would have to rush Maa to hospital. He hears Nandu requesting her senior that she wants to get transfer. Raju gets shocked

and kicks the ball. He leaves. Nandu talks to senior and says I m sending my papers to complete transfer formalities. She ends call and says I don’t know I m doing right or not. She sees some shadow and gets scared. Just then Indu comes there and Nandu screams being shocked.

Indu says you were there when Garima fainted. Nandu says yes, thanks for helping. Indu asks Nandu why is she worried. Nandu says nothing. Some man looks at Nandu. Indu says I m thinking to see Garima once, I want to meet her, can you take me there. Nandu says fine and takes her papers.

Indu checks Garima. Raju asks will she get fine. Indu says yes, she is fine, but this illness treatment will go long. Raju gets shocked and asks does Maa have any illness. Indu asks don’t you know. Raju says no, Maa did not tell me. He asks Rashmi what is the matter. Garima signs no to Rashmi. Nandu looks on. Raju asks again. Indu says its fine Raju, but Rashmi might be knowing. Rashmi nods and leaves. Rashmi gets some medical papers and shows to Raju.

Raju gets shocked. Garima cries. Raju thinks Maa’s heart condition is such bad and I did not know this, I can’t let her get any shock now. Indu checks reports. She says no problem, medical science has many ways for illnesses, I will write medicines, get that. She gives the prescription. Nandu says I will get it. Raju asks Indu her fees. Indu laughs and says once Garima gets fine, I will take my fees with interest. She leaves staring at them. Nandu asks Indu will Garima get fine. Indu says yes, she should take medicines on time, she needs care.

Raju asks Garima why did she hide this. Rashmi says Maa thought you will be worried. He asks worry, is Maa my problem, I troubled Maa a lot. He cries and gets annoyed with Garima. He goes. Nandu brings the medicines.

Nandu comes to Garima and gives her medicines. She asks Rashmi to get water. Garima recalls Nandu’s words and worries. She takes medicines. She thinks Nandu is not wearing those bangles, did she fight with Raju. She asks Nandu why was she fighting with Raju, did everything get fine, tell me. She gets unwell. Nandu thinks I can’t lie to Garima. Raju comes there and looks on. Nandu holds Garima’s hand and says Raju and my relation…. Raju says its joined forever, its all fine, you get well and then ask everything, we are fine when we fight.

Garima says every relation has fights, it will increase love. Raju says yes, even our fight is going on. Nandu asks Garima to rest and goes. Raju goes after Nandu and asks her what was she going to do, did you not see Garima’s state, what will happen if you lie. Nandu says I don’t have lying talent. Raju holds her and says nothing is imp to me than my mother. Nandu says you have money from Raval, use that. He says don’t fight till Garima gets fine. She asks are you not ashamed, you fooled me and Rambhateri, atleast leave your mum, whom will you lie. He asks do you always say truth Nandu, are you not hiding and going from here. She asks him not to spy on her, and admits she is leaving from here, she wants to go away from here. She cries. He says we have problems, nothing should happen to Garima. He asks her not to say anything to Garima, and says one day you will surely understand why I did that, but don’t know after many days will that one day come. He goes. Nandu cries.

Nandu talks to Rambhateri.. saying you did wrong. She gets scared seeing some man.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is show Ki spoiler kyu nehi hai?

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    I think slowly and slowly raju ko pyr, love, and sbki importance feel ho rehi hai.. and i hope nandu realize love of raju and her love for raju soon….

  3. I have a feeling Nandu will not be able to leave Raju so easily hehe. I also think the guy in the hood is Raju, he does have some weird habits 🙂

  4. Oh ho… What is wrong with Nandu, yaar?? Transfer lena zaruri hai kya? Wo bhi Chandigarh. Nandu Raju ki shaadi ho chuki hai. Agar Chandigarh jaana hi hai toh Raju k saath jaao honeymoon k liye. ?

  5. emotional scenes were very nice.I think masked man is Rawal or might be husband of indu .I read one family will shift in model town & Varsha will play a mother of young boy

  6. I like Nandu’s strong personality and its realistic too. she just found out the man she loved so dearly was planning to insult her, so she is having hard time trusting and accepting his love especially when her own father left her mom and sis.
    Raju deserves some pain for now and i am sure nandu will forgive him later.

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    Update today’s episode fast… 1 march ka…
    Amena ji plz update fast

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